Friday, June 29, 2007

Good Intentions

Last night I packed my backpack with my swim stuff and laid out running stuff.

When the alarm went off at 4:50 this morning, I hit snooze. I don’ know what is wrong with me lately. I am not a snooze kind of person. I set my alarm for the time I want to get up, no sooner. My husband, on the other hand, sets his alarm 30-45 minutes early and hits snooze so that he can “wake up slowly”. It drives me nuts.

Anyway, after hitting snooze, I did get up. I put on my running clothes and drove to the Rec Center. I ran the 2 mile loop backwards. This made me have to run up jail hill. I ran through town then hit the greenway. The second time up jail hill wasn’t pretty. It was more of a shuffle then a run. Back through town and the greenway.

I got to the Rec Center and my heart rate was high. My hamstrings were on fire. My stomach hurt. I was tired. I got in my car and drove home.

I really needed to swim today, even more then I needed to run. Now I don’t know when I will get a swim in. Slacker!!!!!!

The numbers:
4 miles in 40:47, 10:12 pace (speed work next week!!!)
splits 10:19, 9:57, 10:30,10:02 (notice mile 1 and 3 when I had to go up jail hill)
average heart rate 151 bpm
max heart rate 173 bpm

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Tuesday was spent with Angie poolside drinking beer. Then I stayed up too late watching a movie. So when the alarm went of at 4:30 Wednesday morning, I turned it off and went right back to sleep. No 4 mile run, no toning class.

The good thing is I started my detox Wednesday. First Angie and I took all the kids to The Discovery Center in Murfreesboro. Then Angie headed back to Memphis and I took Bryce and Casey on a hunt for a new computer. It turned out to be an all day adventure. I did find a good cheap computer and got it set up last night. Training wise, nothing!

So when the alarm went off this morning, I KNEW I had to get up. I didn’t want to. I drug myself up and ran a very slow 6 miles in 1:02:34, 10:25 pace. My legs hurt the entire time and I just could not get them to turn over any faster. The good thing is I was totally in fat burning zone and I think I have finally sweated out all the beer I have drank this week.

Less then 3 weeks until vacation, time to take this diet SERIOUS!!!!

Pictures from McMinnville Tri:

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Too Much Beer, Too Little Sleep

Sunday was a post race rest day. It was also girls night out. We had two birthdays to celebrate and I did my part.

While out Lana and I made plans to do an 8-10 mile run Monday morning.

So at 4:15 I drug my hungover butt out of bed and drove over to Lana’s house. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to run one mile much less 8-10. We did a loop through town. I did make Lana take a detour to the Rec Center to get a drink before I fell over dead. Then we went back to her house where her son was waiting to run with us. I threw in the towel and let them go on without me. I did 8.52 miles in 1:28:24, 10:23 pace. It wasn’t my best effort but given my state it is just amazing I even showed up.

My friend Angie came in town from Memphis Monday evening. Angie is my drinking buddy. After Sunday’s drunkfest, I wasn’t up to drinking but managed to get down two beers and stay up until midnight.

So 4:45 came REALLY early this morning. I thought really hard about sending Lana a text message that I wouldn’t be there. I finally decided to go ahead and rode the 5 miles to the Rec Center.

I met up with Lana, Holly and Don. We did a modified version of the Normandy loop. Don and Lana pushed me really hard, I need to ride with them everytime. I finished the loop with everyone then rode back home alone. I ended up with 26.23 miles in 1:41:42. It sure felt faster. I must have really slacked on the way to the Rec Center and home.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

McMinnville City Triathlon Race Report

Amy picked me up at 5:30 Saturday morning and we went to McMinnville.

Amy had picked up her race packet on Friday so she just waited in the car while I ran in and got mine. They had the age group break downs hanging up. I checked out my age group. There were 16 35-39 females, the largest female age group. I think the next largest female age group had 7.

We got our timing chips and set up our transitions. We had plenty of time to hang out around the pool before the race finally started.

I was number 119 based on the estimated swim time I had entered when I signed up. I used last years swim time of 6:54.

Tom, a guy that works with Lana, was 120. We talked while we waited for our turns to get in the water. I told him about my concern to swim that fast and told him that last year I had Lana a few people ahead of me and wanted to catch her.

Finally I was off. Tom caught me in the first length. We battled back and forth then more people joined the battle. There was at least three of us reaching the wall at the same time at each wall. I would just touch and go deep and get under everyone. It was a full contact swim and I didn’t get that minute back.

350 meter swim 7:42

Tom and I came out of the water at the same time and he says “Lana would have beat you this year

T1 was 1:38. This race is the only one I have done that we are allowed to ride out of and into transition.

