Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Off Season

For the first time in a long time I actually have a real off season. Training for Ironman doesn't start until April and as of right now I don't have a half iron on my schedule for the spring.
So I decided to do the P90X program. I started last Saturday with back and chest. I suck at push ups and pull ups. Sunday I did plyoX. Then Monday morning I ran and planned to do shoulders and arms that evening. But life got in the way and Ronnie had to work late meaning I got scout duty. Tuesday morning I went to spin class again planning shoulders and arms for evening. Again life got in the way. Casey has cheer leading practice and gymnastics so I never got around to P90X. Wednesday morning I ran again but finally fit in half of the shoulders and arms workout that evening. Thursday was spin class and I didn't even look to see what I was suppose to do that evening drank wine instead. Friday it rained all day so I never got my run done and again never looked at the P90X schedule. Today is crappy again but I managed to squeeze in a run without getting too wet. I have already showered so don't see a P90X workout happening this afternoon.
Maybe week 2 will go a little better.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vegas Marathon Weekend

A bunch of people on a diet/running board started talking about this race a year ago. I decided to join the group and signed up. Then I convinced my neighbors, Kim and Michael, to race. They in turn got Pam and Mark to sign up also.
Pam and Mark went on the Vegas on Thursday but Kim, Michael, Ronnie and I waited until Saturday. The weatherman had been forecasting snow all week for Friday night and for once they were right. We woke up Saturday morning to a dusting. We got about 30 miles then came to a standstill. They had the interstate closed in both directions. We were sitting in the left lane and watched pick-up truck after pick-up truck make the turn around across the median. Some of them almost got stuck and we knew there was no way my van would make it. We inched forward as each truck left the line up. I call TDOT 511 and found out they didn't expect to have the road open again until 10:00 (our flight was at 9:55). A car came up from behind riding halfway on the rubble strip and halfway in the grass. We watched them and saw they looked like they could make it to the paved turn around. So we followed them. We got turned around and make it to the airport at 9:00. Luckily we all planned for carry on and ran to the gate. We got there just in time to board the plane.
We had a great flight with 28 racers on the plane. There was a group of guys with a pile of drink tickets and they drank every beer on the plane. Ronnie got in on the free beer but Michael, Kim, and I exercised self control.
We went straight from the airport to the expo. We picked up all our stuff and this time we all partook of the free beer.
From the expo we went to the Luxor and checked in. Then we went in search of a place to watch the rest of the Florida/Alabama game. We drank a few beers and ate some popcorn at the bar. Jeff and Elizabeth from the diet/running board dropped in for a bit. Then we decided we better get some real food and went in search of a place to eat. All the pasta places were booked solid and couldn't seat us until 8:00 (which was 10 our time). So we went to Dick's Last Resort as our last resort. They were able to seat us right away. We ordered more beer and were each given a hat. I ordered a huge cheese burger and fries and ate the whole thing!!!!

Ronnie wimped out and left his hat behind while Kim, Michael, and I wore ours all over the casinos. We walked over to meet the running/diet group and say hi. I think we were way ahead on our alcohol intake and am sure we made quite an impression.
We finally decided to call it a night and went back to our rooms.
I woke up at 3 and could not fall back to sleep. So I went ahead and got dressed. It was suppose to be cold so I went with tights, long sleeve tech shirt and a throw away shirt. We all walked down the the start line then found a warm hallway to sit in inside. Michael had to pee so he went to the port-a-potty line while the rest of us stayed in the warmth as long as possible. But we stayed just a little too long. Kim and I had to jump bushes to make it corral 12 tomeet Michael before the gun fired. I was suppose to start in 6 but decided to stay back and run with Kim. I knew I wasn't trained for a PR and figured I would enjoy the race a lot more running with someone.
It took forever for us to get the the start line but we got to enjoy fireworks and the Blues Brothers while we inched forward.
Finally we were under way. The first mile was slow because of the crowd. 10:35
The second mile thinned out a little and we were able to pick it up closer to pace 9:15
We spotted Ronnie as we ran past the Luxor.
We picked it up a little too much for the 3rd mile 9:02.
Michael kept that pace and went ahead while Kim and I pulled it back down.
mile 4 9:10
mile 5 9:11
mile 6 9:13
mile 7 9:15
mile 8 9:26
mile 9 9:15
mile 10 9:37
I said good-bye to Kim and took the split. She said she would try to be at mile 23 to run it in with me.
mile 11 9:12
mile 12 9:13 I was missing my company and couldn't seem to strike up a conversation with anyone.
mile 13 9:32 Hmm these tights are rubbing me
mile 14 9:26 Nose won't stop running. My sleeves are covered in snot. I could really use a tissue.
mile 15 9:06
My stomach started getting that feeling and I worried that the Imodium that I took wasn't going to do the job.
mile 16 9:39
mile 17 9:23 I really need to learn how to do that snot rocket thing
mile 18 9:47
mile 19 9:39 Made the turn around and was in the final stretch. But my stomach was getting worse. I couldn't get Gu down. The dry air was making me thirsty but didn't trust putting anything in my stomach.
mile 20 10:08
mile 21 9:32 I HAD to stop at a port-a-potty. It was then that I discovered just how raw my tights had rubbed my privates. OUCH. But I did get some tissue to blow my nose
mile 22 10:23 One more mile til Kim is there
mile 23 9:57 Ok here I am where is Kim????
mile 24 9:49 KIM!!!! She is there waiting on me and jumps in. She tells me I have to make it up this overpass then there is one more.
mile 25 10:43 Ugg look at that HILL!!! Oh, there is beer. I grab a beer and then see the guys cheering.
mile 26 11:03 I can't run anymore. I HURT. But Kim yells at me and says to finish it running. So off I go. She leaves me and says she will be waiting at the exit.
My Garmin said 0.40 miles to finish at 9:37 pace.
I got my metal, blanket, water, food, and found Kim.
She directed me along and I got my can of free beer then we shuffled back to the hotel.
total time 4:14:20. Not my best and not my worst.
I got cleaned up and we went for margaritas, 2 for 1. I had 4!!! We ate some lunch. Kim wasn't feeling great so wanted to go lay down. Ronnie and I went on an adventure to meet up with the running/diet group. We took the tram, then rode the monorail, and walked everywhere but just ended up lost. We had been walking forever when Ronnie says "Hey, isn't that the hotel next to ours?" We had gotten off the monorail and gone the wrong direction and had just walked back the direction we came from. But we did see the whole strip.
By then Kim was feeling better and we went and played some games.
That night I got up to pee and felt like I might throw up. I laid down on the bathroom floor and when the feeling passed I discovered I couldn't get up. I rolled over onto my stomach and sorta crawled/drug myself back to the bed. I then used the bed to pull myself back up and into the bed.
Monday we got up early and walked the strip more. Well I shuffled, but I think we saw just about everything.
The one thing Ronnie wanted to do in Vegas was go to In 'N Out Burger. It was raining so we had to take a cab there and back and it still turned out to be our cheapest meal.
Monday evening the boys watched/bet on the Green Bay game while Kim and I played penny video poker. $6 kept me entertained for 4 hours!!
We went back to the Mexican place then called it a night.
Tuesday we went home and had to make the drive from the airport in the pouring rain.
All in all it was a great weekend. I have tons more pics and stories to tell but this report is sooooo long already.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Almost There

The runs are almost done, only 2 left before Vegas.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The Shift

