Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Got a business or event you want to promote? Product samples? Coupons? I will include them in the race packet for the Cheer Storm Black Jack and Poker Run on Feb 18. Just get them to be by Wednesday Feb 15th. We have 46 pre registered runners and hope to have a few more race day sign ups.
Michele @ Cheer Storm Booster
303 Industrial Blvd, Suite C
Tullhahoma, TN 37388

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cheer Storm Black Jack and Poker Run

Saturday February 18, 2012
9:00 am

How it works: First card will be provided in race packet. You will then have an hour and a half to run or walk 1.5 mile course as many times as you want. You will get an additional card for each lap you complete. Collect cards to make the best black jack or poker hand to win. You must be back at the race start at 10:30 and turn in your hand of cards by 10:45 to qualify for prizes. It takes a minimum of one lap (1.5 miles) to play black jack and a minimum of 4 laps (6 miles) to play poker. More laps = more cards and the chance to better your hand.
Fees: (non-refundable, non-transferable)
$25 postmarked on or before Jan 31
$35 after Jan 31 or on race day
T-shirts: All runners/walkers pre-registered on/before Jan 31 will receive a long sleeve t-shirt
Start Time: Race day registration and packet pick up starts at 8:00. Race starts at 9:00 and all runners must be back at the start by 10:30 to qualify for prizes.
Awards and Presentations: Runners should present their hand of cards to the result table inside the Cheer Storm gym by 10:45. Awards will be presented as soon as results are calculated. Awards will be given to the top 3 males and top 3 females with the best black jack hand and to the top 3 males and top 3 females with the best poker hand. You must be signed up for the race for the hand that you want to play. Tie will be broken by the next highest card runner has not used in their played hand. There will also be a prize for the most cards male and female.
Proceeds: Proceeds will be used to send Cheer Storm All Star teams to Sevierville and Atlanta for competitions.
Registration: mail in entry form on Facebook or online at Active.com