My magnet for my bike computer must have gotten bumped on the way to the race because the speed and distance where not showing up. I HATE not knowing how I am doing.
The bike route for this race is some rolling hills, nothing steep.
I caught up with Amy at mile 5 and cheered her on. She was doing great.
Mile 13 is a long hill and my legs were feeling the toning class I did Thursday night.
Finally, I rode back into transition.

15.25 mile bike 48:05

T2 was 1:07

I remembered this run from last year and knew that there are several short steep climbs. It was getting hot. I passed some people and got passed by others. I saw the finish line but was all alone at that point so had no one to chase down and no one to prevent from passing me.
I crossed the finish line with less push then usual.

3 mile run 25:43

Total Race time 1:24:17, that is a 20 second improvement from last year.

Amy and I hung around for the awards. I tried really hard to win a door prize but guess I wasn’t loud enough (can you believe that).

Our friend Leslie got 2nd overall female, she is awesome.

Amy beat her personal goal that she had set for herself by 4 minutes. Way to go Amy!!!!!!

I ended up with third place in my age group. I was SHOCKED. I got a nice plaque and a bag of powerade.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Saving Up

At least that is what I hope I am doing.

Saturday’s race is a sprint distance with a 350 yard pool swim. So yesterday morning, I went to the pool to see how my 350 yard swim time is coming along. I did 3 x 350. I felt like I was really pushing myself. Results: 7:47, 7:50, and 7:57. Not so great considering last years swim time was 6:54. How am I going to get that minute back???

Last night was toning and yoga. I told Cindy not to hurt me since I have to race Saturday. I don’t think she was listening (or maybe she just didn’t care). We did tons of upper body again.

This morning, I met Lana and Briar for a run. Briar did NOT look happy to be there, but he did great. Lana and Briar did one two mile loop. The first hill kind of took away a little of Briar’s steam, so they walked a little but I could hear them on my heals the rest of the loop. I continued on for a second loop. 4 miles in 38:34, 9:38 pace. Not the tempo run I was planning.

After the run, I went to toning class for more pain. She got our legs good this morning. I have a feeling I will be cussing Cindy come Saturday morning!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Some days you have, some days you don’t

Today was one of those don’t days.

I got up at 5:00 and took my time getting out the door. It was 5:30 before I started my ride. I rode the Matt’s Hollow loop and I was SLOW. 16.9 miles in 1:04:00. I don’t know if it was yesterday long run or what, but I just wasn’t feeling the love.

I got off my bike with the intentions of running three miles. After all I DO have a race this weekend. As I finished up the first mile, I HAD to make a pit stop. I ran the 0.1 miles home, straight to the potty. So that was it. A 1.10 mile run off that took 10:40.

I guess it was better then sleeping in and I came really close to doing just that.

I spent the entire afternoon painting my den. (I am counting it as cross training)

For those that asked (and those that didn’t but wondered), Bonnaroo is an outdoor music festival.

If you tried to sponsor me but didn’t find my name, it is now on the list. Thanks for any support (even if it is just cheering me along).

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bonnaroo Fun

Friday morning I got up early and ran my normal 6 mile route in 58:46, 9:48 pace. My average heart rate was 153.

The kids and I went to Wal-mart that afternoon and got to see all the people in town for Bonnaroo. Driving down the road we saw LOTS of people with tickets to sell. Then there was one guy holding a sign the said I Need Tickets. Bryce yells “Mom, turn around. Go tell that man that there is someone with tickets just up the road.”

Saturday I had already decided I was skipping the Moonpie but had every intention of getting on my bike. It never happened. I didn’t worry about it too much after I talked to Lana and we decided to meet this morning for a 10 mile run.

I got to the Rec Center at about 5:10. Lana was supposed to be there ready to run at 5:15. At 5:25 I sent her a text message to see if she was coming. I decided I would give her until 5:30 then I was just going to go do a short run.

At 5:30 my phone rang, she was on her way.

Once she got there we did a quick stretch and decided we would head out toward Bonnaroo.

It made for an interesting run. We were surprised that we were allowed to just run right up in there. We had one guy in a car yell at us “Hey a-hole, if you want to jog go home” but then we had another guy start running along with us. I wish I had taken my camera. It is quite a site.

We got to just over 4.5 miles when we made it to the other gate and decided to turn around for fear these people would stop us from getting back in without armbands. We ran back through the way we came. The turn around made us a mile short when we got to the Rec Center so we ended up having to run up and back down jail hill to get 10 miles. It took 1:35:55 for a 9:53 pace. My average heart rate was 152.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some Begging and Training

Today I signed up for the HOW 100, a woman’s only cycling event to be held as a fundraiser for breast cancer research on September 8, 2007. I will be riding the 100 mile route. If you would like to sponsor me, you can go here or follow the link in my side bar.

