Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Warrior Dash

We drove to Mountain City, GA on Saturday morning. We got there in time to set up our tents at the state park and then head over to the race site.
Packet pick up was a little slow but nothing unbearable. We got a nice cotton t-shirt and the much coveted warrior helmet.
The start was exactly on time and they sent us out between flames shooting over the start line.
I wish I could remember the exact order of the obstacles.
I do know that it didn't take long before the 1st one and that was balance boards over a pond. Which lead right to the second obstacle...trudging trough a pond. I slipped while falling in and banged my shin, but Kim and I were laughing so hard as we made our way through. One second the water would be thigh high then next thing you know it is at your neck. I had to doggie paddle a couple of times. I had tons of gravel in my shoes already but was having so much fun it didn't matter.
I think the tires were next. It was hundreds of tires laid out like at a football practice. Someone from the sidelines yelled "Just stay on the top". So I just ran along the tops of the tires trying not to fall in.
Like I said I don't remember the order but other obstacles included:
the woods. Much of the race took place in the woods. It was muddy and a lot of it was single track.
A rope climb up a ramp. This was a wooden ramp with a rope attached at the top. I had to to wait a second for a rope to become available, then I grabbed it and hauled myself to the top.
A cargo net. Because my legs are so short, I had to start at the very bottom. Ronnie said he was able to start above where the cross support was so that made it easier for him. I finally made it to the top, turned around and tried to figure out how to get down. I started out with my back to the net then turned around facing the net.
walls. There 3 or 4 wooden walls to haul yourself up and over. Again the short legs made it harder for me but I went to the shortest side each time.
junkyard. several broken down cars blocked the path and you had to go over them to get by.
mud pit. First you had to slide down a muddy hill into this huge pit. It had barbed wire strung across the top so you had no choice but to drop and crawl. Again I was laughing so hard my main goal was not to get the mud in my mouth.
After the mud pit was the log roll. there were several logs in the pond and you had to climb over each one. I got dumped over one by a guy trying to dump his sister. It did get me washed off though.
The final obstacle was the fire jump. I must admit this was a lot more fire then I expected. But still not a problem to get over.
Crossed the finish line and got a metal!!
The after party was fun. We got one free beer then $4 apiece after that. There was live music and food vendors. I was worried before the race about taking the kids. Someone had posted on facebook that it would not be kid friendly. Well, turns out there were lots of families there and kids much younger then mine. My son did ask one time "Why are there so many men dressed like women?"
All in all it was a very well organized event. The obstacle were not too challenging but made the race interesting. I do think the course was short. I haven't gotten my official time. But I think it was somewhere around 30 minutes and with all the walking I was forced to do because of the single track in the woods, I know I didn't have a 10:00/mile pace.
Everyone should do this race. It really is a great time and for $45 it was not a bad deal...t-shirt, hat, medal, one free beer, live music.

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