Friday, February 27, 2009

I am keeping this short because I just popped the top on my second beer and I am trying not to blog under the influence (BUI).

So the week didn't get off to a good start. I did get up early for Monday's speed work and swim. BUT after the warm up and 2 of the 800's I knew I wasn't going to make it. The third 800 had me passing my house and I ran right up the driveway.

Tuesday I went ahead and planned to sleep in and do my ride that night while watching Biggest Loser. An hour and a half got me 25.55 miles.

Wednesday morning I did my tempo run. 8 miles with 6 at tempo pace (8:38). I missed pace for the fist tempo mile and ran it at 8:40. But I made up for it on the other 5. 8:02, 8:32, 8:13, 8:08, and 8:25. After taking the kids to school I went to toning class and the "squat queen" did her job. Wednesday night was swim class and we had a small turn out so I got to swim in the fast lane. We ended up with 2000 yards.

Thursday was rest day.

Today I got up at 4:15 and ran 13 miles. Goal pace was PMP + 15 seconds. So for a BQ pace that would be 9:02. It started raining after one mile then rained on and off the rest of the run. I ended up running the 13 in 1:56:12 (8:56 pace). Cha Ching money in the bank!!! I got the kids up and to school and then hit the pool. 4500 yards. Ugg. As I was swimming I had two old men tell me I made it look so easy, that I was their hero. I told them that they set their standards too low but was feeling pretty good about my stroke. swim coach showed up. She pointed out all the things I was doing wrong. I finished up my swim trying to do all the things she told me. So much to think about.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Productive Weekend

Nothing like a nice long brick the day after a 20 mile run. But that is what happens when trying to merge two training programs. Saturday I started the day with grouting the floor. The never ending project. I ate lunch and a chips ahoy ;) Just one this time. Then got on my bike. I watch two movies during my 3:32:06, 60.84 mile ride. I quickly threw on my running shoes and a long sleeve shirt and went out for the run off, 4.41 miles in 41:38. I was surprised how good my legs felt. I am happy with the workout.
Today a recovery ride was scheduled but first it was more grout. And guess what...we FINISHED!!! Sure I will still have to do at least another wash but the hard part is DONE.
Ok enough about the home improvement...I ate lunch and two chips ahoy. Next time a confess my cookie sins please don't encourage me. Tell me to put the cookies down!!!! I finally got on the trainer at about 2. I did the required 1 hour and added another 17.3 miles to my bank. Afterward, I did some abs to try to burn off those *@*&@ cookies.

Friday, February 20, 2009

20 Miler Number 2 for the Pig

I am usually off work on Fridays. But yesterday my boss asked if I could work today. So my long run plans quickly changed. Instead of running at 8 after dropping the kids off at school, I got up at 4am to run.
I dressed in my cold gear, fleece hat, gloves, and vest, and my new Omni 7s. Because of the early start time, I didn't eat breakfast before my run. I just grabbed a small banana. That didn't seem like quite enough so I looked in the cabinet for an energy bar. We didn't have any but what I did see was a box of chips ahoy, the big chewy kind. I ate one...then another. 170 calories each, 340 calories plus the banana. That should be PLENTY.

When I got outside it hit me that is was COLD, 14 degrees to be exact. I wondered if I was under dressed this time, but just went with it.
I had to ball my hands inside my gloves for a bit because my fingers were freezing and my breath froze on my eyelashes again.
I didn't have a route planned and after running the first five decided to head for the hills. I haven't done a lot of hill training and I know The Pig has hills, better get some in. I ran Cracker Barrel Hill and Jail Hill and all the rollers in between. Goal pace was planned marathon pace (PMP) + 45 to 60 seconds again this week. I was a little concerned since my last 20 miler was run on flatter ground. I don't know if it was the pre run fueling or the new kicks, but something went right this morning. I ended up finishing in 3:09:25 a 9:28 overall pace! That is over 4 minutes faster then my 20 miler two weeks ago!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Racing Garmin Guy

So, I didn't make it up ate 4:30 yesterday like I planned. (shakes head in shame)
But...I did still manage to get the 1:20 trainer ride done. At 6:45PM, Bryce was at scouts and Casey was done with homework and watching TV. So I hopped on my trainer and watch iCarley with her. I finished my ride just in time to get the kids to bed.
I love it when things work out that way.

