Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Race Schedule - So far

Twenty-ten is shaping up to be the most fun season yet. I have aleready signed up for several events that include:

Disney Princess Half Marathon March 7 (girl's trip)

Tom King Half Marathon March 13 (going for a PR 1:50)

Oak Barrel Half Marathon April 3 (will be hilly and just for "fun")

Rev3 Half Iron May 9 (this race is still just "under consideration" and I have not actually signed up for it yet)

Warrior Dash May 22 (yes, I managed to talk Ronnie, Michael and Kim into doing this insane race with me)

Mach Tenn Sprint Tri June 5 (not missing out on the fun this year)

Ironman Louisville Aug 29 (because one Ironman just wasn't enough)

I am sure I will throw some others into the mix along the way.