Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Saturday after the race was Casey’s slumber party. Those little girls stayed up until after 3. And they only went to bed then because I told them “I have been up for 23 hours now, y’all HAVE to go to sleep now.” I hoped they would at least sleep late, but noooooo they were up before 8:00.

So Sunday I was dead tired. I did no workouts and called it race recovery.

Monday morning I did a slow 6 mile run. Same old route. I did have to stop just short of 3 miles and pet two of the cutest puppies. Mama dog ran across the street when she saw me coming and her puppies came trotting after. They were just too cute not to stop and play with for a minute.

Today, Tuesday, I met Lana and we did an 18+ mile ride. She told me to set the pace and I didn’t set it as fast as I would have liked. Oh well, consider it a fat burning workout.

I ate horrible all weekend so yesterday I started from square one. I did really good and am proud of myself. I am off to a great start today, I made a banana/strawberry smoothie for breakfast after my ride.

Sunday kicks off marathon training. I look forward to having a schedule again.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cedars Race Report

I wasn’t feeling very up for this race so when I woke up and heard rain on the skylight, I just wanted to roll over and go back to sleep. But since I was picking Amy up, I had no choice but to get up and ready.

Despite the downpour, we made good time to the race site.

When we got there the rain had stopped but it was still cloudy. Great race weather, other then the humidity.

We got checked it. As I was setting up, I got my helmet out of my race bag and noticed that it still had the sticker on it from my last race. I have ridden twice since then. When I saw the sticker, I laughed and thought about TriShannon.

Once set up, we made our way to the pool and waited for the race start.

Finally it was my turn in the water. I used last years swim time for my estimate. With the way I have been swimming lately that was wishful thinking. I only had one brief moment of full contact swimming, otherwise the swim went as smoothly as I could expect.

I assume they had problems with the mat at the swim exit because the results only show swim + T1 time. Mine was 8:15.

I had no issues in T1 and think I had a fairly good time, making my swim time worse then last years.

Mike and Amy

I got on my bike. This is one hilly course and I planned to push it as hard as I could. I started out good, I was picking off the people in front of me. Then I was all alone. I think I started to slack at that point. I got passed by a couple of guys. Then a girl with a 27 on one leg and a B on the other passed me. I thought to myself, “no way am I getting beat by a beginner” I passed her right back. This continued for the rest of the race. The girl who beat me at McMinnville joined in the battle and since she got in the water after me I knew she was beating me. We all made it to T2 at about the same time. My 16.5 mile bike time was 53:55, 17.8 mph average.

me, Laurie, Wayne, and triSonq

T2 time 1:11.

I ran out with both those girls. The girl who beat me pulled out ahead and that was the last I saw of her. The beginner and I ran side by side passing back and forth for a while. I finally got a step ahead on a hill. I ended up finished just a minute before her. 3 mile run time 25:34, 8:31 pace.

Total race time 1:28:57 which is almost a minute faster then last year. Shocking with all the extra vacation weight I am carrying

We hung around for the awards and I snagged 3rd place age group.

Friday, July 27, 2007

A Whole Lot of Nothing

Yesterday I planned to really push myself on a ride. I got up at 5:00. It was barely light enough at 5:15 to be riding. Morning riding is coming to an end!!! :(

I started out ok. But it didn’t take long and I would find myself slacking. Then I would start pushing again only to be slacking a few minutes later. What is wrong with me?? Why can’t I push myself on my bike when I am alone??

This morning the alarm went off at 6:00. I got out of bed. I started thinking how today is my last chance to sleep in. Tomorrow is the race so I will have to get up at about 4:30. Then Casey is having 4 little girls over for a sleepover tomorrow night for her birthday (which is today). There will be no sleeping going on. So I got back in bed and slept until 7:45. Ahhh heaven!!

I am not excited about the race tomorrow. I am not in any kind of race shape. Anyone know how I can lose 10 pounds TODAY??? Cedars was my very first triathlon 2 years ago. Last year I made improvements on every part. This year I just hope to finish.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Return of my Running Partner

I thought I was going to be running alone this morning but last night Lana sent me a text message that she would be there. I was very excited, I knew I could use the push she always provides.

