Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am so far behind on my blog that there is no way I can post about everything I have been up to for the past week. So here are some highlights...
The Plan got crazy in week 2 and had a 3.5 hour ride on a TUESDAY?!?!?!?! I managed to get in 2 hours on the trainer. Couldn't take it any longer.
Then the weekend was all about making it work. Ronnie had golf planned so I got up at 4:30 and rode loops around my neighborhood until it got light enough to ride the roads. My neighbors are use to my craziness and actually say good morning with a straight face if I happen to see them getting their morning paper. I got in all 50 miles and the 3 mile run before he left at 8:30. Then I drug the kids to the Rec Center pool when it started raining that afternoon and they couldn't swim at home anymore. I got in 3200 yards and even some pratice dodging my son while he floated around in my lane.
Sunday it rained and I spent the day snuggled up with my daughter. I finally forced myself out on the bike at about 5 for an easy 20 miler. I got rained on before I even got out of the neighborhood. I got chased by dogs 3 times and had a max speed of 28.2 mph on the flats trying to out run one set. At the end I was back near home and still had 4 miles to go, so I headed out toward the highway for a short out and back. I almost got run over twice within a half mile so decided to call it a day.
Yesterday called for more running drills. But since I couldn't walk for a day after last weeks attempt, I just did a slow 3 mile run. My foot was not the limiter this time...it was my tummy. I made the mistake of drinking a Starbucks frap about an hour before my run. Didn't think I was going to make it home fast enough.
Almost skipped swim class but Kim talked me into going. 3000 yards later I was glad I went but exhusted.
Today I went to spin class. Did and extra 25 minutes before hand + the hour class. Think that covers the 25 miles called for on the plan.
This weekend is the Warrior Dash so I am going to have to do some rearranging. Don't think that 3.22 mile run will sub for a 30 mile bike+8mile run even with "11 obstacles from hell".

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