Friday, May 02, 2008

And the Craziness gets Started

I really hoped that once the marathon was over things would settle down for me but it has gotten worse. May is always a crazy month and this year the craziness started a few days early.
I have adjusted my work schedule this month so that I don't miss any of the activities the kids have going on. Training is being squeezed in between those activities and work.
Sunday was a very lazy day. I did manage to shuffle the one mile around the block Sunday afternoon just to try to work out some stiffness.
Monday the plan called for a run and swim. I skipped the run knowing that it would not be very productive and just did 1500 yards in the pool. Lots of pull with dead legs just dragging behind. The swim must have really helped because by that evening I no longer needed to use the wall to pull myself off the toilet.
So Tuesday morning I got up at 4:20 for an 1:15 trainer ride. Plan called for hills so I did the Pedaling Strength DVD. Then I did ab ripper that night.
Wednesday was another 4:20 wake up for a 45 minute run and a 2900 yard swim. The run was slow and I only made it 4.54 miles, 9:55 pace. I had to cut the swim short (1900 yards) to get the kids to school for the final day of AR points. Bryce ended up with 100 points and Casey 200. I am so proud of both of them and glad it is over.
Thursday I got to "sleep in" until 5:00. One hour trainer ride. Easy spinning while watching TV. Then off to Sam Davis home for a field trip with the 2nd grade.
Today was field day at school and the plan called for 3:30 ride and 20 minute run. Bryce has a birthday party to attend this evening. So the only way to get the workout done was to get up at 2:45 this morning. I did the Tough Love spinervals DVD. That was my first time to do the whole thing and I looked like someone sprayed me with a hose by the time I was done. I changed shoes, put on a shirt, and headed out for the run. My legs felt fine but I still kept it slow and only got in 2.12 miles.
Field day was a blast and the kids did great. They only got to do the morning events. With storms on the radar, they decided to postpone the afternoon events until Tuesday morning. I am going to have to make some more adjustments to my work schedule.


Lisa said...

Why didn't you start at midnight? :P

TJ said...

2:45. Whew! That's early. Way to get it done though. I'd have been a zombie at the field day.