Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Look Like a 9 year Old Boy

A friend called me last night to tell me her parents saw me leaving the Rec Center yesterday morning. It was cold and I had been swimming, so I had on a huge sweatshirt and a toboggan. Their conversation went something like this:

Mrs.: Hey look, there’s Michele
Mr.: That’s not Michele, that’s her son
Mrs.: No it’s not, that is Michele. Look she is getting in the driver’s side
Mr.: That is NOT Michele
Mrs.: It is too. See she is driving off. Her son is 9, he can’t drive
Mr.: Oh, man something is wrong with Michele

I guess I have been doing so much of my son’s homework; I am turning into a 3rd grader.

39 or 9, I have still been getting my workout in and finishing all the homework. Both have been a struggle.
Saturday-rest day
Sunday- one hour of Have Mercy Spinervals, abs, and swim class.
Monday-7.35 mile speed work and abs. 2 mile warm up, 5x 1k (1:30 rest interval), 1 mile cool down. I missed pace on all the 1K’s so I was disappointed in myself.
Tuesday-swim 2500 yards and abs
Wednesday-6 mile tempo and abs


teacherwoman said...

That's too funny!

Ryan said...

Is it taper time for you yet? Rest those legs and think sub 9:00 pace. Good luck!

Firefly's Running said...

Wow! Sounds like it really getting to you. Rest up!

jen said...

Ha ha, that's hilarious. Great job on all the workouts! Keep it up :)

Judi said...

I just found ya on Jen's blog. Glad to see another tri's blog.

Lana said...

You would know that someone would spot you in that little time frame between the time you walked out of the rec center and got in your car after swimming! Too funny!!

Great job on those workouts!