Saturday, October 11, 2008

In the Books

I am still on a high from a great workout today so I will keep this short.

Yesterday I did a Sloooooow 30 minute run and got in 3.08 miles before hitting the pool. The swim way long and also slow. 4500 yards in 1:45:51. Now in my defence, there was 1000 yards of kick in there and I am the worlds worse kicker. I usually just drag my legs behind like dead stumps.

On to today. I had a 6 hour ride on tap. I got up at 6:30, but was dragging and didn't get rolling until 7:45. The plan said to ride hills. So I decided to do 3 loops. That way I could ride the Noah Road hill 3 times and get in some rollers in between. I can't believe how great I felt today. The first loop I did the long route and made it home to refuel at 39 miles. I made a quick potty stop and refilled my bottles and started loop two. My sponge fell out right away and I had to do a u turn to go back and get it. I think I have only had that thing for two or three rides. That areo bottle is going to get expensive. I took a different route after climbing THE HILL. Made it back home at 72 miles. Quick potty stop and bottle refill and off for final loop. I tried to make excuse as to why I didn't NEED to climb that hill again but I sucked it up and made the third climb at mile 90. I took yet another route home and finally didn't have an dog encounters. Made it home in 6:03 with a total of 103.65 miles. I changed shoes and did a 2 mile run off. Plan didn't call for it but I was feeling good and wanted to prove to myself that I could run after 100 miles on the bike. I ran 2 miles in 17:27. Where did that come from??? I am thinking it was the pretzels I ate on the final stretch home. They were so good. Magic pretzels??? I am taking those suckers to Florida!!!
Total for week:
swim 11,800 yards
bike 149.01
run 18.93
16 hours total


Darrell said...

If it really was the pretzels, you'd better figure out how to market and sell them to all your friends and readers.

Marathon Maritza said...

Yes, good luck pretzels! Go with it!

Sounds like you had an amazing workout, you rock!

Kate said...

Wow!!! Fantastic workout!!!

david said...

Enjoy the taper! You are going to do GREAT in Florida!

Lana said...

Great job, Michele! Taper sounds wonderful!