Saturday, July 19, 2008

Week of Stretching

The plan called for stretching 3 times this week. I am glad I have that x-stretch DVD because today I might have touched my toes and called it done.
Thursday was stretching only. So x-stretch and ab ripper it was.
Friday was an 1:10 run followed by a 1800 yard swim.
Today was stretching, abs and a 2 hour ride. I did 3 since I will be on vacation next weekend and there is no way I will be riding for 3 hours in Mexico.
I managed to get myself lost on today's ride. It was fun at first, new places, new scenes. But then I wondered if I would ever find my way home. I called Ronnie and tried to get him to figure out where I was. By the time he did, I had turned around and just did an out and back. Ended up with 51.9 miles.

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