Thursday, May 29, 2008

Final Prep

I have finished all my final workouts, well most of them.
Sunday was a 45 minute bike. I went a little too far and ended up with 54:17.
Monday was a 2000 yard swim and a 25 minute run. With the holiday I wasn't sure about the pool schedule but I was sure they wouldn't be open early. So I skipped the swim and just did the run and abs.
Tuesday a 50 minute ride that I had to do on the trainer due to rain.
Wednesday was a rest day but I did abs.
Today 1000 yards swim and 20 minute run. I did the run on the greenway and then hit the pool. This afternoon I did tomorrows 20 minute ride so that tomorrow I can rest.
I got my new bike computer installed last night and it worked great on my ride today. I also got my aero bottle on better, it didn't rattle like it did in Memphis.
I have started packing, hope I remember all the important stuff.
I printed out my medical release form and directions.
I found out there is an Olive Garden close to my hotel. I checked out the menu and am ready for some good carb loading tomorrow night.
All that is left is to race.


AnthonyP said...

Best of Luck !!

Firefly's Running said...

You are going to ROCK!

IronTriTim said...

Good luck in your half iron.

Lisa said...

Go Michele, Go! Good Luck!

david said...

Good Luck and have a safe trip

Ryan said...

Good luck!

Maybe I'll run into you there!