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Warrior Dash

We drove to Mountain City, GA on Saturday morning. We got there in time to set up our tents at the state park and then head over to the race site.
Packet pick up was a little slow but nothing unbearable. We got a nice cotton t-shirt and the much coveted warrior helmet.
The start was exactly on time and they sent us out between flames shooting over the start line.
I wish I could remember the exact order of the obstacles.
I do know that it didn't take long before the 1st one and that was balance boards over a pond. Which lead right to the second obstacle...trudging trough a pond. I slipped while falling in and banged my shin, but Kim and I were laughing so hard as we made our way through. One second the water would be thigh high then next thing you know it is at your neck. I had to doggie paddle a couple of times. I had tons of gravel in my shoes already but was having so much fun it didn't matter.
I think the tires were next. It was hundreds of tires laid out like at a football practice. Someone from the sidelines yelled "Just stay on the top". So I just ran along the tops of the tires trying not to fall in.
Like I said I don't remember the order but other obstacles included:
the woods. Much of the race took place in the woods. It was muddy and a lot of it was single track.
A rope climb up a ramp. This was a wooden ramp with a rope attached at the top. I had to to wait a second for a rope to become available, then I grabbed it and hauled myself to the top.
A cargo net. Because my legs are so short, I had to start at the very bottom. Ronnie said he was able to start above where the cross support was so that made it easier for him. I finally made it to the top, turned around and tried to figure out how to get down. I started out with my back to the net then turned around facing the net.
walls. There 3 or 4 wooden walls to haul yourself up and over. Again the short legs made it harder for me but I went to the shortest side each time.
junkyard. several broken down cars blocked the path and you had to go over them to get by.
mud pit. First you had to slide down a muddy hill into this huge pit. It had barbed wire strung across the top so you had no choice but to drop and crawl. Again I was laughing so hard my main goal was not to get the mud in my mouth.
After the mud pit was the log roll. there were several logs in the pond and you had to climb over each one. I got dumped over one by a guy trying to dump his sister. It did get me washed off though.
The final obstacle was the fire jump. I must admit this was a lot more fire then I expected. But still not a problem to get over.
Crossed the finish line and got a metal!!
The after party was fun. We got one free beer then $4 apiece after that. There was live music and food vendors. I was worried before the race about taking the kids. Someone had posted on facebook that it would not be kid friendly. Well, turns out there were lots of families there and kids much younger then mine. My son did ask one time "Why are there so many men dressed like women?"
All in all it was a very well organized event. The obstacle were not too challenging but made the race interesting. I do think the course was short. I haven't gotten my official time. But I think it was somewhere around 30 minutes and with all the walking I was forced to do because of the single track in the woods, I know I didn't have a 10:00/mile pace.
Everyone should do this race. It really is a great time and for $45 it was not a bad deal...t-shirt, hat, medal, one free beer, live music.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am so far behind on my blog that there is no way I can post about everything I have been up to for the past week. So here are some highlights...
The Plan got crazy in week 2 and had a 3.5 hour ride on a TUESDAY?!?!?!?! I managed to get in 2 hours on the trainer. Couldn't take it any longer.
Then the weekend was all about making it work. Ronnie had golf planned so I got up at 4:30 and rode loops around my neighborhood until it got light enough to ride the roads. My neighbors are use to my craziness and actually say good morning with a straight face if I happen to see them getting their morning paper. I got in all 50 miles and the 3 mile run before he left at 8:30. Then I drug the kids to the Rec Center pool when it started raining that afternoon and they couldn't swim at home anymore. I got in 3200 yards and even some pratice dodging my son while he floated around in my lane.
Sunday it rained and I spent the day snuggled up with my daughter. I finally forced myself out on the bike at about 5 for an easy 20 miler. I got rained on before I even got out of the neighborhood. I got chased by dogs 3 times and had a max speed of 28.2 mph on the flats trying to out run one set. At the end I was back near home and still had 4 miles to go, so I headed out toward the highway for a short out and back. I almost got run over twice within a half mile so decided to call it a day.
Yesterday called for more running drills. But since I couldn't walk for a day after last weeks attempt, I just did a slow 3 mile run. My foot was not the limiter this time...it was my tummy. I made the mistake of drinking a Starbucks frap about an hour before my run. Didn't think I was going to make it home fast enough.
Almost skipped swim class but Kim talked me into going. 3000 yards later I was glad I went but exhusted.
Today I went to spin class. Did and extra 25 minutes before hand + the hour class. Think that covers the 25 miles called for on the plan.
This weekend is the Warrior Dash so I am going to have to do some rearranging. Don't think that 3.22 mile run will sub for a 30 mile bike+8mile run even with "11 obstacles from hell".

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Weekend

Friday was a rest day. I felt guilty taking it since I didn't get all my running in. But since I don't get another til next Friday, I figured I better enjoy it.

Saturday The Plan called for a 30 mile/2 hour bike and a 3200 yard swim. When I went to bed Friday night the forecast wasn't the best for Saturday so I planned to get up and go to the Rec Center for an hour of spinning, spin class, and then swimming. But when I got up Saturday morning the sun was shining nice and bright so I scrapped that plan. I instead waited for the pool to open a 9. I did my required 3200 yards. When I got home Ronnie was napping. I wasn't sure when he wanted to run so I went out and hoed the weeds out of the garden while I waited on him. I finally got on my bike at 1:15. The plan said to ride how I felt and 30 miles in 2 hours wasn't a big push. The wind was bad but I still enjoyed being outside on my bike. I ended up with almost 35 miles in the 2 hours for an average speed on 17.3 mph.

Sunday I slept in and lazed around all morning. Then I did some more hoeing in the garden before I finally got my run done. The Plan called for 5 miles of hills. I am still in the building up miles stage so did 4 miles of flat. The Plan also called for some strength training but I never got around to that.