So we met at 4:45 this morning. I had programmed my garmin for a tempo run. 1 mile warm up, 4 x (3 minutes fast, 2 minutes recovery) and 1 mile cool down.

Here is how it went (numbers are pace)
warm up 9:52
3min, 2min
8:03, 9:56
7:35, 10:31
8:08, 10:28
8:21, 10:12
cool down 9:33

that 7:35 pace was down hill and the 8:21 was uphill.

That is a total of 4.28 miles in 39:25.

We finished right at the front door of the Rec Center. We went in for toning class. We did lots of abs today and I was thankful. Vacation has left me feeling fatter then normal.

I ordered a copy of Advanced Marathoning this morning. Training for my next marathon starts August 5th. Lana and I have decided it will be The Rocket City Marathon on December 8th. We are both going for sub 4. We have to make it this time because next year we want to go to San Francisco and run the Nike women’s marathon for fun.

I have until July 31st to raise another $150 and then I get this cool jersey for free. There is a link in my sidebar if you feel the desire to sponsor me. thanks.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Ride and Vacation Pics

This morning I met Tracy at the Rec Center and we rode the Normandy loop. We went too slowly and I ended up not having enough time to swim. Darn! ;)

Tonight is toning and yoga, I hope to make it to at least toning. I just have so much to do getting caught up after being gone for a week.

Here are some vacation pictures and a few stories, feel free to skip this part.

Casey and Baylee did everything. Dance lessons, water balloon toss, balloon race, horse shoes, talent show, hair braids… Bryce joined some of the fun too but not always.

One day the entertainment director took the kids inside and taught them a dance to do at the talent show. Bryce decided that he would rather tell a joke. He got up in front of everyone and told his joke after that Casey and Baylee did the dance they learned. It was very cute.

One day Tracy and I were sitting pool side and Tracy needed a drink. Bryce was standing right there so I told him to go tell Ronnie (who was sitting on a bar stool in the pool) to order a Bloody Mary and then bring it back to us. Off he went across the pool. But instead of going to Ronnie, he walked up the steps and around to the other side of the bar. We couldn’t see him any more but all three bartenders were looking down and talking to someone so we knew it was him. Then here came Bryce back without a drink. He said “I told them Ms. Tracy needed a blood Larry and they said for my mom to come get it” Bryce spent the rest of the trip collecting “blood Larry” cups.

We went on a catamaran and snorkeling. Bryce freaked and refused to snorkel while Casey had a blast. There were tons of those little jelly fish and Baylee started screaming and wanted out. The boat people finally told her they were not jelly fish. She asked what they were and they told her “little pieces of algae that floated up off the coral”. She got back in the water and never said another thing about it.

When we got back to Nashville and my car, I noticed that someone had stolen the 70.3 magnet off my car. Now I HAVE to do Gulf Coast again next year so I can get a new one!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Bahama Mama

Chattanooga Waterfront Race results finally got posted on Tuesday but I was already on my way to the Bahamas. Lana set me a text message so at least I knew my official numbers.

Official race results:
1.5 K Swim 29:42
T1 1:21
40 K Bike 1:25:28
T2 1:04
10 K Run 57:10
Total race time 2:54:46 21 of 59 in age group.

Monday I was too busy getting ready for vacation and working so I took a post race rest day.

Tuesday was travel day.

Wednesday I ran 3.49 miles in 33:08. I had set out to do 4 miles but I kept hitting dead ends and just gave up and went back to the resort. I thought I would run up the 13 flights of stairs back to our room but the lady at the front desk told me there were no stairs. (I found out later that there was in fact stairs but I never found them from the ground floor.)

Thursday I met Tracy and we ran 4.73 miles in 49:40.

Friday I did nothing.

Saturday I ran 2.64 miles in 27:59 with Tracy. We planned on 4-5 miles but had to go back due to potty emergency. All those fruity drinks.

Sunday I ran 4.60 miles in 47:06 alone.

We got home late Sunday night. It was a great vacation. All inclusive so I drank and ate way too much. I won’t bore with details.