Things have shifted this week.
After the rain finally got out of here, the temps dropped. We now have perfect running weather, even in the afternoon.
Since there was no swim class this week, I slept in and did both my Monday speed work and Wednesday tempo runs in the afternoons. Then while I was at it, I slept in on Tuesday and Thursday and did my cross training on the trainer in the evening while watching TV. I felt great on all my workouts. Got close to the required pace on the 6 x800's on Monday. Then nailed my long tempo pace on Wednesday on my 8 mile run. The trainer rides were nothing special but filled the cross training requirement of my plan.
My long run this week will be at The Middle Half tomorrow, making today a rest day.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I have been having some issues with my runs lately. I got hit with the three biggest this morning for my long run.
The first I have already talked about...humidity. When I went to bed last night it was raining so I knew I was in for a humid, if not wet, run this morning. When I got up at 3am, I was glad to not hear any rain. But I found out that there was a slight drizzle as soon as I walked out the door. It didn't last long and I was left with pea soup type air to run through. I did get rained on one more time during the run but it was short lived too. The humidity stuck the whole time.
Another problem I have been having while running is GI issues. It doesn't matter when or what I do or don't eat, about 2 miles into the run I feel that rumble in my stomach. On a six mile tempo run it usually isn't a problem. Can't say I haven't had to stop a run before but usually I can suck it up and finish. A long run is a different story. This morning I didn't get that rumble and thought I was out of the woods. But then at about 7 miles it hit me HARD!!! I was running along the highway and there as a steady stream of traffic (yes at 4:30ish in the morning) so I couldn't see far enough off the shoulder to determine if there was a good stopping place. One more rumble and stopping was required. Lucky for me the traffic let up and I could make out a tree line. I stopped Garmin and rushed down the hill. GI issues resolved I continued on.
I turned around at 9.5 miles (in case Garmin made my return trip longer)and realized that I was running low on water. A problem I have had on every long run. I had on my fuel belt with 3 bottles and I had only 1 left. I had passed a few gas stations on the way out that were closed. I prayed that they would be open. The first one was on the scary side. I skipped it but was happy to see that it was open figuring that would mean the bigger, safer station would be open too. I got to the second station about 14 miles. I stopped Garmin again while I ran into the bathroom and refilled my water bottles (next time I need to remember to bring money). I chugged down one bottle and refilled it again before leaving. Oh I also peed since I was there and there was an actual toilet.
When I left the gas station was when it deceided to rain. But, like it said, it was short lived.
I finished the run with no more issues, other then just being plain SLOW. 20 miles at a 10:08 pace.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This humidity is killing me. It has been raining for days. I have somehow managed to squeeze my workouts in between storms, but man it is humid!!!
My pace is really suffering too. My speed work outs have been nowhere close to the required pace. Garmin Guy beat me on my tempo run. And the long runs...they have been ugly!! My 20 miler 2 weeks ago turned out to be a 14 mile run, 4 mile run/walk and a 2 mile shuffle. I managed to run all of my 18 miler last week but it was slow and I could NOT have gone a step further.
I am a summer girl, love the heat, but I am even reaching the point that I am ready for cooler temps. I just hope that with cooler temps will come less humidity and I gain some speed.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Star Triathlon Race Report

I love this race. It is in my hometown and Leslie does a great job.
This year, since I am not in iron training, I drove the less then 5 miles to the race. I got a great rack position and picked up my stuff.
I tried to take some pictures only to discover I had a dead battery.

The swim is in the indoor pool and it is VERY warm in there. But it was pretty cool outside. So when it was time for us to line up for the swim start they did it inside.
I used the time from swim class where we had done some 200 sprints to estimate my swim time. I put in 3:45 and was number 130.
My turn came to enter the water and my race started. I passed one person in the water. My swim coach was there and I was thinking about all the things she was going to tell me I did wrong.
200 yard swim 3:44
I pulled myself out of the pool and ran into T1. helmet, shoes, sunglasses, bike and outta there.
T1 0:49
My foot slipped trying to get on my bike so I had a guy pass me leaving T1. I quickly passed him right back. We made the turn through town and got out on the highway, then he passed me again. Grrrr...I did not want to play leap frog again this week. Turns out that wasn't a problem since I couldn't catch him again after that. I did, however, pass quite a few others. I made the turn around and headed back. My bike computer isn't working but I knew that I wasn't going fast enough. I tried to push harder but my legs just didn't have it in them.
I made the final turns in town and made it to the dismount line.
14 mile bike 42:22
I GENTLY put my bike on the rack, changed shoes, helmet for hat, grabbed my bid and left.
T2 0:38
As I started the run, Monica asks "How's the ankle?" I answered "It hurts." I just tried not to think about it or whatever it was that was in my other shoe. I focused on the person ahead of me and tried to catch them. Then the next and the next. At about one mile I could see a shadow coming up on me from behind. I picked up the pace a little but he still caught me. We ran together to the turn around and right back to where he caught me. Then he was gone. I returned to my game of catching the person in front of me. I ran over the bridge and through the greenway to the parking lot and the finish line.
3 mile run 23:45
total 1:11:15
I saw Mary Jane starting her run and cheered her on. She is a 62 year old cancer survivor who was doing her first triathlon. When she crossed the finish line it brought tears to my eyes. She is a spectacular lady who I admire greatly.
Results were posts and Roz told me I got 3rd overall female.
After collecting my medal, I went home to check on Ronnie. Hard to complain about a sore swollen ankle when he is looking like mummy boy and can't even use the right side of his body.
I did enjoy some recovery time by the pool.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Long Run #3

Once again I shifted my workouts around due to racing on this Saturday.
Sunday would have been a ride except my bike had no seat so I took a rest day.
Monday was speedwork. Did it bright and early and missed goal paces on all the intervals. Monday evening was swim class, 2500 yards. She took it easy on us.
Tuesday was another rest day.
Today was long run #3, 17 miles. I got up at 3am and out the door at 3:15. I ran a diffeent route on roads that I knew where in good shape. No falls this week. But I did run slower (9:57) then goal pace (9:32). My ankle is pretty sore. I took an ice bath after my run and have been putting ice on my ankle all day.

Good part came today. Now I need to figure out my correct seat height and take a test ride tomorrow.

Big news...(it is old news if you are a facebook friend)
I am IN!!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

McMinnville City Triathlon Race Report

This was only my second tri of the season and it had been a year since my last sprint distance. But I had signed up for this race in December when they ran the early discount.
So I got to the race about 6:15 and got my packet, body marked, transition set up...
I had used my last years swim time as my estimated time for the swim start. Therefore I was 119.
I lined up and jumped in when it was my turn. I passed the guy in front of me pretty quickly and the girl in front of him within the first 100 yards. After that it was like I had the pool to myself.
350 yard swim 7:13
I ran into T1 and got my helmet and bike shoes on, grabbed my bike and ran to the mount line.
T1 1:07
The bike is a nice rolling ride and it was cloudy and cool. I was feeling good. I played leap frog with one guy the entire ride. At mile 10 he said "Your turn", at mile 12 I told him "we are almost out of race to keep this up". He passed me at mile 15 laughing.
15.25 mile bike 45:5 (20.0 average)
I ran into T2 determined to get out of there before leap frog guy. I threw my bike up into the rack and it just fell back down, without a seat. I didn't have time to see what damage had been done, I just leaned it up against the rack and ran out of there.
T2 1:02
I was fuming as I went out for the run. I was so worried about my bike I forgot all about leap frog guy and have no idea if I beat him out of transition or not. They had changed the run course this year and made it super hilly. I swear you were either going up a hill or down a hill the entire run. Not good for this girl who runs mostly flat. I never saw the mile 1 marker and just prayed I had missed it cause I was dying. Finally made it to mile 2 and told myself that I could run just one more mile. They had a short out and back and at the turn the girl says "you are more then halfway". What???? we have to be within a half mile of the finish. I made the final turn and ran down the hill to the finish.
3 mile run 23:41 (7:54 pace)
total 1:19:00

