Sunday, January 13, 2008

Racing Daylight

Yesterday Ronnie got a late start on golf due to the frost, so he was late getting home. Therefore, I didn't get out on my bike until 3:45. I almost didn't get my 20 miles in before dark.

Standing in my driveway I was too warm in my l/s jersey and jacket so I took off the jacket. I thought about taking off the gloves but worried that my fingers would get cold in the wind.

Boy am I glad I kept the gloves and I sure missed the jacket. Next time, I am going with first instinct.

After 3 rides on the new bike, I have determined that a new seat is REQUIRED. I place my order on Performance Bike this afternoon. Hope it solves my "soft tissue" issues.

Today I did a 1750 yard swim. Still no record break speed but steady.

BIG CONGRATS to Lana. She got her much deserved and hard fought for sub 4 today. You rock girl.


triguyjt said...

you are well on your way to ironman florida......
hate it when the seat causes so much.....ouch..discomfort

ShirleyPerly said...

When I first got my tri bike, the seat is the first thing I replaced. I have a soft Schwinn seat on it now. I don't care how dumb it looks as long as I can ride for long periods w/o pain.

Anonymous said...

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