This morning, Monday, I ran 4.00 miles in 41:18 and then swam 5 x 300 yards in 32:38.

I have Cedars coming up this weekend and hope I can get into some form of race shape before then. I think I would die if I had to do that race today.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Chattanooga Waterfront Race Report

Made the drive down to Chattanooga Saturday and got checked into my hotel room. I enjoyed some quite time after picking up my packet and then met Lana and her family for dinner.
I tried to get to bed early but with the time change it was really hard. 4:45am eastern time came really early.
I got ready and Lana came down to my room. We rode to the transition where we got our chips and body marked. It was dark and hard to set up so I just did the best I could. After Lana and I made sure we would be able to find our bikes when we came out of the water, we got on the bus to go to the swim start.
There was a delay getting the race started but finally it was underway. I was number 411 so it took about 20 minutes before I got in the water.
I was really counting on the current and I am hoping that there just wasn’t one because my time was a lot worse then last year’s time. I didn’t think I was ever going to get to the pier and get pulled out. The swim felt really LONG.
There were some stairs to get to T1 and people were everywhere cheering. It was great. But then I got to T1 and realized I forgot to open my bike shoes. T1 took extra long.
I got my bike and ran to the mount line. I had no goal for this bike. They had changed the route from last year and rumor had it that it was hilly. Rumor didn’t lie. There were no steep hills or hard climbs just lots of them. Lana had started about 3 minute behind me. She caught me at about mile 15. She stayed in site for a while and I pushed hard but finally gave up and let her go, I still had a 10K to run.
As I entered T2 I realized I didn’t get a landmark and just hoped that I was running down the right row. I was lucky and T2 went smooth.
I saw Holly and Kelly as I started the run. Then I heard “Go Michele”. Found out later it was Lana’s mom. The run last year was a death march. It was so hot. This year the route changed a LITTLE, very little. But the weather could not have been better. I felt fine the entire run and after the first mile and some quick math, I realized I had a shot at under 3 hours. I saw Lana just before the turn around and she was cramping. Just after I made the turn I saw Tom. He caught up with me and asked about my swim time. He said his was 4-5 minutes slower then last year and I said so was mine. He said that maybe it was the water.
I came down the last hill and then the finish line was in site. I heard Lana, Holly, and Lana’s mom all yelling for me. I made my final push and I crossed the finish line in 2:52.
The official results aren’t up yet so I will have to update my report once I have splits.
Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Flash and Holly and Kelly. Your support and picture taking means the world to me.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Last night my dog woke me up at about 2:00 to go out. While she was doing her business, I noticed that I had a text message on my phone. It was from Lana at 12:55 saying that she was still up and not to wait on her for our scheduled 4 mile run.

So when the alarm went off at 4:20, it was extra hard to pull my self out of bed. Somehow I managed. When I got to the Rec Center, Eric was stretching in the parking lot. He asked if Lana was coming and when I said no he asked if I wanted to run with him. I told him that it depended on how far and fast he was running. He said he would do whatever I was planning on doing. So off we went. We did two of the two mile loops on the greenway (I didn’t fall this week). As we where heading back on the second loop, Eric said he was going to go straight on Hwy 41 and get in one last hill. He asked me to join him but I passed. I finished my 4 miles at the Rec Center. I think my pace was 9:18.

Toning class was tough again this morning and made extra tough by the fatigue from last night’s class. I hope that I can move my arms tomorrow. I really need to get in a swim.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back of the Pack

This morning I drove to the Rec Center where I met up with Lana, Holly, Kelly, Don and Joe. I had mapped out two different bike routes and we picked the one will rolling hills verses the completely flat one. I got out voted!!

We headed out and Kelly, Don and Joe took the lead with Lana right on their tails. Holly was next and I brought up the rear. I think I managed to pass Holly a time or two when I built up speed on the downhills, otherwise I stayed firmly in last place. The good thing about riding with these speed demons is that it forces me to push myself.

Kelly ended up waiting on us at a turn and stayed with us the rest of the ride. We missed a turn and our 16 mile ride turned into a 14.33 mile ride in 47:56. That’s my time, the speed demons finished much faster.