Today's run is high knees, skipping, butt kicks, grape vines...So if you want a good laugh come on by this afternoon.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Because the Doctor Said So

I have been pretty hard to live with lately, or even be around. Not running has been making me grumpy. Falling off plan the very first week made me testy. And the idea of not doing the Ironman that is already paid for makes me downright mean. So I made another foot doctor appointment. But before I get to that...
Yesterday The Plan called for strength and swim. It has a list of exercises to do but Wednesday morning there is a toning class at the Rec Center that I like. The instructor doesn't put up with any slackers so I figured that class would be as good as or even better then The Plan's exercises. So I did the toning class. And I put more effort into it then I would have in the weight room at 5:30am. Calling that on plan.
The Plan's swim was 1600 yards but like I said before I am just going to count on my swim coach. She took it easy on us with just 2100 yards. Still haven't decided on those mirrors yet. They had them a little more off the wall and then had a small gap between the two. It was better because I had time to breathe between them and before my flip. But I think I spend too much time looking at body flaws instead of technique.
The doctor's appointment
My doctor's appointment was yesterday morning. I told him my foot isn't getting well but I needed to know if I can run. I don't want to do anything at this point that will for sure take me out of Ironman but if I can run I NEED to be running. He looked at my feet and we talked. We talked about insoles for a while and I am thinking about those (sure wish I hadn't thrown out those Super Feet I had). He told me to stop with the ibuprofen and start using aspercreme instead. He instructed me to start with ice massage therapy. I told him about my sleep splint and he said it could be helpful so I am going to continue trying to sleep in that. Then he gave me the best news...I can run. Now he did say if I had to limp or alter my gait then stop or it would lead to injury of knees or hips. My mood instantly improved.

So this morning my plan called for 15 miles/1 hour of bike and 7 mile run. Now I know better then to jump right into a 7 mile run when I haven't run in basically a month. So I got to spin class a little early, did my stretches, and did an easy high cadence spin for 10 minutes before class officially started. Spin class was tough, like always. I left class and hit the greenway/town for a slow but non-limpy 3 mile run. It was wonderful. Sure my foot had some discomfort, but it is manageable. I am a runner again!!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Day 2

We got a new toy in swim class...mirrors on the bottom of the pool. I am not sure how a feel about them yet but they gave me a whole new set of challenges last night. They are about 12 feet long in the swallow end. So when I push off the wall I am almost past them before I start swimming. Then on the way back I would try to take a breath right before I get to the mirrors, watch myself swim, flip turn at the wall, and then gasp for air just past the mirrors. Warm up was hard enough but I was ready to die after the 6 x 200. Then we did some kick, some pull, and some sprints. Ended up with 2800 yards. Not the 4750 my plan called for but I still have no doubts my swim coach will have me ready to go the distance.

This morning the plan called for 90 minutes of easy riding "just spend some time in the saddle". I got to the Rec Center at about 4:50 and waited with all the old folks for the doors to open. I did my stretches then hoped on a spin bike. I did half an hour of easy spinning before Leslie, the instructor, showed up and put an end to the easy stuff. She enjoyed torturing us with big climbs and sprints. More stretching, sit ups and I am done with day two of training.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Let the Training Begin

Today is the first day of training for Ironman Louisville. Problem is I am still fighting with my plantar fasciitis. So instead of the 8 miles of running my plan called for I went to the Rec Center and did 12 miles on the ellipical. No, it is not the same but better then nothing I guess.
I have made another doctor's appointment for next week. I hope he has some ideas that will get me back to running soon!
My plan also calls for a swim today which I will do at Master's tonight. I know my swim coach will have me ready for the 2.4 mile swim by Aug 29th. That is the only part of the race I am not worried about at this point. Funny since swimming is my weakest sport.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Race Schedule - So far

Twenty-ten is shaping up to be the most fun season yet. I have aleready signed up for several events that include:

Disney Princess Half Marathon March 7 (girl's trip)

Tom King Half Marathon March 13 (going for a PR 1:50)

Oak Barrel Half Marathon April 3 (will be hilly and just for "fun")

Rev3 Half Iron May 9 (this race is still just "under consideration" and I have not actually signed up for it yet)

Warrior Dash May 22 (yes, I managed to talk Ronnie, Michael and Kim into doing this insane race with me)

Mach Tenn Sprint Tri June 5 (not missing out on the fun this year)

Ironman Louisville Aug 29 (because one Ironman just wasn't enough)

I am sure I will throw some others into the mix along the way.