Friday, November 16, 2007

Lana is Trying to Kill Me

Here's how it went down:

Yesterday, I met Lana, Holly and Mike (Amy and Kim were no shows) at the Rec Center for a 4 mile recovery run and a 900 yard swim.

After the swim, Lana and I discussed the 20 miler scheduled for today. We decided to run the same 20 mile route as last time. But, she thought that maybe if we started a little later (6:00) that we would have time to eat before hand and therefore have a better run. I told her that sounded good to me, 2 hours more sleep. Later I got an email that said she forgot about her hair appointment so it would have to be 4 after all. Ugg, the first step in her attempt to do me in.

So I got up at 3:30 this morning and drove to Lana's.That's right is says 3:56 and 27 degrees!!!

After a quick discussion about the amount of clothing Lana was wearing and if it would be too much we started the run.

We started nice and slow. That is when Lana told me the plan.

I have an idea for this run. Let's break it down in 6, 6, 6 and the final 2.
Ok, fine with me. It's a mental thing we have used before. But there was more...
The first 6 let's break into 2 subsets of 3 each. The first 3 at a 10:00 pace.
I am liking this plan.
The actual turned out 10:02, 9:59, and 9:43
The second 3 we will pick up the pace just a little to 9:45.
Still ok with the plan.
The actual was 9:46, 9:27, and 9:23
The second 6 we pick it up some more to about 9:20 to 9:30
I pointed out to Lana as we started the second 6 we didn't have to pick up the pace much to reach her goal. Please, Please don't make me run faster.
The actual 9:14, 9:18, 9:20, 9:19, 9:19 and 9:21
The last 6 will be run at marathon pace.
What?!?!? Are you insane? I didn't read anything about marathon pace on the plan. I fought her the whole six. I would fall behind and then remind myself I felt fine, there was no reason I couldn't keep up. I just didn't want to! Lana fought back. She would motion me to get back up there with her and continue running at her insane pace.
The actual 9:34 (it was uphill and we had some photo ops), 9:00, 8:59, 9:02, 8:51, and 8:52.
The last 2 miles we can see where we are, how we are feeling and either finish it out at marathon pace or pick it up
I can tell you where I will be, DONE!!!
As we start this final two, Lana got just ahead of me and there was no catching up this time. I pushed just to stay a few steps behind.
The actual 8:52 and 8:49.
20 miles in 3:06:14, 9:19 pace.

So there you have it. Lana tried to kill me! Good news is, I survived. And it is downhill from here. It is taper time!!

We high fived after the finish. I noticed Lana's ponytail had ice on the ends. I hope the picture turns out and Lana posts it. It was too funny.

I rushed home, made lunches for my kids and dropped them off at school.

Returned home to take an ice bath. I was still so cold from the run that I did not relish the idea of sitting in ice. I got in the tub and started the cold water. It hurt so bad. I got craps in my feet from tensing up. I dumped the ice in and couldn't stand it. I gave up on the ice bath. I used biofreeze on my lower body instead.


Holly Jane said...

GREAT GREAT GREAT run! I am so proud of you guys & very inspired! I was worried about ya'll being out in the cold. I woke up a couple of times & started to call & see if either of you had your phones. Congrats and soak up the taper! You deserve it!

jen said...

Holy crap you rock!! You are in amazing shape and are going to have a fabulous marathon, michele. :) :) :) Very cool. Nice work out there!

(Also, BRRR!)

david said...

Its down hill from here! You are doing great. It is going to be so much fun getting to run with you in Huntsville.

Marathon Maritza said...

GREAT job!!!!!! Enjoy the taper because, girl, you have earned it!

Firefly's Running said...

You are more crazier (sorry for the bad English!) than me! Great job on the 20 miler. TAPER TIME!

Bigun said...

I don't know how anyone does the Icebath thing...especially after freezing run temps! More power to ya for trying...have a great are ready!

TriSaraTops said...




A 20 miler at 4am?!?!? You chicks are nuts! Or just bada$$ Ironmen. Probably the latter.


Kate said...

You guys are machines!!!!!

You're going to ROCK this marathon!!

Joe said...

Awesome run, you two!! Great strategy and better exection!!

3 weeks to go...hope to meet you in Huntsville!!

Joe said...

Awesome run, you two!! Great strategy and better exection!!

3 weeks to go...hope to meet you in Huntsville!!

jkrunning said...

You girls are my heros. 4am is not my friend.

Anonymous said...

wow, that's early and very impressive!! Great run!

Phil said...

You'll remember this run on your marathon along about mile 20 when Lana wants to speed up and you find that both of you can! Your doing fabulous Michele.

teacherwoman said...

3:30am! Now that is crazy!!

Nice job though!

Wes said...

Lana sounds like my l'il sister. Always two steps ahead of me no matter how fast I run :-)

Petraruns said...

You are incredible! Maritza recommended I check you out as you're Pfitzing it and I want to try an 18 week Pfitz for my 5th marathon (London) after doing Hal Higdon Intermediate I twice and PBing at 4:12. Would love to duck under 4 but it sounds like you're way ahead of me in terms of fitness! I'm going to keep reading and thinking of you out in the freezing cold at 4am. Well done!

Benson said...

You chicks are solid, tough, butt kick'n babes. Nice job. You're marathon is gonna ROCK!

Ice bath? Oh My God! So good for you but so so cold.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice run!! And ice baths are da bomb!

That was weird. I've never said "da bomb" before.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!!