Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Lana and David,
It won't take much effort to do better then me at this weeks 16 mile run. 2:30:12, 9:23 pace.
Good Luck,

The alarm went off at 4:00 this morning and I hit snooze. It went off again 9 minutes later and this time I got up. Not for shopping, for running. Usually we are in Memphis for Black Friday and my friend Dawn and I hit all the sales. This year Ronnie had to work so we stayed home. His working also prevented me from shopping. So running it was.
It was cold and I started slow.
I thought that the 3,3,6,6, and 2 method worked so well last week maybe I would try it again. 3 at 10, 3 at 9:45, 6 at 9:20-9:30, and 4 at marathon pace.
First three 9:58, 9:29, 9:27. Oops a little faster then planned but it is cold and I want it over.
Next three 9:20, 9:28, 9:16. If I can hold this pace the rest of the run, I am going to be happy.
The six 9:14, 9:10, 9:08, 8:59, 9:19, 9:21. About mile 10 my stomach started hurting. I had to slow down.
The last four 9:12, 10:22 (port-a-potty stop)9:09, 9:22. In that 14 mile I started worrying about my stomach. I knew there used to be a port-a-potty at a house under construction. The house is almost done and I was worried they had already hauled it off. I started praying. Please let that port-a-potty still be there and let it be somewhat clean. As I rounded the turn, I saw it. Whew, relief was in sight. I made the stop and then continued on. I felt better for the next mile but then the cramping started again and I couldn't get home fast enough.
Guess my tummy doesn't like Thanksgiving dinner, or maybe it is just my cooking!!!


Lana said...

Other than the stomach issues, which were out of your control, looks like a VERY strong run to me. Good job! Although I can tell you needed me there for those first 3 to slow you down!!!

The way I feel right now, I'll be lucky to finish 16 at all. Black Friday is not for the faint of heart.

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Firefly's Running said...

Nice job, Michele!

Joe said...

don't you hate it when that happens?? And isn't it funny how we all know where the current port-a-pots are along our running routes!!! Only runners would notice!

Nice run in the cold...probably saved some money for you too!

Bethany said...

You are doing a great job on your training. Stomach issues are the worst, at least you had a port-a-potty... You will have to ask Holly about my experience! Also, I'm glad the Manchester 5/10k turned out so well...I will look forward to it next year.

Anonymous said...



Mallie said...

No porta-pots for us mountain bikers...we just have to hope that the spot we pick in the woods is truly private!

Sounds like a great run, despite the tummy issues. You're so dedicated. You need to rub some of that off on me.

Joe said...

> this time I got up.
> Not for shopping,
> for running.

You went running instead of shopping on Black Friday? That's dedication!

jen said...

Great run Michele. I can't imagine running the morning after the big thanksgiving meal- I would have to stick to the treadmill so I was never far from a bathroom. You did great though- I did the early shopping thing and I thought that was rough!

TJ said...

sounds like a great way to spend black friday to me...except for the porta potty breaks....

Marathon Maritza said...

Great job on your run! I'm glad the portapotty was still there!