Monday, September 29, 2008


It has been crazy busy around here but here is a run down of what I have been doing.

Thursday was suppose to be a rest day but with the trip to Memphis over the weekend I knew I would not be able to swim. So I got up early, only to discover I had a major headache. I set out on my run and almost bagged it after a mile. Somehow I managed to finish all 45 minutes of it, but the swim wasn't going to happen. I got back in bed and hoped the headache would be gone before I had to go to work.

Friday I had a five and a half hour ride. Made it 95.25 miles. No foot pain this time thanks to my new shoes. But I forgot the Chamois Butt'r, ouch!!!!

Saturday I recovered, hung with friends and went to a wedding. Ronnie really wanted me to skip the race Sunday morning and after much nagging I finally agreed. So we got on the road for home early Sunday morning. Once home I had to get in my 1:30 easy ride. I made it 1:25 and was not in the mood for a lap or two of the hood so called it good enough. I was also suppose to do strength training. Never happened.

This morning I got up at 3:50 and ran for an hour then went to the rec center for my 4000 yard swim. I was swimming really slowly and ran out of time and motivation. I made it 2200 yards. When i got home, I checked on my son. Yesterday his throat was hurting and he had no voice. He still sounded bad and said his throat was still hurting. So I kept him home today. I think he is on the road to recovery and will be returning to school tomorrow. Now I just gotta pray his sister doesn't get it, or me!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Marking Time

I have been slacking.
Sunday the Plan called for an hour and a half "recovery" ride. But the kids and I went to M'boro after church and did some shopping and hanging out. We got home about 5 and I decided Mexican food and beer were a much better way to recover.
Monday The Plan called for a 30 minute run and a 2900 yard swim. I did both but with little enthusiasm. It was just marking time. Quantity not quality.
Today was an hour twenty "anything goes" ride followed by a 20 minute run. I listened to #14 of Tacboy n Bigun podcast and did the Pedaling Strength DVD. Well, kinda. I didn't push the big gears and sucked at the recovery spins. More just putting in the time, no quality. The run wasn't much better. I shuffled two loops around the hood.
I guess I should just be happy that I haven't snoozed myself out of these workouts and did something. But I am in need of a good quality workout, something to give me a boost. Tomorrow I am getting up early to swim but have decided to leave work early so that I can do the required one hour ride out on the road. Maybe some time out in the sunshine will give me the quality I need.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

End of Another Week

I was the loser at the pool swimming laps while all the cool kids were at football parties watching the game. I had to wait for hubby to get home from golf. then I hit the pool for 3300 yard, it sucked. I was so slow. there was a b-day party going on and I just wanted out of there.
I really thought about skipping the bike altogether. 45 minutes of easy spinning. Did I really need it???? i had two bottles of wine chilling in the fridge.
I did the ride. 47 minutes. 12.68 miles.

Totals for the week:
swim 8400 yards
bike 148.72 miles
run 28.56

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Four Days of Forty

My training plan has always dealt with time and not distance for the bike and the run. Swim it gives a distance and a time. This week it threw me a curve. The four 2 hour bikes I had scheduled were all suppose to be 40 miles.
I don't ride 40 miles on a 2 hour training ride!
So my four days of forty was suppose to start Sunday. But I had that race.
Day one - 27.3 miles in 1:33:09. I got neither the time or the distance. Not off to a good start. But the run was only suppose to be 30 minutes and I got in 50:59.
Day two - I got up at 3:00 am. Rode my trainer for 2 hours. 28.09 miles. Got the time but not the distance. Then I went to the pool and did my require 2000 yards. Plan said it should take 40 minutes, took me 44:05.
Day three - I got up at 3:00 am again. I had decided that I had a better shot at getting 40 miles in two hours on the rode vs the trainer. So I put a light on my bike and rode 40 one mile loops of my neighborhood. It was dark and my light isn't very good, I was scared to get out on a real road. Still no dice. 40 miles in 2:35. I ran 4.1 miles in 40 minutes after the run.
Day four - I had the day off so got to sleep in and do the ride after taking the kids to school. 40 miles in 2:22. I had to do 4 loops of my neighborhood at the end to get to 40 miles. Then I ran 3.23 miles in 30 minutes. Next, I was suppose to swim 2300 yards in 30 minutes but I only got in 2100 yards in 48:05 before I got kicked out because they were closing.
So my "Four Days of Forty" didn't go as planned. I am short some bike miles, short some swim yards, and over on my run time. But tomorrow is a rest day and I am going to enjoy every second of it, well except for that going to work part.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Music City Race Report

