Thursday, February 16, 2006

Week 10 Day 4

This was my forth day in a row to run at 5 am. Usually I only run that early on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but the snow day and the up coming ski trip have messed up my whole schedule. This morning it was very hard to make myself get out of bed when that alarm went off and I came really close to skipping. I made it to the Rec Center at 5 and ran my 5 miles, 60 laps, on the track in 46:52, averaged 9:22 min/mile pace. I am a lot happier with my pace today but the run was very boring and I don’t know why I ran inside turned out that it was 55 degrees and not raining as predicted. Lana was a no show so this was the first run all week that I had to do entirely by myself. Oh well, it is done and all I have left for this week is 10 miles. I plan to run it in the morning. The kids have a short day at school and we hope to be able to hit the road at 1:00.

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