Friday, April 10, 2009

Looking at the Numbers

TriSaraTops' Race Report for New Orleans made me take another look at my numbers.
# of finishers 2321
female finishers 649
male finishers 1672
average time 6:23:17 (my time 5:56:17)

I finished 822 overall (top 35%)
25 of 106 females 40-44 (top 24%)
175 of 649 females (top 27%)

Makes me feel a LOT better about my race. Sometimes I get too hung up on a time goal and forget that I have to deal with what the day brings. Sunday it brought heat and wind (and lack of fluids and ice). I had to deal with it but so did everyone else out there. I will get a sub 5:30. Maybe September 27, maybe not. I will have to see what that day brings.

Mean while, I have a marathon coming up in 22 days. I know this because they are sending me a daily email counting down the days.

Wednesday morning I attempted to do my 10 mile tempo run. Failed. My heel started bleeding and my shoe was killing my foot. I threw in the towel just before 5. Wednesday evening was a tough swim class. 3600 yards. My kick is a MESS. I am praying Shawn can get me fixed before my next tri.

This morning was my last 20 miler. I got up at 3:45 knowing I would be running in the rain. I ate a Clif bar and a banana and headed out. It was just a light rain at this point but the thunder and lightening where putting on quite a show. The downpour started at about mile 2. It let up for about half a mile but started right back up again. At mile 6 I was at my driveway, the rain was coming down in buckets, the wind was blowing, the thunder was loud and the lightening was lighting up the sky. I ran up my driveway into my garage. Call me a wimp, quitter, whatever. If the shoe fits...
I am not making up that run either. I am officially in taper now. My body NEEDS a break.


david said...

You deserve a rest after last weekend. Enjoy the taper and we will have fun at the pig!

Missy said...

Don't be so hard on yourself!!! I hear it was a hard day out there, no worries. sub 5:30 will happen...I'm looking for it too!

jen said...

The lighting and thunder was clearly a message from the big Coach in the sky telling you not to bother with running another 20. You need to recover from NO completely before the marathon. :) I will not call you a quitter, I call you a smartie. Enjoy the taper!

TriSaraTops said...

It was so good to meet ya! Wish we had more time to hang out!

It was a TOUGH day for everyone. You still did very well! We'll get that sub-5:30 someday!

And I DEFINITELY think the 70.3 substitutes for a 20 miler. :) REST up girl! You'll do great at the Pig--taper time!

monicac2 said...

Sounds like you had a great race, given the circumstances of the day! And ou are definitely more than trained for the upcoming marathon. Enjoy your taper!

Anonymous said...