Back at the Rec Center, Lana and I changed shoes and did a 2 mile run. 17:32, 8:47 pace.

Tonight is toning and yoga. Wonder what new forms of torture Cindy will have in store.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Swim and Bike

Lana has been camping this week out a AEDC, so this morning I drove out there to meet up. First we did a short lake swim. We had just gotten started and I took a breath and there was Lana’s face. I kinda of laughed but kept on going. A minute later there she was again and again. This time we both stopped because we were laughing too hard to swim. Here we had the whole lake but we had to swim right on top of each other. After the first buoy, I ran into Lana and we stopped due to laughter again. We finally made it out of the water. Best guess is 650 yards. We were both a lot more tired then we should have been after a swim of that length.

We got on our bikes. Lana had left her helmet at the camp site so we rode down there so she could get it. Then we were off. We rode the Mach Tenn route, about 16 miles. We had a good ride. And I am happy to report that we were incident free!!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Yesterday I was updating my training log. As I was putting in Tuesday’s hilly ride, I discovered that my max heart rate for the ride was 191. That’s right one-nine-one. Between the fall and high heart rate, I am just glad to be alive.

Tuesday evening I went to toning and yoga classes. The instructors had all just returned from a weekend workshop in Atlanta. They learned all kinds of new ways to hurt us and Cindy couldn’t wait to try some of them out on us. I cussed Cindy, Lana and hills for 2 hours.

Yesterday, I spent in. I sat by the pool. I was enjoying a lazy 4th of July. When Ronnie got home from golf, I was feeling guilty for being so lazy and eating like a pig so I decided to go for a ride. I did a nice FLAT route. 26.23 miles in 1:37:03. I got chased by 3 different dogs, nothing like a little sprint in the middle of a ride.

This morning I hit snooze. I got up the second time the alarm went off but had lost enough time that my 4 mile run had to be cut to a 3 mile run. I decided to do the greenway and town loop. I was about a half mile into my run when I tripped and fell. The sidewalk had a small uneven spot but nothing like the sidewalk in town. I went skidding across the sidewalk on my right knee. I jumped up really fast and looked around make sure no one saw me and started running gain. At the end of the greenway, I stopped to survey the damage. Nothing major, my hands were scuffed and the outside of my right knee was scrapped to match the front. I continued on with my run. I finished the 3 miles in 29:52.

I think is it safe to assume that I have secured the klutz of the month award for July!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bike Push

Lana has heard that the new bike route for the Waterfront tri on the 15th is hilly, so she wanted to get in some hill work before hand.

This is the email she sent out yesterday:

Ok - plans have changed just a little. We've decided to do some hills. One of them being Lakeview Rd in Normandy. Meeting time is 5:15. Meeting place is that church behind the track at Westwood Jr. High. Right beside Crestwood Nursing Home. The route is as follows:

Powers Bridge Rd to Old Stage Coach Rd
Left on Old Stage Coach Rd
Left on MG England Rd
Right on Wards Chapel Rd
Left on Lyndell Bell Rd
Right on Frank Hiles Rd
Left on Lakeview Rd
Left on Throneberry
Left On Riley Creek, which turns into Lyndell Bell
and backtrack back to Westwood.

I estimate this route to be around 23 or 24 miles, but Michele is going to plot it in her program and also get the elevation for it. Be ready to climb!

Let me know if you get this, sowe'll know to expect you...

I tried to plot it but it is probably best that I got the message "elevation tracking is unavailable at this time". I don't know that I would have gone had I known what was in store for me.

It ended up being Lana, Holly, Kelly, Don and me. When I told Tracy about the ride she said “Hell no”.

I knew the first hill, I had accidentally gone that way when I first got my bike. I haven't been back.

Well, today was the day. The first hill comes pretty quickly and my legs were screaming already. Holly told me she wished that she could say that was the worst of it but she knew better.

Hill number two...Don took a spill going down. He got banged up pretty good, but he wanted to continue. Now for the up hill. I didn't have enough speed and didn't get into my easiest gear. I tipped. I unclipped my left leg and fell over right. My right knee took a good bang. I pushed up the rest of the hill.

