Thursday, April 03, 2008

Unscheduled Rest

I guess it takes an unscheduled rest day to get me to post.
I have been crazy busy. It is Spring Break for the kids so I worked two long days instead of my normal 3 days. Today we are going to do "something fun". I have not been told what that is yet, but since it is raining, I am guessing it will be something inside.
So about this unscheduled rest day...the BT training plan calls for a 1:15 easy spin on the bike but FIRST has my last 20 miler on tap tomorrow. So....after a hard week, I am resting today to prepare.
And it has been a hard week.
Thursday was a 1:15 easy spin on the bike
Friday 15 miles at PMP+10. I almost made it before the rain started. I got soaked the last mile. The wind was horrible the entire run. And I didn't make pace. 2:19:54, 9:20 pace. So close!!!!
Saturday I did 2:20 on my trainer using my Pedaling Strength DVD.
Sunday back on the trainer for 0:45 using No Slackers DVD. Then I did the P90X Ab ripper DVD.
Monday more rain so I did my 10 x 400s on the treadmill. I was really happy how they went. I had a lot more control over my speed. I ran the 400s at 7:03 pace and jogged the 400 RI at 10:48 pace. Then I hit the pool for a nice LONG swim, 3500 yards!!!
Tuesday morning I did 1:30 on the trainer using Pedaling Strength DVD and that evening I did my strength workout and ab ripper DVD.
Wednesday was 8 miles at PMP. I saw Tim and Lee in the parking lot. They invited me to run 8 @ 8 with them. I passed. I got my 8 miles done in 1:13:05, 9:08 pace. I really felt the weight training in my legs again but hit pace this time. After the run, it was off to the pool for 2800 yards.
So today is all about resting and getting ready for my last long run. I am going to do the ab ripper DVD in a little bit but that is all.
The other big thing going on with me is my diet. I hit the 20 pound mark this week. The body fat testing guy is coming back the 21st and I am hoping for much improved results.
Finally, I am going to be better about posting and commenting this week. I am reading your blogs but usually on the fly and my comments would be so full of typos they wouldn't make any sense.


Wes said...

You got some killer workouts going down. Combining two plans is such a tough call. You don't want one jeopardizing the other. Neither one takes into account what the other is trying to accomplish (usually!).

Getting into my strength training was the hardest part for me too. I kept putting it off and putting it off. When I started this half iron training plan, I finally started strength training, and I'm so glad I did. It has really helped me work my upper body and core.

Happy training!!!

david said...

Judging from your schedule, it is a well deserved rest day. Hope the 20 miler goes well tomorrow!

Lisa said...

Good Luck in the 20 miler and congrats on the weight loss!

AnthonyP said...

Unreal workouts. At least you have a rest day. Best of luck with the 20 miler.

jen said...

Wow, Michele. I can't believe how many hours you put it every day. Amazing! I think your training plan(s) are really interesting- love following it. You're going to do great at CMM - it's coming soon! Keep up the great work and enjoy your rest day! :)

Holly Jane said...

I think I'm finding your 20!!! Congrats!!!! You are doing awesome.

IronTriTim said...

Lots and lots of training good on you. Hope the 20miler goes ok.

TJ said...

Sounds like you are hitting it strong. Enjoy the rest!

Lana said...

Awesome week Michele!! I had an unscheduled rest day this week too! ha!

monicac2 said...

You are a monster! Definitely inspirational to a little half marathoner like myself (and to lots of others, I'm sure).

So what is this ab DVD? Does it work? I need MAJOR help on my abs!