Thursday, February 28, 2008

Techno Challenged

Hey guys, hoping someone out there can help me out. I tried to down load a couple of pod casts and am having trouble.

First, Tac and Bigun. I got Episodes 1 and 3 but 2 and 4 downloaded in a different format and my MP3 player doesn’t play it. How can I get them in MP3 format??

Second, Steve Runner has a pod cast about the FIRST program (#132). I am dying to hear it since that is the plan I am using. When I download it I only get the intro. Has anyone else been able to download it?


Lana said...

I was able to get Steve Runner's FIRST podcast a couple weeks ago just fine...I wonder if your download got uninterrupted? If not, let me know - I have it on my home computer and can zip it up and send it to you. Same thing for TacNBigun - I can just send you the MP3s that I have if you'd like. I have no idea why it woulda downloaded in a different format than the others though.

Iain said...

Hey Michele. We wouldn't want you missing one of the Dynamic Duo's podcasts. This happens sometimes on my ipod, I normally find that simply deleting it and then loading it up again works. Sorry I'm not technical enough to give any proper advice.

As for last weekend...... A 3HR TURBO!!!!!! Wow,