The Lakeview Road hill Lana mentioned in her email was up next. I started too hard and lost steam. I told Holly (as she passed me) that I wanted to cry. She said "You've almost made it" and I yelled back "I don't want to make it!!!". I couldn't do it. I had to get off and push AGAIN, I was not falling over this time.

We changed the route a little and eliminated one of the hills on the return trip. The two that remaining took everything I had, but I climbed them.

I was so glad to get back to the starting point and my car. All those hills made for a very long ride and I had to rush home to get ready for work.

Lana is never allowed to be in charge of picking the route!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Speed Work Monday

After hitting snooze one time this morning (I don’t know what is wrong with me), I got out of bed at 5:00 for Speed Work Monday.

I had programmed my Garmin last night with a workout from the FIRST program that I did last fall. I like this one because the distance gets less each interval.

I put a water bottle in my mailbox and took off for the warm up.

I took the warm up nice and slow, stopped at my mail box during the 200 RI, and then took off for the first speed interval.

Speed work on Monday mornings is TOUGH, but I got it done. My final 200 interval was even fast for me!

Here are the numbers.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Evening Brick

Friday I sent Lana a text message to see if she wanted to do a brick on Saturday. Then I left my phone in the house and forgot to check it before bed.
She had replied that she wanted to do a 30-35 mile ride and a 5 mile run at 6:00am.
I saw the message at 9:00am Saturday. I replied that I was sorry I missed her.
Turns out she didn’t go so we made plans to do it at 5:30 Saturday evening.I am not use to evening workouts and after a day of yard work all I wanted to do was join Ronnie with a cold one. I was really glad that I had made plans with Lana otherwise the workout would NOT have gotten done.

So about 6 Lana shows up at my house and we decide on a route and take off.

My legs were really burning and I was struggling to keep up for the first 8-10 miles. I don’t know if Lana slowed a lot or I managed to speed up but we stayed together for the rest of the ride.

This was mostly new territory for me and Lana had picked it because of a hill. Thankfully it was a downhill. She warned me that it was pretty steep and curvy. Then so did this sign. I rode my brakes pretty hard. I want to go back and ride this hill some more. The pavement is smooth and there isn’t a lot of traffic. I think we could get some major speed.
The scenery was beautiful. We were way out in the country. As was made a curve we saw a rooster crossing the street. We stopped so that I could take his picture. Just after I took it, his buddy came out to the street. This was one giant bird. At first we were unsure what he was then we determined that he was a turkey, a huge turkey.When we made it back to Maple Springs Road we had the wind at our backs and it was down hill, no wonder I was struggling so hard at the first part of the ride.

We finished with 32.15 miles in 1:54:21. Average speed of 16.9 mph (that counts the picture taking stops).

Back at my house we changed shoes and got told once again by my husband how insane we are.

We ran my same old loop. It was dark. On Wayside Road both Lana and I swallowed a bug at the same time and started choking. It took us some time to recover and both us complained about bug parts the rest of the run.

We took out to fast and I was paying for it. I tried to convince Lana that 5 miles was excessive but she would not listen. By the time we made it back to my neighborhood I was ready to be done. We made the final loop and stopped as soon as Garmin said 5 miles. 45:18, 9:03 pace.

I took off my heart rate monitor and discovered that I had picked up a huge beetle type bug. He was clinging to my sports bra and I could not get him off. I held my bra out and Lana smacked at him twice before finally knocking him onto my chest. I screamed and knocked him off and onto her arm.

We finally made it back to my house. I grabbed a couple of cold ones from the fridge and Lana and I jumped into the pool. Man that water felt GREAT. We sat on the pool steps and drank our recovery drinks.

Lana decided to just leave her bike here instead of trying to get it back up on top of her car. I think I am going to hide it from her for trying to kill me last night!!!

Today has already started off as a lazy day. I hope to get motivated later and swim some laps. My pool is only 40 feet long so it is hard to really swim laps here. But I guess it is better then nothing