On the other hand...This mornings plan was to get up at 4:00, do my 5 mile tempo run, and go to Cindy's toning class. But at 3:20 the dog woke me up to go out. It was raining a little. 20 minutes later I am yelling for the dog to hurry up and it is pouring. The alarm went off at 4 and I could still hear rain so I reset for 5 hoping to at least get my run in. As luck would have it when the alarm went off at 5 it was no longer raining. I suited up, programmed Garmin Guy for a 5 mile run at 8:23, and the race was on. I realized right off that I was WAY over dressed. I did a two loop deal and after the first loop dropped my gloves, hat and vest off at my mailbox. I felt much better for that second loop. And I am happy to report that I beat Garmin Guy!! 8:16 overall pace!!!
When I got home I did some abs and stretched. Tonight is swim class and I have to try to work in some weights either before or after class.
Also, that box of safe in the freezer. I will allow myself a reward of 1 serving (the 4 cookie kind) once I reach my goal weight. Hope they aren't expired by then!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pure Evil

Evil arrived at my office today. 150 calories for just 4 little cookies. I have never eaten just 4. For me, one sleeve = one serving. They are going right into the freezer.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nothing Skipped

Last weekend I skipped all my workouts. This weekend I missed none!!!
Saturday was a 2 hour ride done inside on the trainer. And Sunday was a 1 hour ride also done inside on the trainer. I am ready for some outside riding, wish this weather would improve.
This morning on one plan was speed work. 2 x 1200 and 4 x 800 all with 2 minute rest intervals. I didn't quite hit my pace but got really close. On the other plan was a swim and strength. I got the swim done after the run and did the weight work this evening.
Yes!!! Feels good to cross everything off.
Tomorrow is another early morning trainer ride. Yippee can't wait.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Deposit

I think some days your body just yells "That's enough" and then stops.
Monday was my day.
But I have been back to normal training since then. I am still extra tired and hope to make up some sleep this long weekend. I do plan to get in all my required workouts including my long bike. And since it is only 2 hours this week, that should not be a problem.
After Mondays slackerness (it's my blog, I can make up words), I got back on program with a trainer ride Tuesday morning. It was suppose to be intervals and maybe I didn't push the hard as hard as I could have but I didn't take the easy all that easy either. I ended up with 18.2 miles in 1:08. Respectable.
Wednesday was a tempo run and a SWEAR it said 2 easy, 2 short tempo (8:08 for me), 2 easy. So that is what I did with the tempo miles actually being 8:00 and 8:07. Then when I got home and logged my run I saw it was suppose to be 2 easy, 3 ST and 1 easy. OOPS. I really do believe I could have held my tempo pace for another mile so I am not worrying about it too much. After I took the kids to school I went to toning class. I really need to get in another day of weights. My core is like jello and my triceps are jiggly. It is just gross. Anyway, Wednesday evening was swim class. She gave us a really good workout. I don't think I am EVER going to be able to do the butterfly and it resemble the actual stroke but maybe I will be able to get from one end of the pool to the other without drinking half of it. i got home and Ronnie and I grouted the bathroom. We should have a toilet this weekend. And maybe even finish the grouting of the rest of the floor?!?!?!
Thursday was a scheduled rest day. I thought about trying to make up a swim or a bike but decided to sleep instead. The slacker was back.
Today was 18 miles at planned marathon pace (PMP) + 45-60 seconds. I dropped the kids off at school at 7:30 so that I could get as early of a start as possible. Our outside thermometer said it was about 38 degrees. My weather forecast text said sunny and a high of 63. I knew I was over dressed again, but I hate getting cold so much. After 4 miles I had to shed the gloves and after 12 the toboggan had to come off. Now I had to carry all this because the pockets of my vest were full of water, sharkies, my ipod, and my phone. I had to finish my run with a final loop of my neighborhood and then run 0.2 miles past my house. I got to the stop sign and turned around just as my neighbor was pulling in. He waved and I waved back, dropping one of my gloves in the process. I had to turn around and get it. I thought I was going to fall on my face bending over to pick it up. I grabbed it then finished out the run by passing my house again. 18 miles in 2:51:52. 9:33 pace. That is good enough for PMP+ for my BQ time. Another deposit in the bank.
I would be feeling really good about these long runs except my friend David that I am planning to run the marathon with is injured and I don't know if he is going to be able to run. I am trying not to thinking about the possibility of going to this race alone and just praying he will be well soon. Get better David!!!!
In the meantime, It's five o'clock somewhere. Time to recover.