39 seconds better then last year.
I went and got my stuff out of transition and examined my bike to see what the damage was. Thankfully it was just the collar that holds the seat post that broke. I went and found Mark with Acme. He called the shop. They had the collar and are mailing it to me. So I hope to still be able to race on Saturday for the STAR.
Once I got my bike taken care of and everything put away, I went up toward the food tent.
I stopped to talk to a friend. As we were talking all of a sudden one side of his face went slack and he couldn't talk. I was afraid to leave him but had to get help. I ran to the medic tent and told them I had a friend who needed them. They told me they were with someone and couldn't come right now. I demanded that one of them come with me NOW. I guess I looked scared enough that one of them left their patient and came with me. My friend was taken to the hospital and last I heard they think he had a stroke. Made my bike problems seem pretty small after that.
I finally went to check the results and saw that I had gotten 1st place in my age group. So I hung around for the awards. I scored a pair of socks as a door prize and a cool chair as my age group prize.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bound to Happen

Given that most of my runs are done in the dark on crappy country roads and add in my lack of grace and you know what happened...I fell.
I got up a 3:30 this morning for my long run. My plan says that the key runs can be done in any order as long as you allow one day between each run. So since I have the McMinnville tri this Saturay, I swapped my long run to today.
It was nice and cool this morning but VERY dark. I decided to stick to my normal 6 mile route to start. I know this route like the back of my hand. As a matter of fact, while running with Kim Friday I warned her of the very pothole I tripped over this morning. I wasn't even two miles into my 15 mile run when I hit the pavement. I skinned both hands. Luckly I had on a runing skirt so that provided some protection on my thigh. My ankle throbed for a few yards and I thought about throwing in the towel. But I had to get home anyway so why not run. The ankle quit hurting so I just kept running.
The rest of the run was thankfully uneventful.
So long run #2 is in the books. It was very slow and I don't even want to think about what this says about planned marathon pace. At least it is done and now I can focus on my second tri of the season. That's right this will only be my second tri all season. How unreal is that??????

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cross Training and Speed

I am once again using the FIRST training program for my up coming marathon. 3 key runs per week (speed, tempo, and long) and cross training 3 days.
So this weekend was cross training. We had another beautiful weekend and I took full advantage and went on 2 two hour rides. Ok so The Plan only calls for 30-45 minutes of cross training but it was too nice and I have been enjoying riding too much to limit my rides.
But I was concerned that the extra saddle time would leave my legs trashed for this morning speed work. Casey was running a fever all weekend and so had to stay home from school this morning. I waited til she woke up, took her temp, gave her Mortrin, and got her comfortable in my bed with her laptop before I headed out at 9am. It is a good thing it has been cooler here. I did the one mile warm up then started on the 4 x 800s. I was surprised and happy to hit within goal range on all 4. 3:38, 3:43, 3:37 and 3:42. A 10 minute cool down and I had my first sucessful run in a while.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Long Run #1

I don't have much to say about today's long run. I didn't except much and that is exactly what I got.
I got up at 4:15, ate a banana, and was out the door at 4:30. I ran 3 miles and then was joined by my friend Kim. We continued for another 7 miles, then Kim was done and I finished out my last 3.
My pace was no where close to a Boston Pace +30 seconds. But I am fine with that. Vegas is going to be a fun trip. This will be the first time Ronnie and I have been anywhere without the kids since they were born. It will be out 15th wedding anniversary and really close to my birthday. Plus, like I said, I have other fish to fry next year.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Marathon Training Gets Started

Marathon training started Monday and I am paying the price for a lazy summer. Sure I ran, but it was all slowly. I haven’t done speed work or tempo runs since the end of April.
So Monday morning, I got up at 4:30 with my Garmin all programmed for 3 x1600. I did the 10 minute warm up then started on the first 1600. I didn’t even bother looking at or programming my goal pace. There wasn’t a chance I was going to hit it. And I didn’t. I finished the 1600s and did the 10 minute cool down (jog by that point).
Then Monday evening I went to swim class only to find out it was more speed work. A T30. YUCK. My last T30 was at the end of March right before the New Orleans 70.3. Back then I wasn’t skipping swim class and I was pushing myself harder. At that T30 I swam 1650 yards. Monday I swam 1575. So no more skipping swim class.
Tuesday was cross training day. I rode my bike while Casey was at gymnastics. Nothing hard, nothing fast.
Wednesday was tempo run day. 2 easy, 2 at short tempo pace, and 2 easy. This time I looked at my goal pace and laughed. No way. I did the 2 easy and then picked it up. Problem was picking it up also kicked up the urge to potty. I did my best to make it home, potty, then finish out the run. I ended up with paces closer to my long tempo pace.
Wednesday evening was swim class. I really wanted to skip but kept my promise and went. Once there I was glad I did. We had a great work out and banked 3000 yards.
Today is rest day.
Tomorrow is the first long run. 13 miles at PMP (planning marathon pace) + 30 seconds. The problem there is I don’t know what my goal for Vegas is anymore. I had hoped to Boston Qualify so I could run Boston in 2010 but now I have different plans for 2010. So my Vegas goal is yet to be determined and tomorrow’s run will just be whatever it is.

Friday, July 24, 2009


My friend gave me some Halt! a few weeks ago. It has quickly become my favorite product. I use to slow down every time a dog got a jump on me unsure of what the dog had in mind. I worried about getting knocked off my bike. But now...a dog gets anywhere close to me and he is getting a face full of Halt! and backing off. I encounter a LOT of dogs on my rides and have almost used up my Halt! I will be making a tript the bike shop to pick up some more really soon.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pushing Myself

Last Monday the coach at the Masters swim class I attend, told me I need to sign up for some races and get my motivation back. She is right. I have just been going through the motions and not enjoying it.
Yesterday I decided to push myself harder on the ride I planned to do. It was a 22.3 mile loop of flat to slightly rolling. I lost my focus a few times and my speed dropped but I finished the ride with an average speed of 18.6 mph. I also got a little too much joy spraying the three dogs that gave chase with Halt!
I plan to ride again today (it was raining eariler so gotta see if it clears up). A little longer so shotting for >17 average.
I also remembered a Du that I signed up for in Memphis last year but didn't race. Going to see if they are having that again. And I am thinking about an Ironman for 2010.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Returning Soon

I started this blog back in the fall/winter of 2005 when I was training for my first marathon. I wanted a record of my training. I wanted to be able to go back and see how I felt on my long runs, where I ran, and what I ate/drank. I wanted to be held accountable.
I ran that marathon in April 2006 and then decided to give a tri a try. Again I used this blog as a means to record my progress. I did my first tri July of 2006.
Along the way, I "met" a lot of great people here and been inspired to push myself harder then I ever thought possible.
I have continued to train for race after race and continued to blog about it. I have gone back and read prior years race reports the night before doing the same race again as a way to prepare myself.
But right now I am not really training for anything. I have a few sprint distance tris that I plan to do at the end of August/first of September, but I am not on a plan. I am just doing what I want, what I feel like. Therefore I have not been blogging.
All that will change August 17th when I start training for the Vegas marathon.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

About a Month

It has been about a month since I started my break and it is getting old fast. It doesn't help that one of the funnest races of the season is coming up this weekend and I am not racing.
I have spent the month running slow and biking slow. The only reason I am not swimming slow is because the only swimming I am doing is at Masters and she won't let me!! I have now done 4 or 5 of the 12 P90X workouts. Just working them in as I feel like it.
I did get a solo ride in this morning at a decent pace. I got chased 4 times by dogs so that threw in some sprints (speed work??).
I don't know if I can wait until August 29th to race, might go check out the Team Magic schedule again.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


On December 19, 1992, I graduated with my BS in Civil Engineering and swore I would never go back to school. Little did I know at the time that once I had kids in school I would also be back in school. And at our school 3rd grade is the worst. I have done two years back to back of third grade and am so glad to be done!!!! Bring on summer!