Enough begging…on to my training.

This morning I had to drag myself to the pool. On the way, I talked to anyone who would speak to me. After I had prolonged the swim as long as I could, I took the plunge. I swam the slowest 1750 yards of my life. I am surprised that I didn’t sink straight to the bottom.

This afternoon, I rode 20.78 miles. It was 95 degrees and sunny. I was thankful I had the option/excuse to ride vs run in the heat.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thing You Should Never Tell the Instructor

Last night I went to toning class followed by yoga. The instructor is competing in a weight lifting competition this weekend so she can’t lift. Therefore, she used 2 pound weights during class and would “forget” that the rest of us had real weights. She did lots of upper body, even while doing legs we were still doing some sort of upper body weights too.
After class I told her that I am really unhappy with my thighs. Then during the conversation I also mentioned that I really like the butt exercise where we lay on our backs with our feet on a step.
Little did I know that this conversation would come back to haunt me.

This morning I met Lana at 4:45. We ran 4 miles in 35:37 (8:54 pace). My average heart rate was 159 and a max of 180.
After the run we went inside for toning class. Average heart rate during class 91, max 126.
We did tons of legs and butt and I got blamed for the entire class. I will never complain to the instructor about body parts or say I like any exercise ever again!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pack Ride

This morning I got up at 5:00 and rode the 5 miles to the Rec Center.

I met up with Lana, Tracy, Kim, Terry, Tisha, Amy, Don, and Holly.

We rode the Star route, which is about 15 miles. We all got pretty split up during the ride. By the end, I was alone. So I just rode past the Rec Center and took the long way home.

Lana took some pictures so maybe she will get those posted on her blog.

I ended up with 27.31 miles in 1:42:25. My average heart rate was high at 161. Guess there was no fat burning today. Darn it, my eating habits have sucked lately.

Tonight is toning and yoga.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Speed Work

This morning I got up at 5:30 for speed work. I had programmed my Garmin for 400 w/ 200 rest intervals. I did a one mile warm up then started the intervals.
I swear I thought I programmed 8 but as I was running number 7 thinking “when is my stupid Garmin going to beep?” I looked at it and discovered I was already 0.4 miles into my cool down. I walked for a little bit to get my heart rate back down then jogged home.
Splits look like this
Warm up: 1 mile at 11:43
400’s 7:50, 7:37, 7:37, 7:49, 7:25, 7:45
Cool down: 1 mile at 10:47

Total distance 4.28 miles with an average heart rate of 125 and a max of 174.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

My test results from Monday show my target workout zones to be
Low 79-138
Moderate 138-147
High 147-169
Peak 169-176

The goal of this mornings run was to stay in the low and moderate zones. It was foggy so I just did two loops of my neighborhood and the neighborhood across the street.
Just running to the end of my driveway my heart rate was already at 110. I continued at a slow pace and kept an eye on my heart rate. Running slow is hard. I ended up with 5.35 miles at an average pace of 11:27 and an average heart rate of 145.

Friday, June 08, 2007


This morning the alarm went off at 5:00 and I just turned it off!!!! I got up when Ronnie left for work and have spent the day cleaning house and the yard for our pool party tomorrow. I have Bunko tonight so don’t see how I can squeeze in a workout.

Otherwise it has been a good week.

From where I left off…
Tuesday night I did go to toning and yoga. Both classes where really good.

Wednesday morning I met Lana at 4:45 and we ran 4 miles and then went to toning class. The 4 miles were done at a 9:00 pace and my heart rate was well above the fat burning zone. I am having a hard time slowing down. I think I would end up walking to keep my heart rate under 130.

Thursday morning I swam 1750 yards. I was slow but really worked on my form and I felt good. Hopefully I burned some fat.

So that is it.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fat Burning

This morning I got up at 4:50 to ride to the Rec Center. I met Tracy, Kim and Terry (Lana and Amy both had to cancel). We rode the Normandy route. Kim is really strong on the hills. I focused on keeping my heart rate in the “fat burning zone” that I got from my test yesterday..
I ended up with 27.37 miles in 1:49:49. My average heart rate was 130, right at the top end of the zone.
Tonight I am going to toning class and yoga. It has been a LONG time since I have been to yoga and I look forward to getting a good stretch.

Bryce got his new face today. I don’t think it is going to be a problem getting him to wear his glasses, he is excited to be able to see. Casey is a bit jealous and decided she needed glasses too.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Why Does Good News Always Have to Come With Bad News???

Yesterday I took a post race rest day.

This morning I planned to do speed work but last night I remembered that I had scheduled a VO2 and body fat test for this afternoon. No workout for 24 hours prior to test. Darn, I HAD to sleep in.

So I went for my tests this afternoon. That is where I got some good news…and some BAD news.

