Thursday, March 23, 2006

Week 15 - Day 4

Alright!!! I got to run outside, in my new Brooks, with my new headset and I’ve lost a pound!! Life if good.
I ran at about 9:00 this morning, it was sunny and about 37 degrees. There was some wind but still not as bad as the day Tracy and I did the 22 mile run. I ran 5 miles around the 4 neighborhoods by my house. It took 45:48 for a pace of 9:09.
My new Brooks are just like my old ones except they are a different color, kind of an orange.
Wal-mart finally got in some more of the Sony headsets I like so I got a new one this morning before my run.
When I got on the scale first thing this morning I had lost a pound, then after my run I lost 2 more. I know those two are just water weight so don’t count.
Registration for the RC Cola-Moon Pie 10 Mile Run came today. Who’s ready to take on that hill???

What I ate today:
Dried fruit
Ham and Swiss in a tortilla
Sprimp Egg Foo Young (no rice or sauce)
Egg Roll

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