I noticed the wind on my drive up to Nashville but didn't think that much about it at the time.

I got to the race site and got in line to pick up my packet. That is when I noticed the chop in the water. "WOW that looks tough", I thought to myself. Water temp was too high for wetsuits too. Then I noticed the flags, they were all standing straight out and blowing like crazy.

I got my stuff and did all the pre race stuff(set up transition, body marking...) then made my way to the beach. The RD had decided to shorten the swim and make it optional due to how rough the water was. If you chose to just do the duathlon, there was only going to be an award a overall prize.

The race started with wave 1 being the Collegiate Racers. Wave 2 was All Relay Teams, Aquabike & PC Racers. And wave 3 was Male Age 50+. I was in wave 4, Females 40+. As I was entering the water they cautioned us again and said they were already pulling people out of the water. I fought the chop and made it to the start buoy just as they said go. I tried to swim freestyle but the waves were just too much for me. I ended up doing breast stroke. I kept my eye on the double orange buoy that marked the turn. Then the buoy was gone. I kept swimming and swimming. I finally made it to a white buoy that the orange buoys had been tired to before they BLEW AWAY!! I made the turn and headed for the yellow triangle buoy. People were hanging on buoys as I swam by. I felt like a cork bobbing along. I tried freestyle a couple more times but always gave up and did breast stroke. I made the final turn to the beach. I could tell something was wrong. There were too many people standing on the beach. I hit shore and found out they had stopped the race after wave 6, Females Age 30-34 went in. I stopped my watch. I had been out in the water almost 25 minutes. We stood around in the water not allowed to cross the timing mat for a while waiting for everyone to get out of the water. Some people were told at the first turn to just head back while others, like me, swam the whole thing.

So now the race was going to be a duathlon and the swim (that I didn't even need today) wouldn't count.

The first run would be from the water to T1. It wasn't that far and would have just been part of T1 in the tri.

I really questioned if I should do this thing or not. I was worried about getting hurt this close to Ironman. I decided to tough it out and just get a good workout it. I had never planned to race today anyway.

So they started the du with Wave 7. After the last wave of non swimmers (wave 15), they started with wave 1. So now instead of being at the almost beginning I was at the almost end, where I prefer to be. BTW, if it wasn't for the age up rule and I still got to race as 39 I would NOT have had to endure that swim!

My wave lined up in the water and they said go. I got to the back of the pack and walked/jogged to transition. My heart wasn't in it and distance really didn't count for much.

I put my bike shoes on my sandy feet, grabbed my bike and was out.

The wind as an issue right from the beginning. I just thought it was windy Friday. HA! Nothing compared to today. There was one bridge that really scared me. I felt like the wind was going to blow me off. The overall male winner said in his "winners speech" that he was wondering if he would be able to unclip before drowning when he blew over into the water below. I have also never seen so many bikers with bike trouble at a race. They were pulled off the course fixing flats, dropped chains and whatever. I know there were a couple of wrecks too. I was SO glad to make it back to T2 without incident.

I racked my bike and changed shoes.

