Monday, December 29, 2008

The Highlights

I have been super busy, but here are the highlights...
I have been training, just not like The Plan says I should be training.
I turned 40, officially.
We got the backer board down and a few tiles. Might take til spring at this rate.
Our refrigerator is in the den, next to the Christmas Tree.
We had a wonderful Christmas at home and two more at my in-laws.
I have eaten like it might be my last day to see food, every day.
I have gained 8 pounds since Ironman.
I signed myself and Ronnie up for Tom King.
I turned over a new leaf today. I am watching what I eat again and following The Plan.


Ron said...

It's really weird but your life and mine seem very similar. 8 pounds, whew that's a lot of candy and cookies. Back on the plan, you go.

TJ said...

..."Our refrigerator is in the den"
Fewer steps to get a beer. Great idea. :)

Missy said...

Yep, everything is officially jiggling again...I hate it:( TK in March sounds like the perfect start to the season. I love that race.

jen said...

Happy Holidays Michele! Sounds like it was very fun. Good luck with The Plan and Happy New Year. :)

TriSaraTops said...

Happy belated birthday! Excited to meet you in person this new year! :)

Lana said...

Happy New Year, Michele!! Hope you guys had fun at the conference center!

Glad to hear you made some progress on the floors. You will love that tile when you get it down.