On a training front (can I still call it training even on while on this break), I almost didn't get up this morning. I was sleeping so good and must have hit snooze without even knowing it. I finally drug my butt out of bed, went to the bathroom and thought about getting back in bed. I ran my options through my head and decided I better get it out of the way. So off to the Rec Center I went. I got in a great leg workout and made plans with Eric to ride in the morning. yeah!!

Then tonight, I did not want to go to swim class. It was beautiful out. I wanted to sit on my patio with a glass of wine and my new kindle. But I put on my suit and forced myself out the door. Once at class, I was glad to be there. We had an awesome workout. 2600 yards withlots of sprint kicks and sprint pulls. Ouch.

I got home and still got my glass of wine and about to curl up with my Kindle. It's all good.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can't Facebook Everything

I just don't seem to have the time to blog. I know part of the problem is the ease of facebook. Slapping up a couple of sentences is so easy. I was able to shout out my excitement that The Middle Half happens to fall on a day that my training plan will call for a 13 miler. I could admit how bad I suck at push ups and pull ups P90X style. I was even able to fess up to my total slackerness when I skipped both my run and swim class on Monday. But facebook doesn't work for everything, some things just need more detail.
Sunday is just one of many examples.
Jill came down from the big city for an early morning ride in the country. I picked a 30 mile route that I hoped would give a good county experience, and it did not disappoint. We saw goats, almost ran into a buzzard eating road kill, got chased by LOTS of dogs and had a deer run across the road in front of us...just to name a few. It was unseasonably cold and we ended with a pretty strong head wind. I really enjoyed showing Jill around and having a social ride where we never even thought about mph. It reminded me how much I love to ride my bike. And now that daylight is coming early, I hope to start getting some early morning rides in. It just needs to warm back up again.

I am also enjoying working in some P90X workouts. I am not going to commit to the 90 days or all the workouts. So far I have just done the shoulders and arms DVD 3 times and the chest and back DVD once. I might try some of the others as I feel like it.

Tomorrow I hope to get up early and go to the Rec Center and lift legs again. Friday it kicked my butt and I was sore for a couple of days. Maybe I can finally get rid of this cottage cheese on my thighs/butt.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I made my break official this morning by canceling my room in Augusta. It was hard, but I really do believe necessary.

I am having a good week of training at "normal" people levels.
Sunday I did the P90X shoulders and arms.
Monday morning it was raining so I waited and ran that afternoon at 3:30. My Garmin wouldn't turn on or reset, I had to run naked. I ran for about 40 minutes. I tried to use Map My Run to figure out how far I ran but one of the roads was new and the program won't let me run over land. I went to swim class at 6:00 for 2550 yards.
Tuesday I slept in again then did chest and back while watching Biggest Loser.
Wednesday I got up at 4, ran 6 miles and went to toning class. Then another 2500 yards at swim class that evening.
Today I slept in and did P90X shoulders and arms again tonight. Upped the weight a little and my arms are TOAST.
If it's not raining in the morning I will run 6 before work. Rain = sleeping in

Friday, May 08, 2009

The Break

At about mile 25 of Sunday's race I made a promise to my body. I will take a break.
I have been pushing and pushing with very little recovery time.
So I haven taken everything off my race calender except a sprint distance tri in McMinnville in August and the Vegas marathon in December. Both of those races are already paid for. My goal is to BQ in Vegas.
Until then, I am taking a step back. There will be no training program and there will be No racing.
I hope I can do this, I don't operate well without a schedule. I get in a rut easily.
It is also going to be very hard for me to not race. I love racing. Tri season is just starting and I won't be out there doing what I love to do. Pouring it all out on the course, pushing my body as hard as it will let me, the feeling of accomplishment crossing that finish line, the pride of a new PR...
But I am going to keep the promise I made to my body Sunday and give it a break.
And I have done good this week. Of course part of that was simply because I couldn't walk so was forced to rest.
Monday and Wednesday I did swim class.
Thursday I "ran" 3 miles. It was very slow but made my legs feel 100% better.
Today I went to the Rec Center and did a 12 minute warm up on the arc climber followed by chest and back weights and some abs.
I don't know what I will do this weekend. Part of it depends on the weather, which has been quite gloomy lately, and part depends on how I feel.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Flying Pig Marathon

It was pouring rain here Saturday morning so I ended up leaving for Cincinnati a little earlier then I originally planned in case the rain delayed me. The drive was easy and I arrived at about 1:00. I checked into my hotel and walked over to the expo. David had already picked my packet up for me but I wanted to check out the expo.
The expo was good. They had posters set up with descriptions and pictures of each mile of the marathon.
After the expo I meet up with David and Gayle. We drove the course to get a real idea of the hills, went shopping, and out for pasta.
I got up Sunday morning at 4:15. I ate breakfast and got dressed. Then I met David and Jeff in the lobby. We walked over to the start in the rain. Jeff forgot his timing chip and decided to try to rush back to the hotel and get it while David and I found a little dry spot under a tiny tree to sit in.
At about 6:15, David and I found the 3:50 group. It was a large group and I couldn't get close enough to say anything to E-Speed.

The gun sounded and the race was on. The first mile was slow due to the crowd. David and I were in the back of the 3:50 group but kept the sign in sight. My Garmin hasn't been holding a charge so I went with my watch and depended on David to keep us in check. The 3:50 sign kept getting father and father ahead and I was getting nervous but David told me his Garmin had us at an overall pace of 8:47, exactly where we needed to be.
Since we had driven the course, we knew what to expect. It didn't make that LONG hill at 6 any easier bt at least we knew we would be climbing for a mile.
The downhills didn't seem signifiate but my quads were feeling them. We were still holding pace.
I took a gu at 5 and 10. At 15 I couldn't get it down. I was sick of sweet and wanted some pretzels. My stomach was hurting. I needed to potty but didn't want to take the time. I tried some Twizzlers someone was handing out but couldn't get those down either. All I could think about was pretzels.
Just past 18 David said "Go get your BQ. I'll see ya at the finish". Then he slowed down. We had picked up another girl just before David dropped off, so I ran with her.
We got to 20 and a BQ was very questionable at that point but a PR was still very much in reach. My stomach was feeling worse.
At 21 I walked through the water stop and checked the port-a-potties. They were all full and I didn't want to wait in line. Because I walked, I lost my running partner and was on my own.
Mile 22 I HAD to stop at the port-a-potty. My stomach felt a lot better after the stop but my legs were worse.
I ran most of 22 and 23 but by 24 it hurt so much to run I had to walk. I wanted so bad to run but it was just so painful. My quads were killing me. My calfs felt great thanks to my super sexy compression socks.
I finally saw the finish swine and managed some semblance of running to get across it.

4:05:05, not a BQ, not a PR, not even sub 4. total bust!!!

I collected my metal, blanket, water bottles and finally some chips and Cheese Its. I wondered out of the recovery area and found a curb to sit on. I had to ask a stranger to help me down to the ground where I sat and waited for David.
I found David and Gayle at the same time and we walked back to the hotel.
I showered, packed up, then made the 5 hour drive home.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pop T-30

I have never been a fan of the Pop Quiz. Then in my freshman year of college I had a Calculus 1 teacher that loved them, so began to HATE pop quizzes. But I have been out of school for many years so haven't given them much thought that is until last night...
We started swim class with a warm up 500 of swim, kick pull. After we finished Shawn, the coach, announces we will be doing a T-30. NO!!!! I was reminded of that feeling so many years ago when that Calc 1 teacher would say "OK, everyone close your books and lets see who understood last nights assignment". A sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me this was not going to be pretty. I counted first and swam second. I already voiced all my excuses...I had a temporary crown and a filling done that morning so my mouth was still hurting, I am in taper and racing Sunday I don't need to be doing a max effort workout, I hadn't been able to eat much due to the dental work...
But then it was my turn and I just had to suck it up and swim. I told myself 1500 was my goal, 3 sets of 20. So I just counted and swam. My cap started slipping off and I finally had to just reach up and pull the stupid thing off. So I had hair in my face for the second half of the swim. I got my 1500 but wasn't told to stop so just kept swimming. I ended up with 1650 yards. I skipped the last T-30 so I have nothing to compare it to. Glad to have one in the book now but truth be told had she warned us before hand, I would have skipped again.

