Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Running and Riding but not Swimming

Yesterday's 5 mile tempo run went great. My goal was 8:23 and I made 8:19!!
Then I got my hair done and started to feel not so great.
I ate lunch and waited to see how my stomach was going to act.
I waited until about 1:00. I went back and forth about inside vs outside and ended up outside and just hoped my stomach wouldn't act up. It was pretty windy but the sun was out and it sure was nice to be on the road.
By the time I got the kids from school, my stomach was very upset.
After a long evening of being sick, I decided to skip this morning 1000 yard swim.
I am still debating doing the strength training but leaning toward just resting. I have a ride tomorrow that I think is more important.


Ryan said...

Are you sure you just didn't want to mess up your fresh hair?


IronTriTim said...

Nice tempo run. Hope you are feeling better.

david said...

Hope you get to feeling better...Great tempo run...You're going to pull me along again on the 26th.

monicac2 said...

Get some rest! You deserve it!

Firefly's Running said...

I hope you are feeling better.