The run was new this year. This is how the RD described the course
We have designed a scenic two-loop course (3 miles each loop) entirely on the Nashville Shores Property. It is a mix of running through and around the water park, along the shores of Percy Priest Lake and through beautiful wooded sections of the park. There are several areas where you will run off of pavement - very short section on sand that we will have raked smooth, gravel portions, and a very short trail section with sure footing. We hope you enjoy this new course - includes two not so terrible climbs and definitely less of a climb than the original course!
I, for one, was not a fan. I don't do trail running. I didn't feel sure footed on the gravel. The sand section was short but still SAND?!?!!? And it was followed by stairs. Not a set of normal steps, but those kind where you get about 3 or 4 steps before having to step up. The first loop I ran in the grass next to the steps but the second loop I took the steps and it was much easier. The wind was still an issue on the run too. I was sorry I had on a hat since it almost blew off my head several times.

I was so happy to make it to the finishline. Then it started to rain. I felt really sorry for the people still out on the course.

I got my stuff out of transition and took it to my car. Then I used my meal ticket for a burger, chips, banana, cookies and a diet Pepsi. As I was walking away from the food tent, the lettuce and tomato blew right off my burger. I mean come on already!!! I went back and got more salad for my burger then just sat right there and ate so it couldn't blow away again.

After lunch I went to find results. I was SHOCKED to find out I got first place Age Group!!! I got a cool mug, jug of Heed, a gift card from Acme MultiSport and Stuffitts.

Offical results "run 1" 3:16, 44k bike 1:33:09, 17.7 mph, 6 mile run 47:43, 7:58 pace. Total 2:25:59

So while today's workout didn't match the plan, I still think it was major money in the bank.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

L&M Century

The L(Lana)&M(Michele) Century started at about 8:30 from the Rec Center Friday morning.
Lana had a 70 mile route and when she told me I suggested how we could add to the end to get it closer to the 100 miles we were shooting for.
I had already asked Lana if she was going to kill me on the hills. She assured me there were only 3 worth mentioning, the rest would just be rolling to flat. I knew my part was flat, maybe slightly rolling.
We loaded our pockets with as much food as we could carry and some money for additional fluids and were off.
The hills were tough but I made it up them, heart racing but no pushing. The wind was brutal. It just wouldn't let up and I think it got worse when we got to the second half. Three fourths of the time it was a battle against the wind and one forth it was a tail wind and we caught some speed.
We made one pit stop at about mile 45. We should have made another because we both ran out of fluids at the end.
Since we were both out of water and sick of the wind we called it good when we reached the rec center with 94.27 miles. rolling time of 5:16. That is an average speed of 17.9!!!! That is FAST for me.
My fuel:
2 PB&J
4 Fig Newtons
1 banana
2 small boxes of raisins
2 bottles of Nuun
1 bottle of Gatorade
1 bottle of water
I know I needed more liquid. I think I was ok on food. I had a chocolate/banana protein shake when I got home and we went out to dinner where I pigged out and drank way too much beer.
So today I am enjoying a rest day. Guilt free since I got the swim done Thursday.
Week Totals:
swim 9700 yards
bike 138.58 miles
run 13.09 miles
The kids and I are going to take my mom out to lunch for her 60th birthday. Then I am doing NOTHING!!! Tomorrow is Music City. I know I am going to take a public stomping. No way will my legs be ready to race by the morning. But Team Magic always puts on a great race, so I am going to have fun.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Got it Done

I am happy to report that I got Saturday's 1200 yard swim done this morning.
Believe me it wasn't easy. I tried to use the whole "I can count Sunday's swim" rational. But that is NEXT week. I needed that 1200 yards this week.
When the alarm went off at 5. I goaned and thought
Oh, I don't have to do this...I could swim tomorrow before my 100 mile ride...Is 1200 yards even worth getting wet bed sure is comfy...I am tired...
The dog cried to go out. I got up to deal with her and in the process realized I wasn't that tired. So I got dressed and went to the pool.
The Plan called for easy 1200(and even allowed 25 minutes) so I took it easy (26:30). But it is done!
Now I just gotta figure out how I am going to make up those lost run miles from Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nothing Like a Good Nap