This morning was my final run, 3 miles at PMP. I beat Garmin guy and ran the final mile way too fast, but I am blaming Ronnie for that. He was out running to and I saw him when I had about half mile left. He turned around and ran with me. We talked and I guess sped up too much. So much for getting a good feeling for what marathon pace is. But then when I logged on here I saw a post from E-Speed and she is pacing at the pig this weekend. And guess what group she has...3:50.

Now, I just wish I had some good news to report about the weather forecast

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Race Number and Weather

The weather report has changed everytime I have checked it but here is the lastest:
others have shown rain or t-storms. I am VERY happy with this forecast and would like for this one to stick. Okay???
I also got my race number this week. 1032. Sounds very lucky doesn't it??

I did my last speed work out this morning, 6 x 400 with 400 rest interval. I was super lazy and walked the RI. So my overall pace sucked but my actual 400s were spot on.

I only have a cross training day on Wednesday and a 3 mile PMP run on Thursday then I am "trained". Ready to see what I can do on Sunday!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Over Weight and Under Trained

When I first started training for the Pig I said I wasn't sure what my goal was, BQ or just a fun run. But I went ahead and used my BQ time of 3:50 to determine long run paces. I did pretty good hitting PMP + whatever each week. I also had a half marathon PR and a 10K PR. I was feeling pretty good about shooting for the BQ. But I missed 2 of the 5 20 milers. One I ran the Tom King half instead not a big deal. I usually only run 4 of the 5 anyway and I had a great race. But the other fell the week after New Orleans 70.3 and was pouring rain. I used the rain as an excuses and quit after 6 miles. That is not Boston runner attitude.
Missing those long runs was bad and made me question just how ready I am for a marathon. Then I looked back in my training log to see what my weight was the Friday before Country Music. Ugggg...I am almost 10 pounds heavier then I was a year ago. I know the cookie dough and huge ass beers have not helped the cause but I have really been struggling with my weight latley. I eat right and exercise but I seem to stay right here in this same range. Last year for CMM I was at an all time low and only maintained that weight for a few months. I blamed vacation and Ironman for the gain but have not been able to re shed the pounds.
Then last Friday I was suppose to run 13 miles at PMP. I failed, Gamin Guy beat me. I think my pace was 8:53 vs 8:47 required.
Over weight and under trained, I am not seeing a BQ for me on May 3.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Looking at the Numbers

TriSaraTops' Race Report for New Orleans made me take another look at my numbers.
# of finishers 2321
female finishers 649
male finishers 1672
average time 6:23:17 (my time 5:56:17)

I finished 822 overall (top 35%)
25 of 106 females 40-44 (top 24%)
175 of 649 females (top 27%)

Makes me feel a LOT better about my race. Sometimes I get too hung up on a time goal and forget that I have to deal with what the day brings. Sunday it brought heat and wind (and lack of fluids and ice). I had to deal with it but so did everyone else out there. I will get a sub 5:30. Maybe September 27, maybe not. I will have to see what that day brings.

Mean while, I have a marathon coming up in 22 days. I know this because they are sending me a daily email counting down the days.

Wednesday morning I attempted to do my 10 mile tempo run. Failed. My heel started bleeding and my shoe was killing my foot. I threw in the towel just before 5. Wednesday evening was a tough swim class. 3600 yards. My kick is a MESS. I am praying Shawn can get me fixed before my next tri.

This morning was my last 20 miler. I got up at 3:45 knowing I would be running in the rain. I ate a Clif bar and a banana and headed out. It was just a light rain at this point but the thunder and lightening where putting on quite a show. The downpour started at about mile 2. It let up for about half a mile but started right back up again. At mile 6 I was at my driveway, the rain was coming down in buckets, the wind was blowing, the thunder was loud and the lightening was lighting up the sky. I ran up my driveway into my garage. Call me a wimp, quitter, whatever. If the shoe fits...
I am not making up that run either. I am officially in taper now. My body NEEDS a break.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New Orleans 70.3 Race Report

Pre Race:
This was pretty much the theme for Friday:
I met Toni and Angela at the hotel as soon as I landed. From there we went in search of food and beer. Neither were hard to find. The expo was next. I got to met TriSaraTops, attend the required pre race meeting, and pick up my packet. Then it was more liquid carbs. Dawn showed up later for more food, dancing and of course drinks.

A much more low key day. I wasn't feeling great Saturday morning. A combination of too much beer, female issues, and nerves were all wrecking havoc on my stomach. I just had a quite morning in my room then I met Wil from Acme to pick up my bike at 2. I checked my bike into transition and found out transition was HUGE and that I was racked all the way in the far back corner. Lots of ground to cover running in those bike shoes! I left my bike and my friends and I went out for pre race carbs. Pasta this time, no beer for me. I went back to my room and had a quite evening trying to get ready to race.

I didn't sleep well and just gave up at 4:13. Dawn, Angela and Toni came to my room to see me off at 5:15. I took a cab to transition and got myself all set up. It was already quite warm and drizzling. I took the bus to the swim start. They didn't ave enough buses running and people were in a panic and rushing to get to the start in time. I had PLENTY of time since my wave didn't go out until 8:28. I stood in line for a port-a-potty, borrowed some body glide since I forgot to do my neck and didn't want a repeat of Florida, met lots of people, and just killed time. I went to the port-a-potty again, realize I still had on my shoes so dropped them at gear check, then FINALLY made my way to the swim start. I still had to wait for two groups before they had us purple cap girls enter the chute and then the water. It was COLD. It took my breath when my foot hit the first step into the water. I waded into the water and waited.

The Race

The Swim
The gun sounded and we were off. I dove under water and the cold took my breath again. I tried to get a rhythm but I couldn't. I started to think "I can't do this, I am going to have to stop, This is going to be my first DNF". I did a few strokes then went to breast stroke then back to free and back to breast. Finally I talked myself down and got my rhythm. The sea wall was to the right and the buoys were to the left. I am a left side breather so I just kept an eye on the buoys. There was TONS of room to swim. It was nothing like any other race. The water was so muddy though I couldn't even see my hands as they entered the water. One time I was swimming along and crashed into something. I thought it was the sea wall but it was just another swimmer. We were told before we started there was a red buoy at the half way point. I saw it and thought I was feeling good maybe this would be a good swim after all. I made the turn to the swim exit, stood, took off my goggles and cap, and saw my watch. 42 something!!!! What??? That can't be right. My swim could not have been that bad. I jogged over to the strippers who had to tell me to sit and they pulled off my wetsuit and handed it to me. I ran across the mat into transition.
swim time 44:03

I was confused when I got into transition. It didn't look the same. Another girl yells we are this way. I ran in that direction and found my rack. I put on my helmet, shoes, bib, grabbed my bike and ran for the exit. It was a LONG run. Other people were not in as big of a hurry and got in the way. I finally made it to the mount line.
T1 3:11

The Bike
I felt great right from the start on the bike. I drank my Nuun and ate some pretzels and shot bloks. I was making good time. I got to the first water drop and THEY WERE OUT OF WATER!! What the heck??? I had just thrown my bottle with the last inch of fluids so that I could pick up a fresh bottle. So now I had to do with out fluids til I could make it to the next drop. I was happy to see that drop and see that they still had water. It was a little crazy but I managed to get a water bottle and move on. The wind really picked up and my speed dropped. I wasn't getting passed so I knew that it wasn't just me. Third water stop was out of water too thankfully I still had some from drop #2. As I got close to the end of the ride, I dumped the little bit of water over my shoulders. It was hot and sunny and my arms were burnt. I reached down and undid my shoes, pulled me feet out and got ready to dismount. I got to the line and jumped off my bike.
Bike Time 2:57:37