First we did the VO2 test. I was happy with the results. My peak VO2 was 47.2, putting me in the superior fitness level.

Next up the body fat test. It was done in a dunk tank. He told me that air counts as body fat so let out as much air as I could. I just could NOT let out all the air. But enough of the excuses, my body fat is a whooping 26.3%!!!!

I did learn that I have been working out at too high of a heart rate to burn fat. I need to slow down and eat less!! Also my desired weight just isn’t going to happen. I need to lose about 20 pounds and that should get me to about 15% body fat. So the new plan, slow down, burn fat, and count calories!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mach Tenn Race Report

Ah…a race that is close to home. We made this a family affair. So we all got up at 5:45, got ready, and went to Tullahoma. My son gave me a lucky ladybug and Ronnie a lucky 7 of clubs.

It was overcast, perfect racing weather, and water temps were low enough to make wetsuits legal.

I saw Ashley, my swim coach, as soon as we pulled in; she parked right next to us. While getting my packet and body marking, I saw TriSonq and Tom.

This race does not have assigned bike racks so I was happy that I got one up close to the bike in/out. I set up my transition and Lana showed up. She got the spot next to me. Ronnie found the swimmer on his relay team and was introduced to the biker.

The Swim 0.6 miles
I was number 230 so I got to do a LOT of standing around on the beach waiting for my turn. I heard, “Oh my God” behind me. I recognized the voice and turned around. Sure enough, it was Laurie checking out the swim. We chatted for a while and she introduced me to some of her friends. Finally it was time for me to line up. I saw Ronnie and the kids sitting on the pier and waved to them. When I got to the start I realized I hadn’t reset my watch. The starter was really nice and she saw I was trying to get it reset and asked “Are you ready?” I gave her a panicked “No”. She told me to take my time and tell her when. So I got my watch reset and was off. I passed a bunch of people in the water and felt good the whole swim.
Swim time 20:11
Last years swim time 20:38. I am disappointed that I didn’t make more of an improvement. After all, I was wearing a wetsuit this year.

Coming out of the water it is an up hill climb to transition. My legs felt rubbery and it was hard to make them run.
T1 time 2:16
Last years T1 time 1:52
I am not surprised it took longer this year since I had to deal with the wetsuit removal.

The Bike 16 miles
This is where I hoped to make some improvement. I saw Holly just as I was mounting my bike and waved to her. The route is “rolling hills”. I have meant to get out there and ride prior to the race but just never made it. I did remember some it from last year. I picked someone in front of me and tried to catch them. Once I passed them, I would pick the next person. After a while, I saw a guy in a yellow jersey. I fought the remainder of the race to catch him. I got really close a few times but he always slipped away. I got passed my 3 people during the first 15 miles and then got passed by 2 more right at the end. One of those two was a female and 3 numbers higher then me. That one hurt.
Total Bike time 51:18
Last years bike time 54:20
I am happy with the 3 minute improvement here and hope that I can continue to shave time off.

I was shocked to see Ronnie in transition still waiting on his biker. I waved to him, changed shoes and was out. T2 time 1:07
Last years T2 time 1:18
The Run 4 miles
I didn’t think I was going to make it. This run is hilly, one hill after another. It took about half a mile to get my legs feeling right. During that time 233 passed me again. No catching her. Then I saw yellow jersey guy. We ran side by side most of the time. I told him how I had fought to catch him and he told me he has a problem killing himself on the bike and leaving nothing for the run. Great!!! I saw tons of people on the run heading back. Just before the turn around I saw Lana and she told me someone I wanted to beat was just ahead of me. I made the turn around, with yellow jersey guy. Up and down the hills. As we were climbing a hill yellow jersey guy says “Where the heck is mile 3?” I said maybe at the bottom of this hill. When we got to the top, we saw no mile marker ahead. We went down that hill and up the next. Then we saw the water station and mile maker 3 at the bottom. About then, I saw Ronnie starting his run. I finally made the turn onto the road that takes you to the finish. I got passed by several people here and tried to be like Lana but I just didn’t have that much left in the tank.
Total run time 31:59
Last years run time 31:55
I am impressed that I was able to run that fast this year. Last year I had just come off marathon training with speed work every week.

Total race time 1:46:49
Last years time 1:50:00
The results show me as 5th place out of 17 in my age group but I question the second place results. According to her results she ran 4 miles in 2:14. I don’t think that is possible. Therefore, I am unofficially moving myself up into 4th place. Still no hardware, but gives me that extra push for next year.
Post Race
This race has one of the BEST post race parties. Ronnie, the kids, and I hung around until the very end. The kids played in the water catching frogs and tadpoles while Ronnie and I sat on the hill drinking free beer.