Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Week 10 Day 2

I don't know if it is just that I don't usually run at 5 am on Tuesdays or if the snow kept people in yesterday morning so they had to make it up today but the track at the rec center had more people then usual for that time of day and these people were not as trained to stay out of that far outside lane. I had run about a mile and a half when Lana got there. So I got to run my last 3 and a half miles with her. Made the time go by faster and the run less painful. She was doing 8 today but I only had time for 5. I did my 5 in 49:55 for a pace of 9:59. It is suppose to get nice today so I am hoping to be able to run another 5 miles outside tomorrow morning at 5am anyone want to join me???


Lana said...

I have to do 8 tommorrow, but I might possibly run the first 5 with you.

Michele said...

I am so sick of that track I want to get back outside. It is suppose to get warm today so tomorrow morning won't be bad, plus it will be light out by the time I finish my 5 so your last 3 alone won't be in the dark!!! Come on run with me!!