Sunday, December 09, 2007

Rocket City Marathon

I got up at 4:30 and was on the road by 5.
It misted a few times on the drive down and it was already 60 degrees.
The drive wasn't bad and as soon as I got there, I got a text from Lisa offering the use of her bathroom.
Tom and Wayne also went to Lisa room and the four of us hung out for a while.
David called and we set up a meeting place.
I meet up with David and we headed to the start line.
At the start line we found Joe, Darrell, and Wes.
We looked for Lana but didn't see her.
They made all the announcements and then we were off.
The plan was a negative split, just like all my long runs.
First mile was 9:13. It sprinkled on us a little.
We found Lana in the second mile. 9:07
My Garmin started beeping before the mile markers.
Lana commented on how high her heart rate was and David said his was a little high too. I told them I knew mine was high but was afraid to check. I finally gave in. This is when I knew I was in trouble. My heart rate was already 173.
Miles 3, 4, 5, and 6 were 9:08, 9:10, 9:10, 9:23.
We saw Lana's mom and dad and Holly at mile 6.
My heart rate continued to climb and I continued to run
7-9:02, 8- 9:20, 9:07, 10-9:18, 11-9:13, 12-9:20, 13-9:42, 14-9:48, 15-9:29
My heart rate got to 186 and I sent David on. I HAD to walk and try to get control.
Lana caught back up with me while I was walking. She was not feeling good. We walked and jogged the next few miles. 16-10:50, 17-11:23, 18-10:50.
Holly and Lana's parents were just after 18. Lana gave her dad her fuel belt, she couldn't drink the OS that had worked so well on all our long runs. Holly joned us.

I got my heart rate back down to 144. So I started jogging again. It didn't take long and it was right back up to 174. I walked to bring it down then jogged. This is how I finished the race. 20-10:15, 21-11:39, 22-11:28, 23-13:54, 24-13:50
With a mile and a half to go, I saw Lana's parents again. Lana's mom asked if I wanted something to drink. I declined but this guy next to me asks "you giving away that Coke?" He ran over to her and took the Coke she was drinking and finished it. This is him:
They had to stop traffic for me as I approached the one mile to go marker. I told the police to just let them run me over. I also told the one mile to go time announcer that I didn't want to know the time. He said "You don't what to know? You don't want to know that is it" Then he tells me the time. I don't remember what it was but I knew then that this was going to be slower then my first marathon.
my garmin reports 0.47 miles in 5:06, 10:53.
I crossed the line and the lady gave me my medal and asked "Are you alright?, Do you want to stand to have your chip removed? Do you want some water? Do you know where the medical tent is?" I just kept nodding. I didn't think she was going to let me go. I went back to cheer Lana in and found Darrell.
I took a shower and stayed for about 30 minuted of the awards. I was tired of sitting and knew I still had a hour and a half drive home. If they pulled my name for the $500, I don't even want to know about it.
Official time-4:36:47 And I am alright with it. Not want I wanted, not what I trained for, but I was so glad to just finish.


Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

Michele, that is a great time!! I know you were training for sub 4 but my gosh!! I'll bet there was something going on with barometric pressure yesterday - you and lana both having HR issues. Weird. The weather/atmospheric pressure can have a huge impact on your running.You did great!!

TJ said...

Congrats on bringing it home, even if you did miss your goal time.
Enjoy the recovery!

Kate said...

Congrats on finishing in such an arduous race! Hugs at missing sub-4.. I KNOW you can do it, and crush it! But in the meantime, bring on IM!

David said...

Yesterday, the victory was in finishing. You did GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a good finish.

Bob Gentile said...

Way to Go Michelle on closing it out...You just never know what can go wrong on any given day when running that long of a distance. Great job fighting through and on closing it out. You will get that sub 4hours.


Lisa said...

FYI, neither you, Lana, Joe, or Tom had your named called. None of us. I bet they called 30 names and nobody we knew... The guy passing out scared the crap out of everyone but he is ok, thank God. He was 70ish. When Suzanne from FF told the 911 people on the phone his age and that he had just ran a marathon, the whole place sort broke out in a chuckle. :) I'm so glad it's overwith. 2008 cannot be any worse than '07 was... Merry Christmas finally!

Joe said...

Boy, "glad to be finished" is exactly the right comment, Michelle!! I said the same thing when I crossed the mat. It was incredible.

You hung in there marvelously and made the necessary adjustments for your HR. Good for you!! Each race it it's own teacher.

Congratulations on finishing...that in itself is awesome in those conditions. Enjoyed meeting you, hope we can talk longer next time!!

Darrell said...

Congrats on hanging in there to the end. It was the "stickiest" most humid marathon I've ever run.

What fun to meet you all (briefly). I'm amazed at the level of training you were keeping up even the week of the marathon. Makes me feel like a slacker.

I really expected all three of you to catch me before the end. I'd like to tell you I won the $500, but I didn't!

Anybody else up for Memphis in 2008?

ShirleyPerly said...

Hey, Michele, sorry Huntsville did not go as you planned but great job hanging in there and finishing. It happens, believe me ... I had 4(!) this year that did not go as well as I hoped. But I think I learned more from them than the one that went well. Hopefully you did too. Good luck training for IMFL in 2008!

Wes said...

Hi Michele! It was wonderful meeting you at the start line too... a pleasant surprise really! You were banging out the first 12 miles or so, but like a lot of people, the humidity just sucked us down once the wind died down.

It was a fabulous race and a fabulous first marathon experience. I'll be looking for you around road races and tris in the south!

Good luck with your future training :-)

Tri4Christ said...

Good job just crossing the line. I had a bad day too at 44 minutes over my goal time! Maybe next year!

Joe said...

Wow. From reading a couple of blogs this morning, it sounds like it was a tough, tough marathon. At least you finished, right? And you beat Lana, too. Good job. :-)

Lana said...

Nice job, Michele. Way to gut it out and finish - it's money in the IM bank.

monicac2 said...

I was reading your RR, wondering what in the world could have had that effect on you? Then I realized it was the humidity - that is a killer! 4:23 is still an amazing job, especially in those conditions! You really did a great job under some brutal conditions!

Lance Notstrong said...

Sounds like it was a tough day out there for everyone. You finished though and that's more than 99% of the population can do :-)

Firefly's Running said...

Nice race, Michele. Sounds like the humidity had it hard for you.

E-Speed said...

I'm sorry the day didn't go as planned. Sounds like the weather may have been messing with you guys a bit. Very strange for all of you to have high heart rates like that. You gals are ready for sub 4. There is no doubt in my mind.

Great job out there in tough conditions. Any marathon finished is a good marathon!

Marathon Maritza said...

Way to persevere!!! Those sound like some tough conditions and you did great and pushed through like a champ!

I'm so excited you're taking on another mary soon!! You can totally do it, girl!!

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