Monday, May 10, 2010

The Weekend

Friday was a rest day. I felt guilty taking it since I didn't get all my running in. But since I don't get another til next Friday, I figured I better enjoy it.

Saturday The Plan called for a 30 mile/2 hour bike and a 3200 yard swim. When I went to bed Friday night the forecast wasn't the best for Saturday so I planned to get up and go to the Rec Center for an hour of spinning, spin class, and then swimming. But when I got up Saturday morning the sun was shining nice and bright so I scrapped that plan. I instead waited for the pool to open a 9. I did my required 3200 yards. When I got home Ronnie was napping. I wasn't sure when he wanted to run so I went out and hoed the weeds out of the garden while I waited on him. I finally got on my bike at 1:15. The plan said to ride how I felt and 30 miles in 2 hours wasn't a big push. The wind was bad but I still enjoyed being outside on my bike. I ended up with almost 35 miles in the 2 hours for an average speed on 17.3 mph.

Sunday I slept in and lazed around all morning. Then I did some more hoeing in the garden before I finally got my run done. The Plan called for 5 miles of hills. I am still in the building up miles stage so did 4 miles of flat. The Plan also called for some strength training but I never got around to that.

Today's run is high knees, skipping, butt kicks, grape vines...So if you want a good laugh come on by this afternoon.

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