I ran all the way across transition again having to say excuse me more then once to get by slower people. I racked my bike and changed shoes and hats. The run exit was closer and I was outta there.
T2 Time 2:56

The Run
I missed the water stop inside transition so it was a mile and a half until I could get water. A guy ran up next to me and asked "You going to keep this pace for the whole run?" I told him not likely. We ran together for a while then I lost him at the first water stop. I found my running friend again shortly, turns out he made a port-a-potty stop. We ran together for a little while again. Then, I saw my girls cheering their heads off in their yellow boas and that gave me a huge lift. I did the short out and back and saw my girls again. I was drinking and walking and they walked with me for a few feet and told me how much fun they were having. At about mile 6 I realized my shoe had rubbed a huge raw spot on my foot, nothing I could do about it so I tried real hard to just ignore it. I dumped ice in my bra whenever they had it and water over my head at each stop. It was HOT. I talked to a lot of other runners unlike on the bike where it was just to windy to try to even speak to anyone. We finally got some shade but by then I had already seen 5:30 and 5:48 go by. Plan A and B were gone all I could was finish now.
I made the final turn and was told "Just 6 more blocks". I prayed they were right and picked up the pace a little. Then I saw my girls. I yelled to them and headed for the chute. I heard my name and I crossed the finish line.
Run Time 2:08:30

Total 5:56:17

Post Race
I got my medal and found my friends. I couldn't wait to get my shoes off so we went looking for the gear check trucks. On the way, I grabbed a beer. They were out of pizza so I had to wait for that.

We went back to the hotel so I could take a quick shower then got a taxi to go back to transition so I could met Wil and give him my bike to bring home.
After getting my bike all taken care of, we went to Bourbon Street where we ate, drank and had some more fun.
So all in all it was a great weekend. I didn't have the race I hoped for but I had a ton of fun.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Only the Race is Left

Well, I have finished my training. I skipped more workouts then I would have liked and training for a marathon at the same time has required some shifting and juggling. But I feel good about what I did get done and as ready as I have ever been.
I have high hope for New Orleans. It will be my third Half Iron and I am just coming off Ironman Florida. I have already gotten a half marathon PR and 10K PR this year. I am hoping for a new 70.3 PR as well.
The half irons I have done have been in mid and late May and hotter then HE**! Maybe New Orleans in early April won't be quite as hot. The forecast has changed a million times, like I knew it would. But it does look like we will have some nice weather at least most of the weekend.
I am not looking for a big improvement in my swim time.
07 was 41:28
08 was 40:00
I do, however, hope to improve on both the bike and run.
07 bike 3:03:27
08 bike 2:58:53
07 run 2:19:07
08 run 2:06:26
I go out in the last wave at 8:27. And given a perfect day, I hope to finish at 1:57. But anything before 2:15 is a PR and will make me a happy girl.
I am looking forward to meeting some bloggy peeps. I am wearing my yellow tri top with red flowers on it and black shorts, so if you see me say Hi!
That's it til New Orleans.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A month or two ago, my kids sold cookie dough as a fund raiser for school. For once there was a really cool prize...Each kid that sold $200 worth of dough got to go on a limo ride to Pizza Hut for lunch.
Well, selling cookie dough isn't so easy with every kid in town doing one fund raiser or another. I sold what I could and bought the rest.
The cookie dough was delivered yesterday. And since I have 11 boxes, I ate dough til my tummy hurt last night! Never even ate dinner, I was so sick.
Yesterday was just an easy 2000 yard swim and this morning I was just going to do an easy 3 or 4 mile run. But after all the cookies I ate, I figured I needed to burn more calories (are there less calories eating them without baking???). I did my normal 6 mile route. I still took it easy, since it is taper.
Only one more swim and one more run til New Orleans!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last Ride

We have been getting a LOT of rain this week. Therefore I have had to do some workouts inside, squeezed some in between showers, and got wet doing others.

Yesterday I got soaked on my 20 mile run, rained for all but the first 4 miles. And today's forecast looked like I was going to get just as wet on my ride. At 7:30 I let the dog out and saw it wasn't raining so I quickly put my Zipps on my bike and took off. I did the whole 1:45 and never got wet. Funny since the forecast called for rain ALL day.
The good news it these are the same forecasters who have called for rain in New Orleans next weekend.I hope they are just as wrong as they were today!!
Today was my last ride befor race day. I dropped my bike off at Acme for transporting down to New Orleans. I have never done a race that I didn't take my bike with me. They promised to take good care of her.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

St. Patricks Day 10K

I decided not to run this race this year. Ronnie said he was going to run so I thought I would just stay home with the kids then get my long ride in later in the day. I went about my normal training for the week.
Monday I did a 2200 yard swim in the morning and a 4.72 mile run that evening. My legs were sore from the half marathon on Saturday so I didn't even attempt the speed work on my schedule.
Tuesday I waited until almost 6pm and then I rode 20 one mile loops of my neighborhood. It was too pretty to be inside on the trainer but Ronnie was at Scouts with Bryce. So Casey played basketball in the driveway and waved each time I rode past.
Wednesday I got up at 3:30 for a 10 mile run at PMP. I did it in 1:27:20, a 8:44 pace (8:47 was goal). Then I went to Cindy's toning class. Wednesday evening was swim class where we did 3000 yards.
Thursday was REST DAY and boy was I ready for that.
Friday I ran 15 miles. Plan said PMP+20 seconds. I squeaked it out with an overall pace of 9:06. I did ab ripper after that for the first time in a while. Boy did that HURT!
So last night Ronnie tells me he decided to golf today. There went my plans for a long ride. I thought about the 10K and decided to make a game day decision.
I woke up at about 7 this morning and decided that since I had sufficiently carb loaded on Shock Top last night I better go run. I got the kids up and took them to Donut Palace to get them some breakfast. We got to the Rec Center about 7:45. I signed up for the the race then left the kids in the car to read, watch TV and eat donuts.
I didn't have big goals for this race, I wasn't even suppose to be there. I lined up in the middle of the pack. I took off on the "GO".
This course is rolling to hilly. The Rec Center sits in a hole so no matter which direction you run it is up hill right away. From there it was rolling until we got to Jail Hill, which we had to run up. Just as I was making the turn to head up the hill I heard one the the police that was directing traffic tell someone that he stopped that "We have a little marathon going on". I laughed to myself. 10K, marathon guess they are about the same right??? After making it up the hill, it was through town and around to the park where we had to run up another good size hill. We got to finish by running down Jail Hill and around back to the Rec Center.
Splits: 8:03, 8:02, 8:10, 8:03, 8:17, 7:32 and 7:11 for the last 0.2. Guess which miles the two big hills were at.
Total time 49:33, a new PR and good enough for 1st place age group (40-49).
After the race they had a kids one mile run. Casey decided she wanted to run it and Bryce decided not to. Casey did great and got 4th place but her and another girl complained afterward that the little boy that got second cheated by cutting the course short. Casey did get a medal and then Bryce was mad that he didn't run too.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tom King Half Marathon

Earlier this week Ronnie told me "I don't know about you but I am not running Saturday in the rain." I just looked at him and said, "I did it last year, will do it again this year."
He ended up changing his mind and Saturday morning we drove up to LP Field in the rain. It wasn't raining as hard as last year but it was colder.
We put on ponchos and made our way to the stadium. Got chips and shirts, went potty, and then found David.