Monday, February 09, 2009


You would think after a weekend of no training that I would have been chomping at the bit, ready to run this morning. But I wasn't. Another night of fitfully sleeping and I was still exhausted when the alarm went off at 4. I got up anyway and started my run. I did the 1 mile warm up and started the first (of 3) 1 mile interval. I realized right away that I HAD to go. So I took the short loop home and ran all the way inside. 1.88 total miles.
Now, I know I could have gone back out and finished the run. But I was just so dang tired. I got back in bed and reset my alarm for 6:30 deciding to skip the swim too.
I got some good z's and feel better now. Still don't see getting either the run or swim done today but maybe I will be fresh and ready for everything else this week.

Here are some pics from the Spelunking trip.

Box test, everyone had to crawl through this box. If you didn't fit, you didn't go.
The first tour was just basically a hick out lots of stairs looking around the cave. Very wide open.

The second tour is when things got really fun. We got to crawl on our bellies, trudge through mud, and walk a balance beam.

Bryce was asleep in seconds. Casey took a little longer but still slept good. I didn't sleep as good. lots of snoring, talking and flash lights.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Grouting and Spelunking

ok, I did NOTHING that either plan called for this weekend.
This merging of plans...the FIRST plan has the long run on Friday while the Beginner Triathlete Plan has a long bike on Friday. To this point I have done my long run on Friday and turned around and done the ride (on the trainer) on Saturday.
This weekend was BEAUTIFUL. I knew that a group was riding this Saturday. I had a 4 hour ride scheduled, oh I wanted to hit the open road and RIDE. But we had tile to grout. So...I skipped the ride and got some tile done. Man that is some hard work.
We worked on the floor until it was time to leave for Cumberland Caverns. Boy Scout trip. I have wanted to go spelunking for years. I had boss that took his daughters one weekend and talked about it at work. I put in on my bucket list at that point.
So, enter boy scouts and a spelunking trip and I was there!!!
The trip was a blast. I posted the pics on facebook and if I hadn't had so much wine would post them there. Make me a Friend and you can see them.
speedwork and a swim is going to hurt tomorrowm

Saturday, February 07, 2009

New Orleans Update

I forgot to mention that Thursday they posted swim start times for New Orleans 70.3
I was really bummed to find out that I will be going out in the last wave. A full hour and 28 minutes after the first wave goes out. But then yesterday the other new podcast I listened to(can't remember the name offhand) talked about the Legal Draft. He said that while passing you actually are legally drafting for 10-15 seconds and therefore using less effort. In the example he gave, a rider passing 100 groups of people would gain 2 minutes. So maybe starting at the end isn't such a bad thing. You know I prefer to chase then be chased anyway. If only I didn't have to worry about how hot it will be by the time I start the run.

