Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pop T-30

I have never been a fan of the Pop Quiz. Then in my freshman year of college I had a Calculus 1 teacher that loved them, so began to HATE pop quizzes. But I have been out of school for many years so haven't given them much thought that is until last night...
We started swim class with a warm up 500 of swim, kick pull. After we finished Shawn, the coach, announces we will be doing a T-30. NO!!!! I was reminded of that feeling so many years ago when that Calc 1 teacher would say "OK, everyone close your books and lets see who understood last nights assignment". A sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me this was not going to be pretty. I counted first and swam second. I already voiced all my excuses...I had a temporary crown and a filling done that morning so my mouth was still hurting, I am in taper and racing Sunday I don't need to be doing a max effort workout, I hadn't been able to eat much due to the dental work...
But then it was my turn and I just had to suck it up and swim. I told myself 1500 was my goal, 3 sets of 20. So I just counted and swam. My cap started slipping off and I finally had to just reach up and pull the stupid thing off. So I had hair in my face for the second half of the swim. I got my 1500 but wasn't told to stop so just kept swimming. I ended up with 1650 yards. I skipped the last T-30 so I have nothing to compare it to. Glad to have one in the book now but truth be told had she warned us before hand, I would have skipped again.

This morning was my final run, 3 miles at PMP. I beat Garmin guy and ran the final mile way too fast, but I am blaming Ronnie for that. He was out running to and I saw him when I had about half mile left. He turned around and ran with me. We talked and I guess sped up too much. So much for getting a good feeling for what marathon pace is. But then when I logged on here I saw a post from E-Speed and she is pacing at the pig this weekend. And guess what group she has...3:50.

Now, I just wish I had some good news to report about the weather forecast

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Race Number and Weather

The weather report has changed everytime I have checked it but here is the lastest:
others have shown rain or t-storms. I am VERY happy with this forecast and would like for this one to stick. Okay???
I also got my race number this week. 1032. Sounds very lucky doesn't it??

I did my last speed work out this morning, 6 x 400 with 400 rest interval. I was super lazy and walked the RI. So my overall pace sucked but my actual 400s were spot on.

I only have a cross training day on Wednesday and a 3 mile PMP run on Thursday then I am "trained". Ready to see what I can do on Sunday!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Over Weight and Under Trained

When I first started training for the Pig I said I wasn't sure what my goal was, BQ or just a fun run. But I went ahead and used my BQ time of 3:50 to determine long run paces. I did pretty good hitting PMP + whatever each week. I also had a half marathon PR and a 10K PR. I was feeling pretty good about shooting for the BQ. But I missed 2 of the 5 20 milers. One I ran the Tom King half instead not a big deal. I usually only run 4 of the 5 anyway and I had a great race. But the other fell the week after New Orleans 70.3 and was pouring rain. I used the rain as an excuses and quit after 6 miles. That is not Boston runner attitude.
Missing those long runs was bad and made me question just how ready I am for a marathon. Then I looked back in my training log to see what my weight was the Friday before Country Music. Ugggg...I am almost 10 pounds heavier then I was a year ago. I know the cookie dough and huge ass beers have not helped the cause but I have really been struggling with my weight latley. I eat right and exercise but I seem to stay right here in this same range. Last year for CMM I was at an all time low and only maintained that weight for a few months. I blamed vacation and Ironman for the gain but have not been able to re shed the pounds.
Then last Friday I was suppose to run 13 miles at PMP. I failed, Gamin Guy beat me. I think my pace was 8:53 vs 8:47 required.
Over weight and under trained, I am not seeing a BQ for me on May 3.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Looking at the Numbers

TriSaraTops' Race Report for New Orleans made me take another look at my numbers.
# of finishers 2321
female finishers 649
male finishers 1672
average time 6:23:17 (my time 5:56:17)

I finished 822 overall (top 35%)
25 of 106 females 40-44 (top 24%)
175 of 649 females (top 27%)

Makes me feel a LOT better about my race. Sometimes I get too hung up on a time goal and forget that I have to deal with what the day brings. Sunday it brought heat and wind (and lack of fluids and ice). I had to deal with it but so did everyone else out there. I will get a sub 5:30. Maybe September 27, maybe not. I will have to see what that day brings.

