Friday, January 04, 2008


Wednesday night I took some Mucinex D and told Ronnie that if I got any sleep I was working out in the morning.
The Mucinex worked so I got up at 4:30 and headed to the Rec Center.
I saw Tim in the parking lot. He told me I was crazy to run outside, his truck said it was 8 degrees. I told him mine said 13. Turns out mine didn't have enough time to get the actual outside temp in the 4 mile drive over there and Tim's truck was closer. Actual was 10.
I was really cold at first. As I huffed and puffed my way up jail hill, I could feel the moisture from my breath forming ice on my eye lashes. My eye lashes just kept getting heavier during the five miles. When I got back to my car at the Rec Center, I looked like Tammy Faye Baker.
I went inside to swim. The water felt really warm on my frozen body. I knocked out 1750 yards a minute faster then last week. Still not breaking any speed records.

Last night both of the kids had a friend spend the night so I ordered pizza. I got myself a calazone to prepare for my long run.
The Mucinex didn't help as much last night and I was up quite a bit hacking. The alarm went off at 4:30. I got up, went to the bathroom, and got right back in bed. I laid there for a minute thinking. It will be warmer later today, I can take the kids to day camp and run then. But they both had friends over and I hated to have to take them home just so I could run. Tomorrow is going to be 60, it would be so much better to run then. Ronnie will be golfing, when will I squeeze in 16 miles? I ate that calazone last night, I can't eat like that and then not run. So I then I got my butt out of bed and ran.
It was warmer then yesterday, in the teens. But I was struggling. I didn't want to be out there in the cold and dark. I made excuses. I am sick, I didn't get enough sleep, It's cold, It's dark... I didn't have a route planned and was just going by the seat of my pants. Mile 4 had me in Baker Heights. I got a plan. From here I could run Cracker Barrel Hill. Then I could compare it to the hills in Birmingham. New motivation. I was excited to be running now.
I made it up the hill, down interstate drive and a short out and back on 41. I beeped 8 miles. I turned around and headed back.
I was running out of excitement now. I ate a shot block, which freeze in your pocket when it is in the teens.
I felt a little better.
I trudged on. I ate a few more shot block ice cubes and finally made it home.
It wasn't my best 16 miles but it is 16 miles in the bank.
I started hacking as soon as I walked in the house. Took a couple more Mucinex and am hoping for a nap in a little while.
In the meantime, I pluged Garmin into the laptop and got the profile from todays run. I compared it to the profile for the Mercedes Marathon. I am in TROUBLE. While Cracker Barrel Hill is a little steeper it is only about a tenth of a mile. Mercedes has 2 hills that are each a mile climb. OUCH!!!!


Lisa said...

If you are in "trouble" then I'm in deep "crap". Where would we find a one mile hill to train around here?
Mercedes is going to be an "adventure run" for me. :)

jen said...

Wow, Michele, great job getting the miles in. I can completely relate to that inner dialog about putting off your long run. I'm very proud of you for getting it done! The hills may not have been the same caliber as Mercedes, but it was good practice nonetheless. Keep up the good work! :)

jkrunning said...

Your not in trouble, your sick. There is a difference.

monicac2 said...

You're not in trouble, you ROCK! I can't believe you were out running in weather that cold ... especially after being sick!!! I wimped out on a 5 miler this morning just because I was "too tired". After reading your post, I'm tempted to head out of my office in my work clothes (suit, heels, and all) just to get the run done!! LOL.

Great job!

david said...

We're going to do great. We might not burn up the hills but we will make it over them fine. Hope you can get some rest and get well.

Benson said...

Whoa, easy there trigger. Good job getting the miles in but please, get well first. It'll be much better if you're well.

Holly Jane said...

I am totally impressed! Frozen eye lashes one day and frozen shot blocks the next! I'm not motivated enough to get outside when it's under 30... so I may be the one in trouble when training for CMM!

Marathon Maritza said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! It was so cold and you were sick, girl!

Michele, you are seriously SUCH a constant source of running inspiration...I'm ready to stop complaining, drop the leftover xmas cookies and get right back on track BIG TIME!

Happy new year!

Joe said...

Way to get out there, Michelle...even with all the "barriers".

And Tammy Faye never did 16 miles so well!!!!!

Firefly's Running said...

Michele, you need some rest. Take it easy so you can feel better.

Darrell said...

Nicely done getting back out of bed. I probably would have stayed there. Don't get discouraged yet, you've still got plenty of time before Mercedes.

TJ said...

Way to tough it out and get it done in rough conditions.
Hope the hacking goes away soon!

IronTriTim said...

You are sick, its easier when you are not sick, I am sure you will do fine. You ground it out and did the miles good on yah. Also the big day adrenaline will kick in.

Anonymous said...