Friday, February 06, 2009

First 20 for Flying Pig

Last night I downloaded some podcasts to get ready for my long run today. Phedippidations was the only one of my normal podcasts to have something new, so I had to go out on a limb and try some new stuff.
I got up at 6 this morning, not because I had to but because Ronnie's alarm clock went off. He is a snoozer so I knew that the clock would be buzzing every nine minutes for the next half hour. I wasn't going to get anymore sleep, might as well get up.
I made a good breakfast, got the kids up and ready, and got dressed to run. I dropped the kids off at school and saw that according to my car it was 37 degrees. I thought I might be over dressed but HATE to be cold so just went with it.
The plan called for 20 miles at PMP + 45-60 seconds.
I had no planned route so I just turned on my ipod to one of the new podcasts I had found, Running with the Pack, and took off. I felt good and really enjoyed running in the sun. I took Sharkies and 6 oz of water with me and this time I ate them.
I did almost trip over a couple of dogs that got right on my heels but never barked. Otherwise, it was an uneventful run. I got really tired at the end and couldn't wait to be done. I ran out of water with 2 miles still to go. I am not use to running in the "heat" so forgot how much fluid I really needed.
I had to make one last loop of my neighborhood, passing my house, to get the mileage. that was hard. I was hot and tired and so ready to be done I actually thought for a few seconds that 19 was good enough. But I finished it out.
20 miles in 3:13:32, 9:41 pace. That makes the BQ PMP+ pace.
After my run, I finished laying the tile. Ronnie had gotten them all cut last night so I got them stuck down today. Now we are ready to grout!!!
Now I am enjoying a recovery beer and think we are going to Wingers for dinner.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Not very many people know this about me, but I am a Scale-a-holic. I don't mean that I weigh myself everyday but that I weigh myself several times a day. First thing when I get up in the morning I pee, strip, and weigh myself. That is my "official" weight of the day and gets recorded in my training log. But then I weigh myself again after I workout, after my shower, when I change after work, before bed...basically anytime I find myself in the bathroom I hop on the scale. I don't know why? It's not like I do anything different based on the number reported on the scale. I guess it is just that I am a numbers person. I can't run without my Garmin. I can't ride without my bike computer. I can't swim without a watch. And all these numbers get recorded in my training log.
Well, last Tuesday I got up, peed, striped and hopped on the scale. I did my trainer ride, striped, and hopped on the scale again. I was down two pounds. Then I took a shower and hopped on the scale again. I lost 17 pounds. I almost got back in the shower to see if I could drop 17 more!!
I changed the battery but it was still off so I ended up having to buy a new scale. I am back in business. It was tough those few days without my scale.
Between hopping on and off the scale, I have managed to get some good workouts in this week.
Saturday was a 2 hour trainer ride. I was concerned how I would feel after Friday's long run. But I popped in a movie and turned the pedals. I finished with 33.5 miles and felt pretty good.
Now Sunday is a whole different story. I got up and scrubbed all the new tile on my hands and knees trying to get off any mortar. (We are almost ready to grout and be done with this project!) Then we cleaned out the garage so that we could get the cars back in there. So by Sunday night all I felt like was beer, popcorn and Super Bowl.
Monday I got up at 4:00. (peed and weighed). I had my sports bra on before I heard the rain on the skylight. I went out the back door to determine if I could still run. It wasn't raining that hard and it wasn't that cold but I went back to bed anyway. I got up again at 5 and went to the pool. I got in 3000 of the 4000 yards the plan called for before I ran out of time. I dreaded the run all day and finally got around to it after putting the kids to bed. 10 minute warm up, 5 x 1k with 400 RI, and 10 minute cool down. The intervals I ran at 7:47, 7:24, 7:25, 7:27 and 7:29.
Tuesday morning came early. i felt like I had just finished running and now I had to do intervals on the bike. After a 10 minute easy warm up I did 6 x (5 minutes hard/3 minutes easy) and a 10 minute cool down. Got in 20 miles.
I debated when to run today. The forecast was for COLD and around here you never know if that means school closings. So i went ahead and got up at 5:30 for my 6 mile tempo run. After the 1 mile warm up, I picked it up to mid-tempo pace (I thought). First tempo mile came in at 8:10 (goal was 8:23). I thought "Hmmm, that was hard but I only have 3 more let's see if I can hold this pace". Knocked out the next 3 in 8:05, 8:09, and 8:02. I was done after that and enjoyed my slow 10:08 mile jog home. I got the kids off to school then went to toning class at the Rec Center. With every squat my legs screamed and she loves squats.
Tonight is swim class and I hope to be able to make it out to Wingers with the crew afterwards.
Thankfully tomorrow is a rest day. But then Friday is my first 20 miler of this schedule. I hope to be able to do it during daylight this week.