Thursday, May 06, 2010

Because the Doctor Said So

I have been pretty hard to live with lately, or even be around. Not running has been making me grumpy. Falling off plan the very first week made me testy. And the idea of not doing the Ironman that is already paid for makes me downright mean. So I made another foot doctor appointment. But before I get to that...
Yesterday The Plan called for strength and swim. It has a list of exercises to do but Wednesday morning there is a toning class at the Rec Center that I like. The instructor doesn't put up with any slackers so I figured that class would be as good as or even better then The Plan's exercises. So I did the toning class. And I put more effort into it then I would have in the weight room at 5:30am. Calling that on plan.
The Plan's swim was 1600 yards but like I said before I am just going to count on my swim coach. She took it easy on us with just 2100 yards. Still haven't decided on those mirrors yet. They had them a little more off the wall and then had a small gap between the two. It was better because I had time to breathe between them and before my flip. But I think I spend too much time looking at body flaws instead of technique.
The doctor's appointment
My doctor's appointment was yesterday morning. I told him my foot isn't getting well but I needed to know if I can run. I don't want to do anything at this point that will for sure take me out of Ironman but if I can run I NEED to be running. He looked at my feet and we talked. We talked about insoles for a while and I am thinking about those (sure wish I hadn't thrown out those Super Feet I had). He told me to stop with the ibuprofen and start using aspercreme instead. He instructed me to start with ice massage therapy. I told him about my sleep splint and he said it could be helpful so I am going to continue trying to sleep in that. Then he gave me the best news...I can run. Now he did say if I had to limp or alter my gait then stop or it would lead to injury of knees or hips. My mood instantly improved.

So this morning my plan called for 15 miles/1 hour of bike and 7 mile run. Now I know better then to jump right into a 7 mile run when I haven't run in basically a month. So I got to spin class a little early, did my stretches, and did an easy high cadence spin for 10 minutes before class officially started. Spin class was tough, like always. I left class and hit the greenway/town for a slow but non-limpy 3 mile run. It was wonderful. Sure my foot had some discomfort, but it is manageable. I am a runner again!!!


Firefly's Running said...

That's awesome news. The ice will really help with the inflammation.

david said...

Hope it continues to improve.