Sunday, August 03, 2008

Staggerwing Duathlon Race Report

My training planned called for a 3:30 bike and a 0:35 run. But it was Staggerwing Race day. I don't have many races that I don't have to drive 60+ miles to get to so I hate to miss any close to home. Plus this race has free beer at the finish.
So I came up with a plan. I would ride my bike the 20 miles each way to and from the race, plus the 18.6 miles for the race. The 2 4k runs would more then cover the 35 minutes of required running.
I called Lana and let her know my plan. She was in too.
We met at the bank at 5:45. It took me 20 minutes to ride the 5 miles from my house to the bank. Then Lana and I rode the remaining 15 miles to the race. We made good time and got there with time to spare.
I picked a spot in transition, got my packet, got body marked, and set up.
I walked up the hill to the start line. Made a port-a-potty stop and waited for the start.
I was number 11 so I went out in the first wave.
There were only a few other females in this wave and I was in the lead right off the bat. I didn't feel like I was running fast but at mile one I was sub 8 (very fast for me). For the run course, it is an out an back on the taxiway, down a gravel hill, and then out and back on a greenway. So you get to see who is in front of you and who is behind you several times along the way. I cheered for all my peeps as I saw them. I finished the first 4k run in 20:49.
In T1 i changed shoes, swapped my hat for helmet, and was out of there in 0:55.
The bike course starts out flat then is mostly downhill to the turn around then mostly up hill back to transition.. As soon as I got on my bike, I started drinking. I had my aero bottle full of Nuun water. I have never had it before but loved it. Eric went out of transition just before me and I could see him just up the road. I pressed to catch him. Once I did, I looked for the next person to catch. I didn't like being in the first wave to start. I like chasing people down not running from them. I knew Lana was in the second wave and I was waiting on her to catch me. I had hope to make it to the turn around before she did, but she caught me a little before then. She yelled "come on and keep up" as she went by. I tried but she is just too darn fast. I made the 180 at the turn around and headed back. I tell myself every year I am going to go ride this course before the race. I really wish I had, it would have paid off. Going out there was a nice downhill that I knew we would have to climb coming back. Problem is, I didn't recognize it when I got there. I climbed the whole thing in my big chain ring. At the top Holly and Flash were there, and I yelled "Is it almost over" thinking I still had the hill to climb. I hit the flat and realized what I had done. I pushed it back to T2. 30k bike time 56:17.
In T2, I made the swap back to running shoes and hat. Out in 0:36.
Run 2 is the first run in reverse.I saw Lana on the greenway and there was still no other female between us. I didn't see any females closing in on us either. I drank water at each of the water stops along the way. It was HOT. Out and back on the taxiway then up to the finish line.

Second 4k run 20:34
Total 1:39:10.
I crossed the line and got my cold towel. Then I found the beer truck. Hung around eating pizza, drinking beer and chatting.

Results were posted
So I hung around for the awards and collected my first ever overall award.

I helped fold up a tent then decided it was time to make the ride home. Lana was going the long way to get in even more miles but 20 was enough for me. So I headed out alone. I had a good ride home. I didn't get three and a half hours like the plan called for but close enough.
Special thanks to The Flash and Holly. Y'all did an awesome job as photographers. I have a ton of pics. And since race pics are never good, it is nice to have several to choose from. Thanks also for all the support out there, it really helped. Holly did't get to race due to a run in with a dog, details on her blog. Hope you heal quickly girl.
Also congrats to all my friends that raced. Lots of hardware collected and awesome times posted.


david said...

WOW....Great race and great time, especially as hot as it was! Congrats!

Jill said...

Congrats! You really racked up on a big day!! And, you look WONDERFUL!! 89 DAYS AND COUNTING!!

Darrell said...

Great job, Congrats on the hardware. I guess being chased worked out afterall.

Tina said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! First overall finishing woman??? You're awesome!!!
Thanks for sharing your blog so that we can see "inside" your racing accomplishment!!!

Lisa said...

Great job!

Benson said...

Absolutely Fabulous!
Great job and congrats on the hardware.

Lana said...

Great report, Michele! And awesome job at the race. You are right, it does help to know that course. I was hesitant about doing this race, knowing we had a long bike day, too, but I'm glad I did - it was a lot of fun. Except that I missed out on the pizza and beer - but it was a good thing I didn't partake - I got so hot riding back home I probably would have barfed all over my bike!

Rae said...

Way to go!!!! Awesome job!

Flatman said...

Nice job...+ extra miles!

TJ said...

Nice bike. Perfect for IMFL.