Sunday, August 30, 2009

McMinnville City Triathlon Race Report

This was only my second tri of the season and it had been a year since my last sprint distance. But I had signed up for this race in December when they ran the early discount.
So I got to the race about 6:15 and got my packet, body marked, transition set up...
I had used my last years swim time as my estimated time for the swim start. Therefore I was 119.
I lined up and jumped in when it was my turn. I passed the guy in front of me pretty quickly and the girl in front of him within the first 100 yards. After that it was like I had the pool to myself.
350 yard swim 7:13
I ran into T1 and got my helmet and bike shoes on, grabbed my bike and ran to the mount line.
T1 1:07
The bike is a nice rolling ride and it was cloudy and cool. I was feeling good. I played leap frog with one guy the entire ride. At mile 10 he said "Your turn", at mile 12 I told him "we are almost out of race to keep this up". He passed me at mile 15 laughing.
15.25 mile bike 45:5 (20.0 average)
I ran into T2 determined to get out of there before leap frog guy. I threw my bike up into the rack and it just fell back down, without a seat. I didn't have time to see what damage had been done, I just leaned it up against the rack and ran out of there.
T2 1:02
I was fuming as I went out for the run. I was so worried about my bike I forgot all about leap frog guy and have no idea if I beat him out of transition or not. They had changed the run course this year and made it super hilly. I swear you were either going up a hill or down a hill the entire run. Not good for this girl who runs mostly flat. I never saw the mile 1 marker and just prayed I had missed it cause I was dying. Finally made it to mile 2 and told myself that I could run just one more mile. They had a short out and back and at the turn the girl says "you are more then halfway". What???? we have to be within a half mile of the finish. I made the final turn and ran down the hill to the finish.
3 mile run 23:41 (7:54 pace)
total 1:19:00

39 seconds better then last year.
I went and got my stuff out of transition and examined my bike to see what the damage was. Thankfully it was just the collar that holds the seat post that broke. I went and found Mark with Acme. He called the shop. They had the collar and are mailing it to me. So I hope to still be able to race on Saturday for the STAR.
Once I got my bike taken care of and everything put away, I went up toward the food tent.
I stopped to talk to a friend. As we were talking all of a sudden one side of his face went slack and he couldn't talk. I was afraid to leave him but had to get help. I ran to the medic tent and told them I had a friend who needed them. They told me they were with someone and couldn't come right now. I demanded that one of them come with me NOW. I guess I looked scared enough that one of them left their patient and came with me. My friend was taken to the hospital and last I heard they think he had a stroke. Made my bike problems seem pretty small after that.
I finally went to check the results and saw that I had gotten 1st place in my age group. So I hung around for the awards. I scored a pair of socks as a door prize and a cool chair as my age group prize.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bound to Happen

Given that most of my runs are done in the dark on crappy country roads and add in my lack of grace and you know what happened...I fell.
I got up a 3:30 this morning for my long run. My plan says that the key runs can be done in any order as long as you allow one day between each run. So since I have the McMinnville tri this Saturay, I swapped my long run to today.
It was nice and cool this morning but VERY dark. I decided to stick to my normal 6 mile route to start. I know this route like the back of my hand. As a matter of fact, while running with Kim Friday I warned her of the very pothole I tripped over this morning. I wasn't even two miles into my 15 mile run when I hit the pavement. I skinned both hands. Luckly I had on a runing skirt so that provided some protection on my thigh. My ankle throbed for a few yards and I thought about throwing in the towel. But I had to get home anyway so why not run. The ankle quit hurting so I just kept running.
The rest of the run was thankfully uneventful.
So long run #2 is in the books. It was very slow and I don't even want to think about what this says about planned marathon pace. At least it is done and now I can focus on my second tri of the season. That's right this will only be my second tri all season. How unreal is that??????

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cross Training and Speed

I am once again using the FIRST training program for my up coming marathon. 3 key runs per week (speed, tempo, and long) and cross training 3 days.
So this weekend was cross training. We had another beautiful weekend and I took full advantage and went on 2 two hour rides. Ok so The Plan only calls for 30-45 minutes of cross training but it was too nice and I have been enjoying riding too much to limit my rides.
But I was concerned that the extra saddle time would leave my legs trashed for this morning speed work. Casey was running a fever all weekend and so had to stay home from school this morning. I waited til she woke up, took her temp, gave her Mortrin, and got her comfortable in my bed with her laptop before I headed out at 9am. It is a good thing it has been cooler here. I did the one mile warm up then started on the 4 x 800s. I was surprised and happy to hit within goal range on all 4. 3:38, 3:43, 3:37 and 3:42. A 10 minute cool down and I had my first sucessful run in a while.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Long Run #1

I don't have much to say about today's long run. I didn't except much and that is exactly what I got.
I got up at 4:15, ate a banana, and was out the door at 4:30. I ran 3 miles and then was joined by my friend Kim. We continued for another 7 miles, then Kim was done and I finished out my last 3.
My pace was no where close to a Boston Pace +30 seconds. But I am fine with that. Vegas is going to be a fun trip. This will be the first time Ronnie and I have been anywhere without the kids since they were born. It will be out 15th wedding anniversary and really close to my birthday. Plus, like I said, I have other fish to fry next year.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Marathon Training Gets Started

Marathon training started Monday and I am paying the price for a lazy summer. Sure I ran, but it was all slowly. I haven’t done speed work or tempo runs since the end of April.
So Monday morning, I got up at 4:30 with my Garmin all programmed for 3 x1600. I did the 10 minute warm up then started on the first 1600. I didn’t even bother looking at or programming my goal pace. There wasn’t a chance I was going to hit it. And I didn’t. I finished the 1600s and did the 10 minute cool down (jog by that point).
Then Monday evening I went to swim class only to find out it was more speed work. A T30. YUCK. My last T30 was at the end of March right before the New Orleans 70.3. Back then I wasn’t skipping swim class and I was pushing myself harder. At that T30 I swam 1650 yards. Monday I swam 1575. So no more skipping swim class.
Tuesday was cross training day. I rode my bike while Casey was at gymnastics. Nothing hard, nothing fast.
Wednesday was tempo run day. 2 easy, 2 at short tempo pace, and 2 easy. This time I looked at my goal pace and laughed. No way. I did the 2 easy and then picked it up. Problem was picking it up also kicked up the urge to potty. I did my best to make it home, potty, then finish out the run. I ended up with paces closer to my long tempo pace.
Wednesday evening was swim class. I really wanted to skip but kept my promise and went. Once there I was glad I did. We had a great work out and banked 3000 yards.
Today is rest day.
Tomorrow is the first long run. 13 miles at PMP (planning marathon pace) + 30 seconds. The problem there is I don’t know what my goal for Vegas is anymore. I had hoped to Boston Qualify so I could run Boston in 2010 but now I have different plans for 2010. So my Vegas goal is yet to be determined and tomorrow’s run will just be whatever it is.