Friday, March 21, 2008

Training Goes On

I got to run my long run outside this morning and it wasn't raining!!!! I was slow and barely squeaked in under goal pace but it sure was nice to be outside. I don't know if my legs are fully recovered from the beating I gave them last weekend. But training goes on.
I am still trying to mesh the BT half iron program with the FIRST marathon program.
This is what I have done this week:
Sunday-1:15 on the trainer, did the Carmichael Cycling for Power DVD
Monday-Non speedy speed work. warm up, 1k, 2k,1k,1k with 400 RI. I came no where close to pace but was happy that my legs felt even as good as they did. Then I hit the pool for 2000 yards using the program workout for the first time.
Tuesday-back on the trainer for an hour
Wednesday-6 mile hill run. I ran from the rec Center to Jail Hill and then over to Thrill Hill, turned around and repeated 7 times. Then off to the pool for 2500 yards.
Thursday-swim 3100 yards

Hope everyone is enjoying their Good Friday, I am off work with the kids. It is beautiful out and I am heading outside now to enjoy the sunshine. Have a great weekend!!!


Firefly's Running said...

Have a nice weekend!

AnthonyP said...

Great stuff...and well done on theblog.

TJ said...

Sounds like a great post-race week.