Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Four Days of Forty

My training plan has always dealt with time and not distance for the bike and the run. Swim it gives a distance and a time. This week it threw me a curve. The four 2 hour bikes I had scheduled were all suppose to be 40 miles.
I don't ride 40 miles on a 2 hour training ride!
So my four days of forty was suppose to start Sunday. But I had that race.
Day one - 27.3 miles in 1:33:09. I got neither the time or the distance. Not off to a good start. But the run was only suppose to be 30 minutes and I got in 50:59.
Day two - I got up at 3:00 am. Rode my trainer for 2 hours. 28.09 miles. Got the time but not the distance. Then I went to the pool and did my require 2000 yards. Plan said it should take 40 minutes, took me 44:05.
Day three - I got up at 3:00 am again. I had decided that I had a better shot at getting 40 miles in two hours on the rode vs the trainer. So I put a light on my bike and rode 40 one mile loops of my neighborhood. It was dark and my light isn't very good, I was scared to get out on a real road. Still no dice. 40 miles in 2:35. I ran 4.1 miles in 40 minutes after the run.
Day four - I had the day off so got to sleep in and do the ride after taking the kids to school. 40 miles in 2:22. I had to do 4 loops of my neighborhood at the end to get to 40 miles. Then I ran 3.23 miles in 30 minutes. Next, I was suppose to swim 2300 yards in 30 minutes but I only got in 2100 yards in 48:05 before I got kicked out because they were closing.
So my "Four Days of Forty" didn't go as planned. I am short some bike miles, short some swim yards, and over on my run time. But tomorrow is a rest day and I am going to enjoy every second of it, well except for that going to work part.


david said...

Enjoy your rest is well deserved!

Lana said...

At least you gave it a good effort! It was still great training time, either way you look at it.

Darrell said...

Better to give it your best shot than to no try at all. That 40 one mile loops makes you a hero in my book. That would have driven me crazy.

Marathon Maritza said...

WOW! Please don't be hard on yourself that it 'didn't go as planned' because you did awesome!!! Enjoy your rest day, you deserve it!