Thursday, March 13, 2008

4 for 6

Of my last 6 workouts, 4 have been inside. The good news, none of them were on the dreadmill.
Saturday was a one hour trainer ride
Sunday a two hour trainer ride in the morning and 1750 yard swim in the afternoon
Monday 8.82 miles run OUTSIDE. It was cold but great to be outside.
Tuesday was back on the trainer. It was suppose to be a 2 hour ride but I guess I used up all my mental toughness on that 20 mile treadmill run because I gave up after 1:38.
Wednesday back outside for another cold run. 10 miles at PMP.
Today 1 hour on the trainer and 1750 in the pool.

Tomorrow morning I will be on the trainer again then swimming after work.

Tom King half marathon is Saturday. The forecast sucks. Major rain. Wonder if they will let me run it on a treadmill?????


TJ said...

All that work will pay off when you get outside.
Good luck Saturday!

david said...

You wish you could get off that easy. You are going to have to slog through the rain with the rest of us!

Lisa said...

Hefty bags, anyone??

Firefly's Running said...

Bring on the garbage bags!! Good luck on Saturday!

Darrell said...

Just remember, once you are soaking wet, you can't get any wetter. Hang in there.

Nice job with the indoor trainer, btw.

TriSonq said...

Yep, looks like the rain is inevitable. The problem is going to be is if there's lightning!!!

Ryan said...

You will do great.

Bad weather makes you run faster!

Positive thoughts ;)