Saturday, March 04, 2006

Week 12 - Day 6

Today the schedule called for either a 10k race or a 12 mile run. I really wanted to just do a 10k but the closest one was in Nashville, so by the time I drove there and back I could be done with the 12 miles. So I ran the 12 miles at 8 am. It was about 32 degrees, sunny but very windy. I ran Maple Springs, Creekside, Red Oak, Amberwood, then back to Maple Springs to ditch my hat and gloves in my mailbox, finished the Maple Springs loop then headed to Baker Heights and Danbury, had to do another loop of Amberwood then finished back at home in 1:55:29 for an average pace of 9:37. I wore Ronnie’s HRM for the first time. It is nothing fancy and does not keep track of average heart rate so I just kept an eye on it during the run. Best I figure, I had an average heart rate of about 155. It did peak at about 184 while I “sprinted” the last 0.10 miles to finish.
The kids and I met Grandpa in Murfreesboro for lunch (great to see you dad, and thanks for lunch) and then I took the kids to the movies. To offset the big lunch followed by too much candy the kids and I came home and walked two miles. That gives Bryce and Casey 5 of their 25 miles required by April 29th. They are hoping to be ahead of Laine now. Peyton is passed out on the couch, that is the most exercise she has had in a very long time.
I am going to have to start thinking about new shoes before too long. I have over 320 miles on each of my two pairs of running shoes. It seems like I just got them.

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