I am a contract employee. I only get paid for hours I work. There are no benefits, no sick time, no vacation, and I pay all my own taxes and social security. So basically I am self employed working for someone else. The job doesn't pay very well but what it lacks in pay it makes up for in flexibility. At the end of each month I make out a work schedule for the next month and hang it on the fridge at work. So when I made out my work schedule for Sept I consulted the school events calendar and my training schedule. Today's plan called for an hour run and 4000 yards of swimming. A couple of weeks ago I thought that I would sleep in a little, do my run, take kids to school, swim, then go to work. I scheduled working 11-2:30. But last night I noticed that the plan called for an hour of hills. So I set my clock for 3:45 so that I could run jail hill and thrill hill repeats for an hour and be ready to swim when the pool opened at 5:30.
My hill repeats were slow and I only got in 5.9 miles. But I felt good while doing them.
The swim was another continuous swim. The plan allowed 1:15 again. Guess since it had hills before hand it was cutting me some slack. I still didn't make the 1:15. 4000 yards in 1:23:59.
I got home in time to pack lunches and get the kids to school. After I dropped them off, I came home and TOOK A NAP!!! It was wonderful. I feel recharged.
Tomorrow is suppose to be a rest day but I am thinking of doing Saturdays 1200 continuous swim tomorrow. Making it to the pool on Saturdays is just so HARD. On the other hand I am doing the Music City Tri on Sunday and there is no swim on the plan for Sunday. Could I call that an even trade??? That would give me a rest day tomorrow AND Saturday!!! Hmmmm....

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Skip the Apricots

This morning I got up at 4:00. Plan called for an hour forty bike followed by a 55 minute run. The bike was "anything goes". So I set up my trainer and popped in a movie. I took it easy.
After the ride, I grabbed a few dried apricots and some water.
I started feeling uncomfortable within the first mile. By mile two I knew I had to alter my route and swing back by my house.
I made it home but was done with my run for the day. So only 29:37 of the 55 done.
I won't be eating apricots before I run again.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Another Race

I got an email the other day that "The 2008 Los Locos Duathlon is Fast Approaching!" I didn't delete it but I didn't really give it too much thought either. It is in Memphis and that is a long drive for a duathlon. Then this morning I realized that it is the same weekend we will be in Memphis for a wedding anyway!!!! AND they have a 1 mile kids fun run where each kid gets a finishers medal. I called Ronnie and told him about how lucky we are!!! He was overjoyed ;) but gave me clearance to sign up. yahoo, another race.

In the meantime. I have Music City this Sunday and a training plan to stick to. That plan called for a 1:30 ride Sunday followed by a 40 minute run. Tracy came over at 4:00 PM and went along. We had a nice social ride and went 23.2 miles. After the ride Tracy ran with me for the first 3 miles then I finished up alone for a total of 4.2 miles.
This morning I had a 4500 yard continuous swim. The Plan allotted 1:15 for the swim, it took me 1:41:30. Man I am slow!!!! But it is nice to know that I can go the distance.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

