Friday, September 25, 2009


I have been having some issues with my runs lately. I got hit with the three biggest this morning for my long run.
The first I have already talked about...humidity. When I went to bed last night it was raining so I knew I was in for a humid, if not wet, run this morning. When I got up at 3am, I was glad to not hear any rain. But I found out that there was a slight drizzle as soon as I walked out the door. It didn't last long and I was left with pea soup type air to run through. I did get rained on one more time during the run but it was short lived too. The humidity stuck the whole time.
Another problem I have been having while running is GI issues. It doesn't matter when or what I do or don't eat, about 2 miles into the run I feel that rumble in my stomach. On a six mile tempo run it usually isn't a problem. Can't say I haven't had to stop a run before but usually I can suck it up and finish. A long run is a different story. This morning I didn't get that rumble and thought I was out of the woods. But then at about 7 miles it hit me HARD!!! I was running along the highway and there as a steady stream of traffic (yes at 4:30ish in the morning) so I couldn't see far enough off the shoulder to determine if there was a good stopping place. One more rumble and stopping was required. Lucky for me the traffic let up and I could make out a tree line. I stopped Garmin and rushed down the hill. GI issues resolved I continued on.
I turned around at 9.5 miles (in case Garmin made my return trip longer)and realized that I was running low on water. A problem I have had on every long run. I had on my fuel belt with 3 bottles and I had only 1 left. I had passed a few gas stations on the way out that were closed. I prayed that they would be open. The first one was on the scary side. I skipped it but was happy to see that it was open figuring that would mean the bigger, safer station would be open too. I got to the second station about 14 miles. I stopped Garmin again while I ran into the bathroom and refilled my water bottles (next time I need to remember to bring money). I chugged down one bottle and refilled it again before leaving. Oh I also peed since I was there and there was an actual toilet.
When I left the gas station was when it deceided to rain. But, like it said, it was short lived.
I finished the run with no more issues, other then just being plain SLOW. 20 miles at a 10:08 pace.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This humidity is killing me. It has been raining for days. I have somehow managed to squeeze my workouts in between storms, but man it is humid!!!
My pace is really suffering too. My speed work outs have been nowhere close to the required pace. Garmin Guy beat me on my tempo run. And the long runs...they have been ugly!! My 20 miler 2 weeks ago turned out to be a 14 mile run, 4 mile run/walk and a 2 mile shuffle. I managed to run all of my 18 miler last week but it was slow and I could NOT have gone a step further.
I am a summer girl, love the heat, but I am even reaching the point that I am ready for cooler temps. I just hope that with cooler temps will come less humidity and I gain some speed.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Star Triathlon Race Report

I love this race. It is in my hometown and Leslie does a great job.
This year, since I am not in iron training, I drove the less then 5 miles to the race. I got a great rack position and picked up my stuff.
I tried to take some pictures only to discover I had a dead battery.

The swim is in the indoor pool and it is VERY warm in there. But it was pretty cool outside. So when it was time for us to line up for the swim start they did it inside.
I used the time from swim class where we had done some 200 sprints to estimate my swim time. I put in 3:45 and was number 130.
My turn came to enter the water and my race started. I passed one person in the water. My swim coach was there and I was thinking about all the things she was going to tell me I did wrong.
200 yard swim 3:44
I pulled myself out of the pool and ran into T1. helmet, shoes, sunglasses, bike and outta there.
T1 0:49
My foot slipped trying to get on my bike so I had a guy pass me leaving T1. I quickly passed him right back. We made the turn through town and got out on the highway, then he passed me again. Grrrr...I did not want to play leap frog again this week. Turns out that wasn't a problem since I couldn't catch him again after that. I did, however, pass quite a few others. I made the turn around and headed back. My bike computer isn't working but I knew that I wasn't going fast enough. I tried to push harder but my legs just didn't have it in them.
I made the final turns in town and made it to the dismount line.
14 mile bike 42:22
I GENTLY put my bike on the rack, changed shoes, helmet for hat, grabbed my bid and left.
T2 0:38
As I started the run, Monica asks "How's the ankle?" I answered "It hurts." I just tried not to think about it or whatever it was that was in my other shoe. I focused on the person ahead of me and tried to catch them. Then the next and the next. At about one mile I could see a shadow coming up on me from behind. I picked up the pace a little but he still caught me. We ran together to the turn around and right back to where he caught me. Then he was gone. I returned to my game of catching the person in front of me. I ran over the bridge and through the greenway to the parking lot and the finish line.
3 mile run 23:45
total 1:11:15
I saw Mary Jane starting her run and cheered her on. She is a 62 year old cancer survivor who was doing her first triathlon. When she crossed the finish line it brought tears to my eyes. She is a spectacular lady who I admire greatly.
Results were posts and Roz told me I got 3rd overall female.
After collecting my medal, I went home to check on Ronnie. Hard to complain about a sore swollen ankle when he is looking like mummy boy and can't even use the right side of his body.
I did enjoy some recovery time by the pool.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Long Run #3

Once again I shifted my workouts around due to racing on this Saturday.
Sunday would have been a ride except my bike had no seat so I took a rest day.
Monday was speedwork. Did it bright and early and missed goal paces on all the intervals. Monday evening was swim class, 2500 yards. She took it easy on us.
Tuesday was another rest day.
Today was long run #3, 17 miles. I got up at 3am and out the door at 3:15. I ran a diffeent route on roads that I knew where in good shape. No falls this week. But I did run slower (9:57) then goal pace (9:32). My ankle is pretty sore. I took an ice bath after my run and have been putting ice on my ankle all day.

Good part came today. Now I need to figure out my correct seat height and take a test ride tomorrow.

Big news...(it is old news if you are a facebook friend)
I am IN!!!!!