Saturday, September 13, 2008

L&M Century

The L(Lana)&M(Michele) Century started at about 8:30 from the Rec Center Friday morning.
Lana had a 70 mile route and when she told me I suggested how we could add to the end to get it closer to the 100 miles we were shooting for.
I had already asked Lana if she was going to kill me on the hills. She assured me there were only 3 worth mentioning, the rest would just be rolling to flat. I knew my part was flat, maybe slightly rolling.
We loaded our pockets with as much food as we could carry and some money for additional fluids and were off.
The hills were tough but I made it up them, heart racing but no pushing. The wind was brutal. It just wouldn't let up and I think it got worse when we got to the second half. Three fourths of the time it was a battle against the wind and one forth it was a tail wind and we caught some speed.
We made one pit stop at about mile 45. We should have made another because we both ran out of fluids at the end.
Since we were both out of water and sick of the wind we called it good when we reached the rec center with 94.27 miles. rolling time of 5:16. That is an average speed of 17.9!!!! That is FAST for me.
My fuel:
2 PB&J
4 Fig Newtons
1 banana
2 small boxes of raisins
2 bottles of Nuun
1 bottle of Gatorade
1 bottle of water
I know I needed more liquid. I think I was ok on food. I had a chocolate/banana protein shake when I got home and we went out to dinner where I pigged out and drank way too much beer.
So today I am enjoying a rest day. Guilt free since I got the swim done Thursday.
Week Totals:
swim 9700 yards
bike 138.58 miles
run 13.09 miles
The kids and I are going to take my mom out to lunch for her 60th birthday. Then I am doing NOTHING!!! Tomorrow is Music City. I know I am going to take a public stomping. No way will my legs be ready to race by the morning. But Team Magic always puts on a great race, so I am going to have fun.


jkrunning said...

Good for you girl. Most people don't even want to DRIVE 100 miles.

Darrell said...

Close enough, heh?

Hope the race went well.

Eric said...

17.9 for a century? I would take it!!! Great job.