Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Day 2

We got a new toy in swim class...mirrors on the bottom of the pool. I am not sure how a feel about them yet but they gave me a whole new set of challenges last night. They are about 12 feet long in the swallow end. So when I push off the wall I am almost past them before I start swimming. Then on the way back I would try to take a breath right before I get to the mirrors, watch myself swim, flip turn at the wall, and then gasp for air just past the mirrors. Warm up was hard enough but I was ready to die after the 6 x 200. Then we did some kick, some pull, and some sprints. Ended up with 2800 yards. Not the 4750 my plan called for but I still have no doubts my swim coach will have me ready to go the distance.

This morning the plan called for 90 minutes of easy riding "just spend some time in the saddle". I got to the Rec Center at about 4:50 and waited with all the old folks for the doors to open. I did my stretches then hoped on a spin bike. I did half an hour of easy spinning before Leslie, the instructor, showed up and put an end to the easy stuff. She enjoyed torturing us with big climbs and sprints. More stretching, sit ups and I am done with day two of training.

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