Friday, May 30, 2008

Bad Start

This trip is not off to a good start:

Got stuck in traffic and sat on the interstate for an hour.

I was using my cell phone for my GPS. It died in Atlanta. So I didn't have GPS or a phone.

I stood in line for an hour and a half to pick up my race packet.

Got lost going to the hotel.

The hotel did not have my reservation. They did have one room left that I snatched right up.

I left my confirmation number and camera at home.

It was 8:30 before I got dinner.

It is hotter then hell here and wetsuits might not be legal.

I hope I got all the bad out of the way and tomorrow can be a much better day.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Final Prep

I have finished all my final workouts, well most of them.
Sunday was a 45 minute bike. I went a little too far and ended up with 54:17.
Monday was a 2000 yard swim and a 25 minute run. With the holiday I wasn't sure about the pool schedule but I was sure they wouldn't be open early. So I skipped the swim and just did the run and abs.
Tuesday a 50 minute ride that I had to do on the trainer due to rain.
Wednesday was a rest day but I did abs.
Today 1000 yards swim and 20 minute run. I did the run on the greenway and then hit the pool. This afternoon I did tomorrows 20 minute ride so that tomorrow I can rest.
I got my new bike computer installed last night and it worked great on my ride today. I also got my aero bottle on better, it didn't rattle like it did in Memphis.
I have started packing, hope I remember all the important stuff.
I printed out my medical release form and directions.
I found out there is an Olive Garden close to my hotel. I checked out the menu and am ready for some good carb loading tomorrow night.
All that is left is to race.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where's the Taper

Here I am a week after Memphis and a week out from Georgia and I am ready to taper. I would have thought this week would have been the start but it was still a high volume week.
Monday-one hour easy spin on trainer and 1500 yard swim
Tuesday-40 min run and ab ripper
Wednesday- 2500 yard swim and 80 min trainer ride
thursday-ab ripper
Friday- 4000 yard swim, 2:30 bike outside, and a 15 min run off
Saturday-45 min run
I don't have milage on the indoor bike rides because my computer is still not working. I have tried everything but can NOT get the stupid thing to work, so I ordered a new one. Hope it gets here this week, I have to have numbers in Georgia.
Numbers...there is one number that has not been good this week. I promised myself after the weekend of splugeing on bad food and beer in memphis I was going to be good until race day. I made it 4 days. I haven't been terrible like I was in Memphis, but I haven't stayed on plan either. So for the next week when training volume is down my diet has to be on track. I gotta get off these 3 extra pounds before race day.
I am not nervous about the race yet. I know I can go the distance. I might not be able to PR but I feel good about being able to finish. I am more worried about going down alone then about the actual race. I have never been to a race that I haven't know someone there. It is going to be weird. But it is kind of exciting too. Time completely to myself, a luxuary I don't often have.
Hope everyone has a great long weekend. It is suppose to be beautiful here. Pool and sun all weekend. Just gotta watch the beers.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Memphis in May Race Report

I checked the kids out of school Friday at 11:00 to head down to Memphis. That is the first time I have checked them out for anything other then sickness. Neither teach gave them any make up work since they are just wrapping thing up anyway.

We went on to Millington and picked up my stuff because I didn't know if they would let me get it Sunday morning before the race. Then we went to Dawn's house. I drank way too much and stayed up way too late playing Wii and eating ores.

Saturday we didn't do much but it was great just hanging out with Dawn again. We went to Bola Pasta for dinner and more beer Saturday night. Then back to Dawn's for more Wii. I can see a Wii in our future, it was so much fun.

Sunday morning I got up early and got the car loaded. We got to the race site at 6:30. All the good racks on my row were already taken so I had to get down close to the fence. I am sure that the extra distance added all of 3 or 4 seconds to my transition times, wish I could blame it more.