HOW 100

My training plan did not call for a long ride this week, but I really wanted to do this ride. So I did.
The weather was iffy on the way to Nashville. It misted on me most of the way but the weatherman kept saying that the rain had moved out and it was going to be cloudy and mid to high 70's.
I got to the ride start and checked in. They made the announcements and sent us out. I am a tri girl at heart, I want my 3 bike lengths. Pack riding scares me to death. So I kept trying to fall back so that I could have more space, but then it was hard to ride that slow.
I made it to the first rest stop, grabbed half a bagel with peanut butter and got out of there. Now I had some space.
They had told us that we had to be at rest stop 3 by 11:45 to be able to continue on the 100 mile route. So I made a quick potty stop at 2, refilled my aero bottle, and scarfed down two of the best cookies. I also looked over the que sheet. It said
Turn left onto Tom Rail Rd (CAUTION-Goats/Gravel At Turn)
I so hoped that there would be goats in the road. What a great pic that would have been. But I never saw the goats.
I made to to rest stop 3 with time to spare. I ate 2 more cookies, part of a PB&J and refilled my water bottles. It was a little confusing which way to go since this is where the 62 and 100 mile routes split. But I got assistance from one of the rest stop workers and was on my way.
Mile 67 I had my first run in with dogs of the day. Then I rolled into rest stop 4 to cheers of "You're number one, You're number one...". I ran to the bathroom. I got another bagel with peanut butter and refilled my bottles. A group rolled in right behind me and were complaining about the dogs. A guy working the stop said they are out there every weekend. Then one of the girls asked how the rest of our ride would be and he said "hilly". I grabbed a bag of trail mix and headed out.
The guy was right lots more hills to deal with and another dog. This one, a black lab, was scary. First off he was big. Second he had that low growl bark and his fur was standing up from his neck to his tail. I made it by with out getting bit or knocked off my bike.
Rest stop 5 was rest stop 3. I was in and out of there quickly. I passed 2 girls that were riding the metric. There was a head wind and the climbs were so slight that it was hard to tell you were going up hill other then the slow down in speed. I ended up passing 5 people from the metric before making it to the finish.
Whole Foods Market supplied all the food at the rest stops and then provided box lunches at the end. Problem was most of the people did the shorter rides. So even though I was the first 100 miler in the pickins were pretty slim. I wanted a diet coke SOOOOO bad but they were out. I got a slice of pizza and an awesome ham wrap. I feel bad for the others that came in after me, there might not have been enough food for everyone.
All in all it was a great ride. Lots of beautiful country roads with very little traffic. Great rest stops with very helpful encouraging people. A very well marked route. And money raised for a great cause.
I am happy to have gotten another 100 miles done without any bike or stomach issues.
Another week in the bank
swim 11,500 yards
bike 146 miles
run 28.5 miles
17.6 hours total

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Got the Most Out of It

The title for today's post was going to be
Bad Run
But then I read today's entry in The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration that my friend Kim gave me for my birthday.
It said
Instead of judging each day on strict standards of "good" or "bad," it might be worthwhile to look at it in a different way. Is it possible that, even though you had a theoretically "bad" day, you got the most out of that day that you could possibly get? That you derived more benefit from that "bad" day than you did when things were so easy for you on that theoretically "good" day?

Wow, that hit home today.
I got up at 3:15 for my 2:20 run. I felt slow the whole time. I just couldn't get into it. I wanted to quit and try again another day, but there is no other day. I had to get it done today. So I ran. 13.97 miles in 2:21:42.
I was mad at myself. How can I go out and run so easily one day and then barely shuffle through another day?
I read my daily inspiration and instantly felt better. Today's run my not have been at a pace I like to run at but the mental toughness I got just by finishing is money in the bank for Ironman.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

8 Weeks

Man, hard to believe 8 weeks from today I will be in Panama City. How am I going to get ready in 8 shorts weeks????
Guess it would help if I would stick to The Plan.
But Sunday I totally skipped my stretch/core day.
Then Monday I got up and ran for an hour before Ronnie left for his golf scramble. But then I got to enjoying the day outside and could NOT make myself go inside to swim. So I put it off til Tuesday.
Tuesday morning I got up early and went to the pool to make up the 3000 yard swim. After taking the kids to school and counting laps at their Rebel Run, I did a 2 hour bike ride followed by a 20 minute run.
Today the schedule called for a 50 minute run and a 4500 yard swim. I miscalculated the run so ended up with an hour instead. That put me behind and I was worried that I would have to cut the swim short. I finally convinced myself to suck it up and do all 9 of the 500's and just deal with running late when I got home. Thankfully the kids got themselves ready all by themselves this morning so all I had to do was comb hair and run out the door with them.
Tomorrow I am shifting things around again due to HOW100 on Saturday. It is going to be an early morning so better wrap things up around here and get to bed.