Mean while, I have a marathon coming up in 22 days. I know this because they are sending me a daily email counting down the days.

Wednesday morning I attempted to do my 10 mile tempo run. Failed. My heel started bleeding and my shoe was killing my foot. I threw in the towel just before 5. Wednesday evening was a tough swim class. 3600 yards. My kick is a MESS. I am praying Shawn can get me fixed before my next tri.

This morning was my last 20 miler. I got up at 3:45 knowing I would be running in the rain. I ate a Clif bar and a banana and headed out. It was just a light rain at this point but the thunder and lightening where putting on quite a show. The downpour started at about mile 2. It let up for about half a mile but started right back up again. At mile 6 I was at my driveway, the rain was coming down in buckets, the wind was blowing, the thunder was loud and the lightening was lighting up the sky. I ran up my driveway into my garage. Call me a wimp, quitter, whatever. If the shoe fits...
I am not making up that run either. I am officially in taper now. My body NEEDS a break.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New Orleans 70.3 Race Report

Pre Race:
This was pretty much the theme for Friday:
I met Toni and Angela at the hotel as soon as I landed. From there we went in search of food and beer. Neither were hard to find. The expo was next. I got to met TriSaraTops, attend the required pre race meeting, and pick up my packet. Then it was more liquid carbs. Dawn showed up later for more food, dancing and of course drinks.

A much more low key day. I wasn't feeling great Saturday morning. A combination of too much beer, female issues, and nerves were all wrecking havoc on my stomach. I just had a quite morning in my room then I met Wil from Acme to pick up my bike at 2. I checked my bike into transition and found out transition was HUGE and that I was racked all the way in the far back corner. Lots of ground to cover running in those bike shoes! I left my bike and my friends and I went out for pre race carbs. Pasta this time, no beer for me. I went back to my room and had a quite evening trying to get ready to race.

I didn't sleep well and just gave up at 4:13. Dawn, Angela and Toni came to my room to see me off at 5:15. I took a cab to transition and got myself all set up. It was already quite warm and drizzling. I took the bus to the swim start. They didn't ave enough buses running and people were in a panic and rushing to get to the start in time. I had PLENTY of time since my wave didn't go out until 8:28. I stood in line for a port-a-potty, borrowed some body glide since I forgot to do my neck and didn't want a repeat of Florida, met lots of people, and just killed time. I went to the port-a-potty again, realize I still had on my shoes so dropped them at gear check, then FINALLY made my way to the swim start. I still had to wait for two groups before they had us purple cap girls enter the chute and then the water. It was COLD. It took my breath when my foot hit the first step into the water. I waded into the water and waited.

The Race

The Swim
The gun sounded and we were off. I dove under water and the cold took my breath again. I tried to get a rhythm but I couldn't. I started to think "I can't do this, I am going to have to stop, This is going to be my first DNF". I did a few strokes then went to breast stroke then back to free and back to breast. Finally I talked myself down and got my rhythm. The sea wall was to the right and the buoys were to the left. I am a left side breather so I just kept an eye on the buoys. There was TONS of room to swim. It was nothing like any other race. The water was so muddy though I couldn't even see my hands as they entered the water. One time I was swimming along and crashed into something. I thought it was the sea wall but it was just another swimmer. We were told before we started there was a red buoy at the half way point. I saw it and thought I was feeling good maybe this would be a good swim after all. I made the turn to the swim exit, stood, took off my goggles and cap, and saw my watch. 42 something!!!! What??? That can't be right. My swim could not have been that bad. I jogged over to the strippers who had to tell me to sit and they pulled off my wetsuit and handed it to me. I ran across the mat into transition.
swim time 44:03