I got body marked and had to declare myself the big four oh for the first time.
I hung out with my support for a while and then went to line up. It took a while for it to be my turn since I was #878. I finally made it up to the front of the line and the lady touched my should and said "Go". I ran down the boat ramp and into the water. It was cold. I quickly passed the girl who went right before me and just sighted on the other yellow caps ahead. I felt like I was out there all alone for a long time and then I got clobbered by the faster swimmer coming up from behind. From the point on it was full contact swimming. I made my way around the buoys and after the final turn the water got rough. At first i thought there must be a boat but it never let up. I made it to the boat ramp and tried to stand up but the water was still too deep (I swear the person ahead of me stood up there). I swam some more and ended up swimming until the water was only about mid calf deep.
1.5K swim 27:16
I found my bike, got out of my wetsuit, and into my bike gear. Dee, my swim coach from when I went to swim class, was leaving transition the same time as me. I knew she went in the water way after me and had just smoked me on the swim. I wondered how many others had passed me in the water.
Coming out of T1 it is a very slight uphill. I got my right foot clipped in and was trying to get my left foot in when it slipped off the pedal. I hit the seat hard. After that, I got clipped in and moving. The bike was nice and flat but we had a cross wind for most of the ride. I had my aero bottle on my bike and this made me drink a lot more then I normally do. I think that really helped. I felt great but had no idea how I was doing. My computer wasn't working and there weren't any mile markers. I never saw anyone from my age group. I did realize out there was just how much I need to work on my turning. I am a big fat chicken and slow WAY down for any kind of turn. I can't even remember how many times I got passed or lost ground on a turn. I finally saw someone from my age group just as I approached transition. I passed her and she passed me right back. I made the final turn and went down the hill to the dismount line. 40K bike 1:09:33 (21.1 mph average)

Changed out of bike stuff into running stuff and was out for the run. T2 2:18

As I started, I spotted Ronnie and the kids. I got a high five from Bryce and continued on. The run was hillier then I thought. I made it to the first mile maker got some Gatorade and figured my pace to be about 9:00. I saw Patrick some time after the 2. He told me to catch up with him. yeah right!!! I made it to the turn round and headed back. I saw Ronnie and the kids as I ran along the water's edge approaching the finish. The wind almost blew my hat off, but I caught it with one and and waved with the other. 10K run 51:46 (8:20 pace)

2:33:03 a new PR
15 of 68 AG

They had a great party with free beer and tons of food and a band. I got beer and food and beer.

Patrick and Wayne found us by the beer tent. We chatted for a while and then we headed out, it was still a long drive home.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Computer Failure

After my ride Friday, I cleaned my bike all up and got her all nice and shiny. Ready to make her racing debut this weekend in Memphis.
Monday I put her on the trainer for an hour ten of hills. I noticed right off that the computer wasn't working. I tried to adjust things but it only worked for a total of 23 minutes of the ride. I didn't have time to mess with it anymore and then forgot about it. Messing with the computer put me behind so I decided to wait and do my swim Monday night. Doing it in the morning, I would have had to cut it short anyway but by waiting until evening I got all 3200 yards in.
Tuesday I had a speed run. 8 x 400. I discovered that the "hoop" in my subdivision is just over a quarter of a mile. The one minute recovery was enough time to get me back to start of the hoop and off I went again.
Today I had another hour on the trainer. I had set my bike up last night and thought I got the computer working again. It only worked for a total of 4 minutes. I don't know what is wrong with the stupid thing or how I am going to race without it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Week already????

Man, time is flying.

First off big congrats to Lana, Mike, Holly, Heather, Tim, Kevin, Lee, and Patrick on their outstanding performances down in Panama City. I am so happy for all of them. Great races in some tough conditions.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom (I don't think she reads this but...) and all the other moms out there. I am going to enjoy a lazy afternoon and then have a big cheat night and pig out on some oh so bad food and drink. mmmmm can't wait.

