Tuesday, November 20, 2007


My kids have caused me to busier then usual the past several days. I am worn out.

Thank goodness it is taper. It has been hard to get the runs in but I have logged the miles required, well almost.

Sunday I met Lana at 12:30 at the Rec Center for an 8 mile run with 5 x 600. We ran 3 miles to the track at Westwood. Where Lana used her code to get us in the gate. Lana's goal was 2:45 on each of the 600s. She pulled me along and I managed to make every one (just behind her). It is great to have a super fast training partner who doesn't take no for an answer. After the 600's, we ran the two+ miles back to the Rec Center.

Monday morning I met Mike at the Rec Center at 5:00 for 5. We waited until 5:15 for Lana then took off without her. I got confused about the schedule and only ran 4. There goes my sub 4 marathon!!
After the run, we went in for a quick swim. I swam 1000 yards. Does that make up for my lost mile??

Today is a rest/cross train day. I planned on riding my trainer but now I have poured myself a glass of wine. Don't see that ride happening!

Tomorrow I am meeting Lana and Mike for a 4 mile recovery run with 6 x 100 and then going to toning class.

Thursday Lana, Holly and I had planned on doing the Blvd. Bolt, but we procrastinated so long that now it would be $50 each with no guarantee that we would get a timing chip. So Lana is kicking off the First Annual Manchester Thanksgiving Day 5 and 10K. The best part...it is FREE!!!! Everyone is invited.

Happy Thanksgiving