Monday, December 29, 2008

The Highlights

I have been super busy, but here are the highlights...
I have been training, just not like The Plan says I should be training.
I turned 40, officially.
We got the backer board down and a few tiles. Might take til spring at this rate.
Our refrigerator is in the den, next to the Christmas Tree.
We had a wonderful Christmas at home and two more at my in-laws.
I have eaten like it might be my last day to see food, every day.
I have gained 8 pounds since Ironman.
I signed myself and Ronnie up for Tom King.
I turned over a new leaf today. I am watching what I eat again and following The Plan.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Matters

Today is the first day of training for New Orleans 70.3. The Plan called for a 50 minute run and a 4750 yard swim.
So my plan was to get up early before Ronnie left for golf to get the run in then take the kids with me to the pool for the swim once it opened. is Bryce's 10th birthday.
I got up and ran this morning before Ronnie left. When the kids woke up Bryce wanted Cracker Barrel for breakfast. So I got cleaned up an we went out to eat. They both picked out some Webkinz then we went to Wal-mart to return a duplicate gift. We got home and adopted the new pets, worked on the new Lego sets and were just having birthday fun. I could not make myself drag the kids to the pool to hang out for a couple of hours while I did a 4750 yard swim on Bryce's birthday.
Now it is too late and I have missed the very first swim but I don't feel the least bit guilty. My son is having a wonderful birthday and that is what really matters.
Now it is time to go out for birthday dinner, again.

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Weekend

I am glad I am not famous. After a weekend of gluttony the pregnancy rumors would be flying. I would be the one on the cover of the rags with an arrow pointing at my belly and "experts" claiming that I am at least 3 month pregnant.
I started the weekend out being good. I did a 10 mile run early Friday morning then went to toning/cardio class. I ate a smart breakfast and lunch. But Friday night I had popcorn (a veggie) and wine (a fruit) for dinner and brownies for dessert. They were diet brownies but I ate too many.
Feeling guilty Saturday I went for a 5 mile run. Then we went to Demos' where I ate my weight in bread. And as if that were not bad enough, we went out for ice cream afterward.
Sunday I spent the day making cookies and candy with my kids. And we all know you can't make it without eating it. I gave most of it away to neighbors but I still managed to have a major tummy ache but the end of the day.
So this morning I got up at 4 to pay for my sins. I ran my usual 6 mile loop and then did the ab ripper DVD. I swore to be good today. But one look at the candy and I was a goner. Got another belly ache.
The madness must end or I will be looking like a pig at The Pig.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Newspaper and Text Messages

This was in our local paper this week:

I have been getting all sorts of calls and catching major grief over the short ride I did. Everyone wants to know why it took me so long.

Thursday evening Ronnie got out his manual for his cell phone. He said he was tired all the text messages he gets and how hard it is to reply. He can't figure out how to get the word function to work and has to use the ABC mode. He spent a while trying to figure it out then told me he had a better idea. Friday morning I get this picture message from him:

How's that for text messaging????

Thursday, December 04, 2008

a run, a ride, AND a swim

That's right...I am no longer just a runner.
Monday evening was just ANOTHER 6 mile run. But then last night I got my wheels changed out and put some time in on the trainer while watching TV. Sure it was slow, but it was time spent in the saddle.
Then this morning, I went to toning class and then went to the pool. I did 500 swim, 500 drills with fins, 500 pull, and 250 swim. It felt really good to be in the water again.