This week was a recovery week with lots of zone 1/zone 2 work. Well, except for Monday. I thought when I finished FIRST, I was done with Monday morning speedwork. Surprise. Monday morning I was right back at it. 5 minute warm up, 4 x 2 minute sprints with 2 minute recovery and a 5 minute cool down. Then off to the pool for 2050 yards. The swim was suppose to be longer but I had to get home.
Tuesday started the easy stuff. 45 minute easy spinning on the trainer and ab ripper DVD.
Wednesday was 30 minutes of easy "pretty running". I did go to toning class even though I am not suppose to be doing strength training any more. She made me pay for skipping class so much.
Thursday I did ab ripper again and then swam 2300 yards. The swim was less then the plan called for again but all I had time for.
Friday the plan called for 3:30 ride on terrain similar to the race course. I have not been to Macon, GA but the website says "rolling" so that it what I did. I got in 60.85 miles with the last 5 as loops around my neighborhood because I did NOT want to go any longer then I had to.
Saturday and Sunday more "pretty running". This time 1:30 and 0:45. I also did the ab ripper DVD this morning after the run.

Well, off to enjoy the rest of my Mother's Day laziness and then pig out. Have a great day!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cut Short

Yesterday afternoon I went to the pool at 3:00 giving myself plenty of time to get in the 3600 yard swim before the pool closed at 4:45.
It was a speed workout and I was having a pretty good swim. The warm up went well and I did each 100 faster then the one before it. I was halfway done with my 4th 300 when I got stopped by the lifeguards and told I had to get out. Some kid had puked in the pool. I had only gotten 2200 yards done so I asked one of the lifeguards how long the pool would be closed. He told me until they could get it cleaned up. I stood there a few minutes before deciding I really didn't want to swim in a pool with puke. I mean how where they going to clean that up?? So I went into the locker run and changed for my run. Plan called for 80 minutes of hills. I felt pretty good but the downhills still hurt a little. Got in 8.6 miles, 9:18 pace.

This morning was a 45 minute easy spin. I did it on my trainer before church. I still have abs to do later but it is beautiful out and I am going outside to enjoy the day with my kids.

Friday, May 02, 2008

And the Craziness gets Started

I really hoped that once the marathon was over things would settle down for me but it has gotten worse. May is always a crazy month and this year the craziness started a few days early.
I have adjusted my work schedule this month so that I don't miss any of the activities the kids have going on. Training is being squeezed in between those activities and work.
Sunday was a very lazy day. I did manage to shuffle the one mile around the block Sunday afternoon just to try to work out some stiffness.
Monday the plan called for a run and swim. I skipped the run knowing that it would not be very productive and just did 1500 yards in the pool. Lots of pull with dead legs just dragging behind. The swim must have really helped because by that evening I no longer needed to use the wall to pull myself off the toilet.
So Tuesday morning I got up at 4:20 for an 1:15 trainer ride. Plan called for hills so I did the Pedaling Strength DVD. Then I did ab ripper that night.
Wednesday was another 4:20 wake up for a 45 minute run and a 2900 yard swim. The run was slow and I only made it 4.54 miles, 9:55 pace. I had to cut the swim short (1900 yards) to get the kids to school for the final day of AR points. Bryce ended up with 100 points and Casey 200. I am so proud of both of them and glad it is over.
Thursday I got to "sleep in" until 5:00. One hour trainer ride. Easy spinning while watching TV. Then off to Sam Davis home for a field trip with the 2nd grade.
Today was field day at school and the plan called for 3:30 ride and 20 minute run. Bryce has a birthday party to attend this evening. So the only way to get the workout done was to get up at 2:45 this morning. I did the Tough Love spinervals DVD. That was my first time to do the whole thing and I looked like someone sprayed me with a hose by the time I was done. I changed shoes, put on a shirt, and headed out for the run. My legs felt fine but I still kept it slow and only got in 2.12 miles.
Field day was a blast and the kids did great. They only got to do the morning events. With storms on the radar, they decided to postpone the afternoon events until Tuesday morning. I am going to have to make some more adjustments to my work schedule.