Friday, October 17, 2008

I Got My Race Number

That's right, Ironman race numbers have been assigned. I am number 2322! Love it. Kids should be able to remember it.

It has been a VERY busy week.
Monday I got up at 4am so that I could run an hour of hill repeats (10 x jail hill) and swim 2500 yard continuous. I had to drag myself through the whole thing but I got it done. I was so tired at work that I wanted to crawl under my desk and take a nap. After work it was a mad rush to get kids from place to place. So by the time I got the kids to bed, I was right behind them.
Tuesday morning I got up at 5:00. Since Ronnie was leaving town early Wednesday morning I needed to get Wednesday's workout done on Tuesday. So I went to the Rec Center for a 3600 yard swim. I made it 1400 yards before I called it quits. I was so tired and I felt like I was going to throw up in the pool. I went home and got cleaned up so that I could go to my doctors appointment and work. Kids dentist appointments took up the entire afternoon and exhausted me even more. So I never got around to the 50 minute bike or 35 minute run. But I got some sleep.
Wednesday I was feeling much better. I went to my dentist appointment then did a 31.25 mile ride and 3.25 mile run. After getting the kids it was more rushing from place to place.
Thursday was a scheduled rest day and I enjoyed every second of it. I did feel a little guilty about Tuesday's missed workouts but not guilty enough to make them up. I didn't have time anyway since I had to work and was single. Thursday afternoon was just Sylvans so not as rushed.
Today I was off work. I had to get in today's scheduled 2 hour ride and tomorrow's 3600 yard swim. I got up at 6 and did the Ab Ripper DVD. I took the kids to school and went to the Rec Center to swim. I swam 150 yards and then remembered that I was suppose to be at the doctors for blood work. I jumped out of the pool, got dressed, and rushed to the doctor. Got there 10 minutes early and the place was still locked. It just happened to be right by the early voting so I went and voted. Back at the doctor's office, I got my blood drawn then went back to the pool. I got the swim done and made plans with Lana to meet up for the ride. I went home changed and rode to Lana's. We rode the longest loop I did Saturday when I did my long ride. It was great to have company. The ride flew by. 37.4 miles in 2:05. She really makes me push myself harder then I do riding alone.
So tomorrow I have a 50 minute run that I will do while the kids are at Sylvans making up Tuesdays class.
I am on the home stretch now, only 2 weeks til I toe the line.


Iain said...

Damn I'm tired out just reading that. Do you have time to breath in amongst all that hectic lifestyle.

Nearly there, time to take a step back from all the training madness. Nothing you do now will make you quicker on the day, but do too much................

Taper Well. November 1st is just around the corner.

david said...

Cool race number.... even I can remember it! Time is getting close...I know you will have a great race.

jen said...

Nice race number, sounds lucky to me! Great taper workouts. You sound really strong with only a couple weeks to go! :)

IronJenny said...

It's almost here! Can't wait to follow all of you guys - I miss you and I know you will do great!