Wednesday, May 20, 2009


On December 19, 1992, I graduated with my BS in Civil Engineering and swore I would never go back to school. Little did I know at the time that once I had kids in school I would also be back in school. And at our school 3rd grade is the worst. I have done two years back to back of third grade and am so glad to be done!!!! Bring on summer!

On a training front (can I still call it training even on while on this break), I almost didn't get up this morning. I was sleeping so good and must have hit snooze without even knowing it. I finally drug my butt out of bed, went to the bathroom and thought about getting back in bed. I ran my options through my head and decided I better get it out of the way. So off to the Rec Center I went. I got in a great leg workout and made plans with Eric to ride in the morning. yeah!!

Then tonight, I did not want to go to swim class. It was beautiful out. I wanted to sit on my patio with a glass of wine and my new kindle. But I put on my suit and forced myself out the door. Once at class, I was glad to be there. We had an awesome workout. 2600 yards withlots of sprint kicks and sprint pulls. Ouch.

I got home and still got my glass of wine and about to curl up with my Kindle. It's all good.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can't Facebook Everything

I just don't seem to have the time to blog. I know part of the problem is the ease of facebook. Slapping up a couple of sentences is so easy. I was able to shout out my excitement that The Middle Half happens to fall on a day that my training plan will call for a 13 miler. I could admit how bad I suck at push ups and pull ups P90X style. I was even able to fess up to my total slackerness when I skipped both my run and swim class on Monday. But facebook doesn't work for everything, some things just need more detail.
Sunday is just one of many examples.
Jill came down from the big city for an early morning ride in the country. I picked a 30 mile route that I hoped would give a good county experience, and it did not disappoint. We saw goats, almost ran into a buzzard eating road kill, got chased by LOTS of dogs and had a deer run across the road in front of us...just to name a few. It was unseasonably cold and we ended with a pretty strong head wind. I really enjoyed showing Jill around and having a social ride where we never even thought about mph. It reminded me how much I love to ride my bike. And now that daylight is coming early, I hope to start getting some early morning rides in. It just needs to warm back up again.

I am also enjoying working in some P90X workouts. I am not going to commit to the 90 days or all the workouts. So far I have just done the shoulders and arms DVD 3 times and the chest and back DVD once. I might try some of the others as I feel like it.

Tomorrow I hope to get up early and go to the Rec Center and lift legs again. Friday it kicked my butt and I was sore for a couple of days. Maybe I can finally get rid of this cottage cheese on my thighs/butt.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I made my break official this morning by canceling my room in Augusta. It was hard, but I really do believe necessary.

I am having a good week of training at "normal" people levels.
Sunday I did the P90X shoulders and arms.
Monday morning it was raining so I waited and ran that afternoon at 3:30. My Garmin wouldn't turn on or reset, I had to run naked. I ran for about 40 minutes. I tried to use Map My Run to figure out how far I ran but one of the roads was new and the program won't let me run over land. I went to swim class at 6:00 for 2550 yards.
Tuesday I slept in again then did chest and back while watching Biggest Loser.
Wednesday I got up at 4, ran 6 miles and went to toning class. Then another 2500 yards at swim class that evening.
Today I slept in and did P90X shoulders and arms again tonight. Upped the weight a little and my arms are TOAST.
If it's not raining in the morning I will run 6 before work. Rain = sleeping in

Friday, May 08, 2009

The Break

At about mile 25 of Sunday's race I made a promise to my body. I will take a break.
I have been pushing and pushing with very little recovery time.
So I haven taken everything off my race calender except a sprint distance tri in McMinnville in August and the Vegas marathon in December. Both of those races are already paid for. My goal is to BQ in Vegas.
Until then, I am taking a step back. There will be no training program and there will be No racing.
I hope I can do this, I don't operate well without a schedule. I get in a rut easily.
It is also going to be very hard for me to not race. I love racing. Tri season is just starting and I won't be out there doing what I love to do. Pouring it all out on the course, pushing my body as hard as it will let me, the feeling of accomplishment crossing that finish line, the pride of a new PR...
But I am going to keep the promise I made to my body Sunday and give it a break.
And I have done good this week. Of course part of that was simply because I couldn't walk so was forced to rest.
Monday and Wednesday I did swim class.
Thursday I "ran" 3 miles. It was very slow but made my legs feel 100% better.
Today I went to the Rec Center and did a 12 minute warm up on the arc climber followed by chest and back weights and some abs.
I don't know what I will do this weekend. Part of it depends on the weather, which has been quite gloomy lately, and part depends on how I feel.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Flying Pig Marathon

It was pouring rain here Saturday morning so I ended up leaving for Cincinnati a little earlier then I originally planned in case the rain delayed me. The drive was easy and I arrived at about 1:00. I checked into my hotel and walked over to the expo. David had already picked my packet up for me but I wanted to check out the expo.
The expo was good. They had posters set up with descriptions and pictures of each mile of the marathon.
After the expo I meet up with David and Gayle. We drove the course to get a real idea of the hills, went shopping, and out for pasta.
I got up Sunday morning at 4:15. I ate breakfast and got dressed. Then I met David and Jeff in the lobby. We walked over to the start in the rain. Jeff forgot his timing chip and decided to try to rush back to the hotel and get it while David and I found a little dry spot under a tiny tree to sit in.
At about 6:15, David and I found the 3:50 group. It was a large group and I couldn't get close enough to say anything to E-Speed.

The gun sounded and the race was on. The first mile was slow due to the crowd. David and I were in the back of the 3:50 group but kept the sign in sight. My Garmin hasn't been holding a charge so I went with my watch and depended on David to keep us in check. The 3:50 sign kept getting father and father ahead and I was getting nervous but David told me his Garmin had us at an overall pace of 8:47, exactly where we needed to be.
Since we had driven the course, we knew what to expect. It didn't make that LONG hill at 6 any easier bt at least we knew we would be climbing for a mile.
The downhills didn't seem signifiate but my quads were feeling them. We were still holding pace.
I took a gu at 5 and 10. At 15 I couldn't get it down. I was sick of sweet and wanted some pretzels. My stomach was hurting. I needed to potty but didn't want to take the time. I tried some Twizzlers someone was handing out but couldn't get those down either. All I could think about was pretzels.
Just past 18 David said "Go get your BQ. I'll see ya at the finish". Then he slowed down. We had picked up another girl just before David dropped off, so I ran with her.
We got to 20 and a BQ was very questionable at that point but a PR was still very much in reach. My stomach was feeling worse.
At 21 I walked through the water stop and checked the port-a-potties. They were all full and I didn't want to wait in line. Because I walked, I lost my running partner and was on my own.
Mile 22 I HAD to stop at the port-a-potty. My stomach felt a lot better after the stop but my legs were worse.
I ran most of 22 and 23 but by 24 it hurt so much to run I had to walk. I wanted so bad to run but it was just so painful. My quads were killing me. My calfs felt great thanks to my super sexy compression socks.
I finally saw the finish swine and managed some semblance of running to get across it.

4:05:05, not a BQ, not a PR, not even sub 4. total bust!!!

I collected my metal, blanket, water bottles and finally some chips and Cheese Its. I wondered out of the recovery area and found a curb to sit on. I had to ask a stranger to help me down to the ground where I sat and waited for David.
I found David and Gayle at the same time and we walked back to the hotel.
I showered, packed up, then made the 5 hour drive home.