I was confused when I got into transition. It didn't look the same. Another girl yells we are this way. I ran in that direction and found my rack. I put on my helmet, shoes, bib, grabbed my bike and ran for the exit. It was a LONG run. Other people were not in as big of a hurry and got in the way. I finally made it to the mount line.
T1 3:11

The Bike
I felt great right from the start on the bike. I drank my Nuun and ate some pretzels and shot bloks. I was making good time. I got to the first water drop and THEY WERE OUT OF WATER!! What the heck??? I had just thrown my bottle with the last inch of fluids so that I could pick up a fresh bottle. So now I had to do with out fluids til I could make it to the next drop. I was happy to see that drop and see that they still had water. It was a little crazy but I managed to get a water bottle and move on. The wind really picked up and my speed dropped. I wasn't getting passed so I knew that it wasn't just me. Third water stop was out of water too thankfully I still had some from drop #2. As I got close to the end of the ride, I dumped the little bit of water over my shoulders. It was hot and sunny and my arms were burnt. I reached down and undid my shoes, pulled me feet out and got ready to dismount. I got to the line and jumped off my bike.
Bike Time 2:57:37

I ran all the way across transition again having to say excuse me more then once to get by slower people. I racked my bike and changed shoes and hats. The run exit was closer and I was outta there.
T2 Time 2:56

The Run
I missed the water stop inside transition so it was a mile and a half until I could get water. A guy ran up next to me and asked "You going to keep this pace for the whole run?" I told him not likely. We ran together for a while then I lost him at the first water stop. I found my running friend again shortly, turns out he made a port-a-potty stop. We ran together for a little while again. Then, I saw my girls cheering their heads off in their yellow boas and that gave me a huge lift. I did the short out and back and saw my girls again. I was drinking and walking and they walked with me for a few feet and told me how much fun they were having. At about mile 6 I realized my shoe had rubbed a huge raw spot on my foot, nothing I could do about it so I tried real hard to just ignore it. I dumped ice in my bra whenever they had it and water over my head at each stop. It was HOT. I talked to a lot of other runners unlike on the bike where it was just to windy to try to even speak to anyone. We finally got some shade but by then I had already seen 5:30 and 5:48 go by. Plan A and B were gone all I could was finish now.
I made the final turn and was told "Just 6 more blocks". I prayed they were right and picked up the pace a little. Then I saw my girls. I yelled to them and headed for the chute. I heard my name and I crossed the finish line.
Run Time 2:08:30

Total 5:56:17

Post Race
I got my medal and found my friends. I couldn't wait to get my shoes off so we went looking for the gear check trucks. On the way, I grabbed a beer. They were out of pizza so I had to wait for that.

We went back to the hotel so I could take a quick shower then got a taxi to go back to transition so I could met Wil and give him my bike to bring home.
After getting my bike all taken care of, we went to Bourbon Street where we ate, drank and had some more fun.
So all in all it was a great weekend. I didn't have the race I hoped for but I had a ton of fun.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Only the Race is Left

Well, I have finished my training. I skipped more workouts then I would have liked and training for a marathon at the same time has required some shifting and juggling. But I feel good about what I did get done and as ready as I have ever been.
I have high hope for New Orleans. It will be my third Half Iron and I am just coming off Ironman Florida. I have already gotten a half marathon PR and 10K PR this year. I am hoping for a new 70.3 PR as well.
The half irons I have done have been in mid and late May and hotter then HE**! Maybe New Orleans in early April won't be quite as hot. The forecast has changed a million times, like I knew it would. But it does look like we will have some nice weather at least most of the weekend.
I am not looking for a big improvement in my swim time.
07 was 41:28
08 was 40:00
I do, however, hope to improve on both the bike and run.
07 bike 3:03:27
08 bike 2:58:53
07 run 2:19:07
08 run 2:06:26
I go out in the last wave at 8:27. And given a perfect day, I hope to finish at 1:57. But anything before 2:15 is a PR and will make me a happy girl.
I am looking forward to meeting some bloggy peeps. I am wearing my yellow tri top with red flowers on it and black shorts, so if you see me say Hi!
That's it til New Orleans.