Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Week 13 - Day 3

I ran at 5:00 this morning. Since it was dark and I wanted to wear my headset, I decided to just run the Maple Spring loop 6 times. Boring but at least I had music and it still beats that rec center track. I ran the 6 miles in 58:24 for an average pace of 9:44. It was about 45 degrees out and I felt pretty good for the entire run.
The kids, Peyton, and I walked another mile after school today, it was beautiful but windy.
I got my shoes ordered yesterday.


Lana said...

Hey - send me the link to that website you ordered your shoes from!

Michele said...

I ended up getting them at they are having a great sale so they were only $76.50 a pair and got a free pair of socks too. Shipping is free.