They had an early start at 8:00 for walkers. We started at 8:30. I tossed my poncho just as the start gun fired. My hands were freezing for the first several miles, wish I would have worn my toss off gloves.
I was runing with David and Ronnie was just behind us. David and I stopped for water at about the 2 or 3 mile mark. Then we were running along and spot ronnie just ahead. I asked him what he was doing. His goal was a sub 2 (9:09 pace). We ran the first three miles at 8:34, 8:22, and 8:31. He said he lost us at the water stop and didn't know how fast he was running. He let us in front of him so he coul pace off us.
It was still raining. We made it over the bouncey bridge and then to the turn around. Miles 4, 5, and 6 were run at 8:11, 8:17, 8:11.
I was getting warm and wishing I hadn't worn the vest. At mile 7 I told myself "Ok, only 5 to go". Boy was I disappointed when at mile 8 I realized Now I had 5 to go. 7 and 8 were both run at 8:16.
At this point David told me he was really feeling the four weeks of no running. I was still feeling strong. I made a move to pass a group of runners and David stayed behind. So now I was on my own. It started raining harder. I started picking out runers ahead to catch. First the girl in the red shirt, then the guy in the garbage bag, the girl in the blue hat...
Mile 9, 10, 11 and 12 were run in 7:51, 8:04, 8:02, and 7:54.
I could see the jumbo tron inside the stadium. I made the left turn and had 2 minutes to make 1:45. There was NO way. But I still had a shot at a PR. I pushed on. A right turn, then another right down into the staduim. I ran out on the field and made my way around the field to the finishline at an 8:02 pace.
I finished with an offical time of 1:48:37. I new PR.
I watched David cross the line at 1:51 .and then Ronnie smashing his sub 2 hour goal with a 1:53:43.
We cheered Jill to her finish just missing her sub 2 goal by 8 seconds.
Then we went back to the car and changed into dry clothes. It felt wonderful to have on dry socks.
We enjoyed some carbs in the staduim club and then made the drive home.
We celebrated our PR's at Wingers with more carbs. I think I am recovered and ready to focus on New Orelans in 3 weeks.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I am behind on my blogging, behind on my training, behind on my house cleaning, behind on my sleep...
So in an attempt to catch up on one thing, here is a quick recap of what I have been up to.

I paid for the weekend of too much food and beer on Monday's early run with stomach troubles again. I got through the warm up, the 1 mile interval, and the 2 mile interval. At that point I was near home and knew I could not run a step more without messing up my pants. So I called it a day, skipping my swim too.
Tuesday, still not use to day light savings time, I decided to sleep in and do my trainer ride that evening. It was beautiful out and I was really wishing I could ride outside but no one to keep kids so trainer riding it was. Nothing impressive. I think it was 1:20 while watching TV.
Wednesday morning it was up at 4am for a 6 mile tempo run that I didn't even come close to making pace on and an hour of toning class. And then I skipped swim class Wednesday evening. So my swim total for the week is a big fat ZERO!!!
Yesterday and today are "taper" days getting ready for my first race of the year, the Tom King 1/2 marathon. The forecast is not looking good, might be a repeat of last year only colder. Today is actually suppose to be my 3rd 20 miler so I have to figure out how to get some extra miles in tomorrow.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Not My Best Effort

I have not had the best week of training.
Sunday I ended up skipping my trainer ride. I sat on the couch watching Top Model reruns and stuffing my face instead.
Then Monday morning I put off my run as long as possible. School was canceled because of the snow so I was off work. I finally got around to running around 11. I did a one mile warm up around the neighborhood, then did 12 x 400 running back and forth in front of my house in case the kids needed me. My goal pace for the 400's is 7:08. I ran them at 7:00, 6:59, 6:38, 7:02, 6:55, 7:07, 7:09, 7:06, 7:07, 7:15, 7:11, and 7:24. I though I was going to die by that last one. I did the 10 minute cool down around the neighborhood then fixed lunch.
Tuesday was another snow day so I rode my trainer about 10. 25 miles in an hour and a half.
Wednesday the kids finally went back to school so I got up early and ran a 6 mile tempo run. I missed pace on the three tempo miles. Then I went to 5:30 toning class. Wednesday night was swim class. She tried to kill me doing 100's. We did 2500 yards for class but my plan called for 2900 yards. So Tim convinced me to finish out the remaining 400 yards.
Thursday was thankfully a rest day.
Friday was a long run. 18 miles at PMP + 30 seconds (9:17 goal pace). It was warm but windy. I wore shorts, just days after the biggest snow fall in years. I ran a hilly route and ended up missing goal pace by 3 seconds per mile. 2:48:07, 9:20 pace.
Saturday Ronnie claimed golf so I put off my long ride til Sunday and just rode 1:15:16 when he got home. Got in 22.31 miles outside. It was windy and there were lots of dogs but I was so happy just to be riding outside nothing could bring me down.
Today was a different story. I set out for a 4 hour ride at 9:45. The wind was brutal. It was a fight just to stay on the road. The final straw came when my max speed down hill was 20 mph. I headed for home and called the ride after 1:58 and 33.54 miles.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

In Like a Lion

March sure came "in like a lion". This is the scene that greeted me when I went to let the dog out this morning.And since the threat of snow pretty much brings us southerns to our knees, I don't guess we will be going anywhere for a while.
I am glad all I have on my training plan is an hour and a half trainer ride. Ronnie has a two hour run. Looks like he is in for some FUN!!!

Yesterday I got up early. Each of my kids had a friend spend the night and the dog woke one of them up. So since I was up I got started on painting the kitchen. The old color does not match the new tile. I painted for a while the set up my trainer for another LONG ride. I did 50.7 miles in 3 hours, not a good as last week. After the ride I threw on a fleece shirt, hat and gloves and did my 30 minute run off, 3.25 miles. It was cold and wet. Then I finished painting. Well, I painted until I ran out of paint. Now with this snow, I don't know when I will be able to get out and get the paint so I can finish.

Everyone is still sleeping but I am sure as soon as the kids wake up and look out the window we will be getting bundled up for a snow ball fight, snow men, and snow angles.

Friday, February 27, 2009

I am keeping this short because I just popped the top on my second beer and I am trying not to blog under the influence (BUI).

So the week didn't get off to a good start. I did get up early for Monday's speed work and swim. BUT after the warm up and 2 of the 800's I knew I wasn't going to make it. The third 800 had me passing my house and I ran right up the driveway.

Tuesday I went ahead and planned to sleep in and do my ride that night while watching Biggest Loser. An hour and a half got me 25.55 miles.

Wednesday morning I did my tempo run. 8 miles with 6 at tempo pace (8:38). I missed pace for the fist tempo mile and ran it at 8:40. But I made up for it on the other 5. 8:02, 8:32, 8:13, 8:08, and 8:25. After taking the kids to school I went to toning class and the "squat queen" did her job. Wednesday night was swim class and we had a small turn out so I got to swim in the fast lane. We ended up with 2000 yards.

Thursday was rest day.

Today I got up at 4:15 and ran 13 miles. Goal pace was PMP + 15 seconds. So for a BQ pace that would be 9:02. It started raining after one mile then rained on and off the rest of the run. I ended up running the 13 in 1:56:12 (8:56 pace). Cha Ching money in the bank!!! I got the kids up and to school and then hit the pool. 4500 yards. Ugg. As I was swimming I had two old men tell me I made it look so easy, that I was their hero. I told them that they set their standards too low but was feeling pretty good about my stroke. swim coach showed up. She pointed out all the things I was doing wrong. I finished up my swim trying to do all the things she told me. So much to think about.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Productive Weekend

Nothing like a nice long brick the day after a 20 mile run. But that is what happens when trying to merge two training programs. Saturday I started the day with grouting the floor. The never ending project. I ate lunch and a chips ahoy ;) Just one this time. Then got on my bike. I watch two movies during my 3:32:06, 60.84 mile ride. I quickly threw on my running shoes and a long sleeve shirt and went out for the run off, 4.41 miles in 41:38. I was surprised how good my legs felt. I am happy with the workout.
Today a recovery ride was scheduled but first it was more grout. And guess what...we FINISHED!!! Sure I will still have to do at least another wash but the hard part is DONE.
Ok enough about the home improvement...I ate lunch and two chips ahoy. Next time a confess my cookie sins please don't encourage me. Tell me to put the cookies down!!!! I finally got on the trainer at about 2. I did the required 1 hour and added another 17.3 miles to my bank. Afterward, I did some abs to try to burn off those *@*&@ cookies.

