Friday, May 30, 2008

Bad Start

This trip is not off to a good start:

Got stuck in traffic and sat on the interstate for an hour.

I was using my cell phone for my GPS. It died in Atlanta. So I didn't have GPS or a phone.

I stood in line for an hour and a half to pick up my race packet.

Got lost going to the hotel.

The hotel did not have my reservation. They did have one room left that I snatched right up.

I left my confirmation number and camera at home.

It was 8:30 before I got dinner.

It is hotter then hell here and wetsuits might not be legal.

I hope I got all the bad out of the way and tomorrow can be a much better day.


TJ said...

Good luck Michele!
Hope you have a great day out there!

Firefly's Running said...

Hang in there! Things will be get better and will totally ROCK!

Lana said...

I hope it's going great for you out there!!!

Lisa said...

Hang tough, Michele!

IronTriTim said...

Just make it to the start, I am sure everything will go fine. Good luck.

TriSonq said...

OK. The proud side of me wants to say I hate everyone who does better than me in races. Even though I was not in this race, you did beat my best 1/2 ironman time. Killed it actually.

But, I can't. I am sooo prooud of you. That is an incredible time! You inspire me. Thank you.