Saturday, February 11, 2006

How I got here

Last year while running the CM half Marathon, Lana said at about mile 11 "I bet we will be running the full next year" I told her she was crazy, I would never run the full, no time to train and lack of desire. Well here I am, just completed week 9 of a 20 week program to run the full marathon. When we started this train Lana created a blog and told me to create one also to track our progress. I still wasn’t sold on the idea of doing the full and didn’t want to create a blog only to quit and drop back to the half. I told myself then that if I could make it to the 18 mile point I was doing the full. I may be crawling across that finish line but after doing all this running I AM going to finish.
I am training with Lana and Tracy. Ronnie and Gary are also training for the full. Bryce and Casey are doing the kids marathon where they run 25.2 miles in the 5 weeks before the race and finish the last mile on race day. Dawn (I owe you big!!!) is coming up from Memphis with her kids who will also run the kids race and she will keep my kids while Ronnie and I run our race. I won’t be able to watch my kids cross the finish line so I am counting on pictures.

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dal6832 said...

Now I know you would do it for me. I am so proud of you. You just sit your mind to something and that is it!!! You go girl!!