Friday, February 20, 2009

20 Miler Number 2 for the Pig

I am usually off work on Fridays. But yesterday my boss asked if I could work today. So my long run plans quickly changed. Instead of running at 8 after dropping the kids off at school, I got up at 4am to run.
I dressed in my cold gear, fleece hat, gloves, and vest, and my new Omni 7s. Because of the early start time, I didn't eat breakfast before my run. I just grabbed a small banana. That didn't seem like quite enough so I looked in the cabinet for an energy bar. We didn't have any but what I did see was a box of chips ahoy, the big chewy kind. I ate one...then another. 170 calories each, 340 calories plus the banana. That should be PLENTY.

When I got outside it hit me that is was COLD, 14 degrees to be exact. I wondered if I was under dressed this time, but just went with it.
I had to ball my hands inside my gloves for a bit because my fingers were freezing and my breath froze on my eyelashes again.
I didn't have a route planned and after running the first five decided to head for the hills. I haven't done a lot of hill training and I know The Pig has hills, better get some in. I ran Cracker Barrel Hill and Jail Hill and all the rollers in between. Goal pace was planned marathon pace (PMP) + 45 to 60 seconds again this week. I was a little concerned since my last 20 miler was run on flatter ground. I don't know if it was the pre run fueling or the new kicks, but something went right this morning. I ended up finishing in 3:09:25 a 9:28 overall pace! That is over 4 minutes faster then my 20 miler two weeks ago!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Racing Garmin Guy

So, I didn't make it up ate 4:30 yesterday like I planned. (shakes head in shame)
But...I did still manage to get the 1:20 trainer ride done. At 6:45PM, Bryce was at scouts and Casey was done with homework and watching TV. So I hopped on my trainer and watch iCarley with her. I finished my ride just in time to get the kids to bed.
I love it when things work out that way.

On the other hand...This mornings plan was to get up at 4:00, do my 5 mile tempo run, and go to Cindy's toning class. But at 3:20 the dog woke me up to go out. It was raining a little. 20 minutes later I am yelling for the dog to hurry up and it is pouring. The alarm went off at 4 and I could still hear rain so I reset for 5 hoping to at least get my run in. As luck would have it when the alarm went off at 5 it was no longer raining. I suited up, programmed Garmin Guy for a 5 mile run at 8:23, and the race was on. I realized right off that I was WAY over dressed. I did a two loop deal and after the first loop dropped my gloves, hat and vest off at my mailbox. I felt much better for that second loop. And I am happy to report that I beat Garmin Guy!! 8:16 overall pace!!!
When I got home I did some abs and stretched. Tonight is swim class and I have to try to work in some weights either before or after class.
Also, that box of safe in the freezer. I will allow myself a reward of 1 serving (the 4 cookie kind) once I reach my goal weight. Hope they aren't expired by then!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pure Evil

Evil arrived at my office today. 150 calories for just 4 little cookies. I have never eaten just 4. For me, one sleeve = one serving. They are going right into the freezer.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nothing Skipped

Last weekend I skipped all my workouts. This weekend I missed none!!!
Saturday was a 2 hour ride done inside on the trainer. And Sunday was a 1 hour ride also done inside on the trainer. I am ready for some outside riding, wish this weather would improve.
This morning on one plan was speed work. 2 x 1200 and 4 x 800 all with 2 minute rest intervals. I didn't quite hit my pace but got really close. On the other plan was a swim and strength. I got the swim done after the run and did the weight work this evening.
Yes!!! Feels good to cross everything off.
Tomorrow is another early morning trainer ride. Yippee can't wait.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Deposit

I think some days your body just yells "That's enough" and then stops.
Monday was my day.
But I have been back to normal training since then. I am still extra tired and hope to make up some sleep this long weekend. I do plan to get in all my required workouts including my long bike. And since it is only 2 hours this week, that should not be a problem.
After Mondays slackerness (it's my blog, I can make up words), I got back on program with a trainer ride Tuesday morning. It was suppose to be intervals and maybe I didn't push the hard as hard as I could have but I didn't take the easy all that easy either. I ended up with 18.2 miles in 1:08. Respectable.
Wednesday was a tempo run and a SWEAR it said 2 easy, 2 short tempo (8:08 for me), 2 easy. So that is what I did with the tempo miles actually being 8:00 and 8:07. Then when I got home and logged my run I saw it was suppose to be 2 easy, 3 ST and 1 easy. OOPS. I really do believe I could have held my tempo pace for another mile so I am not worrying about it too much. After I took the kids to school I went to toning class. I really need to get in another day of weights. My core is like jello and my triceps are jiggly. It is just gross. Anyway, Wednesday evening was swim class. She gave us a really good workout. I don't think I am EVER going to be able to do the butterfly and it resemble the actual stroke but maybe I will be able to get from one end of the pool to the other without drinking half of it. i got home and Ronnie and I grouted the bathroom. We should have a toilet this weekend. And maybe even finish the grouting of the rest of the floor?!?!?!
Thursday was a scheduled rest day. I thought about trying to make up a swim or a bike but decided to sleep instead. The slacker was back.
Today was 18 miles at planned marathon pace (PMP) + 45-60 seconds. I dropped the kids off at school at 7:30 so that I could get as early of a start as possible. Our outside thermometer said it was about 38 degrees. My weather forecast text said sunny and a high of 63. I knew I was over dressed again, but I hate getting cold so much. After 4 miles I had to shed the gloves and after 12 the toboggan had to come off. Now I had to carry all this because the pockets of my vest were full of water, sharkies, my ipod, and my phone. I had to finish my run with a final loop of my neighborhood and then run 0.2 miles past my house. I got to the stop sign and turned around just as my neighbor was pulling in. He waved and I waved back, dropping one of my gloves in the process. I had to turn around and get it. I thought I was going to fall on my face bending over to pick it up. I grabbed it then finished out the run by passing my house again. 18 miles in 2:51:52. 9:33 pace. That is good enough for PMP+ for my BQ time. Another deposit in the bank.
I would be feeling really good about these long runs except my friend David that I am planning to run the marathon with is injured and I don't know if he is going to be able to run. I am trying not to thinking about the possibility of going to this race alone and just praying he will be well soon. Get better David!!!!
In the meantime, It's five o'clock somewhere. Time to recover.

Monday, February 09, 2009


You would think after a weekend of no training that I would have been chomping at the bit, ready to run this morning. But I wasn't. Another night of fitfully sleeping and I was still exhausted when the alarm went off at 4. I got up anyway and started my run. I did the 1 mile warm up and started the first (of 3) 1 mile interval. I realized right away that I HAD to go. So I took the short loop home and ran all the way inside. 1.88 total miles.
Now, I know I could have gone back out and finished the run. But I was just so dang tired. I got back in bed and reset my alarm for 6:30 deciding to skip the swim too.
I got some good z's and feel better now. Still don't see getting either the run or swim done today but maybe I will be fresh and ready for everything else this week.

Here are some pics from the Spelunking trip.

Box test, everyone had to crawl through this box. If you didn't fit, you didn't go.
The first tour was just basically a hick out lots of stairs looking around the cave. Very wide open.

The second tour is when things got really fun. We got to crawl on our bellies, trudge through mud, and walk a balance beam.

Bryce was asleep in seconds. Casey took a little longer but still slept good. I didn't sleep as good. lots of snoring, talking and flash lights.