Monday, July 14, 2008

Quick Check In

Still have a million things to do before bed but wanted to do a quick check in before I get too far behind again.
Yesterday was a "recovery" day. 30 min easy spinning and 20 minute run off. I headed out on my bike at 5:30am. It was cloudy, cool, and still on the dark side. Then it started to mist. I rode an easy 7.7 miles, made a potty stop, then ran 2.04 miles extra easy.

This morning I PROMISED myself no rushing, no fussing, get the day off to a good start. I hit snooze. I am so not a snooze person. I did get up before the second alarm but now I was already 7 minutes behind schedule. I went to the rec center and did 2.85 miles in 25 minutes then went inside and swam 2000 yards.
But I was prepared this morning. I had lunches and backpacks already packed and my clothes ironed. We were still rushing out the door late but it was a much calmer rush.
Tonight I did the 1 hour x-stretch DVD and the 15 minute ab ripper DVD that came with the P90X. The stretching felt great.
Now a little bragging on my child. Got a call from her gymnastics instructor this evening. She wants to move her up to the next class. She will be 8 soon, going into the 3rd grade. The class she is moving into is all middle school and high school girls. The instructor says she is ready, the bigger girls will make her push herself more. I hope I am doing the right thing.


kmholt7 said...

Your morning sounds a little like mine. I hit the snooze too. I did manage not to say "Mom's going to be late" and we still left at about the same time we always do (which is a little late!).

jen said...

Congrats to your daughter! She must be pretty gifted. :)

Great job on your training, you rock the morning workouts.