Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Week 15 - Day 2

The men in blue where out in full force making I-24 a safer place to drive. Problem, it made my trip to Murfreesboro take forever! But I did make it and I got a new seat, oops saddle, for my bike today. Hope it helps with the discomfort of riding.
Anyway about my workout, I got up this morning a 4:30, went to the Rec Center and ran my 4 x mile intervals. I ran them on the track, oh how I HATE the track. I ran the first one in 8:08, the second in 8:01, the third in 7:55 and the last one in 7:52. On the third one I ran a lap and when I went to push my lap button I realized I hadn’t started my watch so I hit start and didn’t count that lap. So I got a 1/12 mile bonus!!!
After the run I went down to the pool and swam 60 lengths (1500 yards) in 30:57. I tried something new today to help me keep count. I got 5 diving sticks and put them on the edge. After 10 lengths I pulled one stick into the pool. I never lost count! I am just going to have to get more sticks.
It is raining again so I guess the kids won’t get any mileage for the CM kids Marathon in today. Good thing we started early.
Recording everything I eat is working great for me. So far it has saved me from eating a handful of Teddy Grahams, chocolate chip cookies, kisses, and crackers. Guess I will keep it up.
Today I ate:
Salad topped with grilled chicken
dried fruit and nuts
Salmon and shrimp
1 light beer


Lana said...

So what kinda seat did you get?

Michele said...

It is a Bontrager. I don't actually have it on my bike yet, but it is in the garage next to my bike!