Sunday, November 11, 2007

Club Member

Saturday was a rest cross training day. I had BIG plans to ride. Then I got bit by the lazy bug.
The kids slept until 8:00!!!
We did nothing.
I got an email from Lana about a multi sport club that was starting out of Gran Fondo bike shop in Nashville. I text her back, if she was going I wanted to try to tag long.
So about 2 Lana calls and she is going to Nashville. I called Ronnie he was still at the golf club. So I called the sitter.
First we went to MOAB and got Lana's bike fixed. I talked to Brian about the Hed 3 wheels I am drooling over. He can get them for me. I sure hope Santa is feeling generous this year.
Then we went on to Nashville. We tried on the uniform for the club. I hate it but I bought it. When we asked if we could get shorter shorts the guy told us, "all the pro are wearing longer shorts now" that is great for the pros, they aren't short and fat.
So, we will be uniform wear club members.
This morning I had to get my run in before golf. I got up at 5:15. It was cold and I ran slow.
Tomorrow Lana will try to kill me again with 10 miles and 4 x 1200 at 4:45am! Glad the end is in sight!


Firefly's Running said...

Good luck tomorrow.

Wes said...

Hope your run went well. Yea, I've heard that Lana is a slave driver ;-)

And HED wheels? Phew! They cost more than my bike!!

Steve Stenzel said...

That "lazy bug" is a bastard. I hate that thing!...

tri-mama said...

You guys are really hitting it hard! It will feel so good to get to the starting line, then the day is yours. Best wishes as you run out your training- then the real fun starts :-)

Lisa said...

"they aren't short and fat"

You are far from fat, girl. You are a running machine that will go sub-4 on Dec 8th. :)

Yelena said...

Thanks for writing this.